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Bake That Chicken Pie Collins and Harlan

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Video Transcription

if you wanna make a nigga feel good Ifeel you want to do one dance viral withchickens from the neighbor’s yard andtake it home with you kick it though andput them in and while you wink your eyesoh hi flavor right up the nose of awhole mix again you melons and you’refree you know what nothing beats achicken pie when it’s right in front ofyou especially if that chicken have theone you had the feet holding togetherthey kept him to me for you I’m Sam’sass nigga nigga nigga[Music][Music][Applause]Big Alspeaking of chickens are awful funnything happened to me the other day thatboy Wow in the store and bought itdoesn’t hmmm exactly yeah and all one ofthe eggs was written a lady’s name andher address and underneath there pleaserise no I do cuz after I opened the eggI knew by this time[Music][Music][Music]

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