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Hello everyone im gone show uou again how i bake my own version apple pie. Thank you for watching


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Video Transcription

good evening Mahalo muga uh yeah I didnot have the time to live today becauseI was tired and I fall asleepthere’s so far for how many hours Ithink and now I’m going to make an applepie and because it’s one week two weeksonly didn’t know we did not break applepie we did bake apple cake it’sdifferent so now I wanna show you how Imake my apple pie apple pie tonight ayoung tonight malanga so keep onwatchingwe are Phoenicia peeling the Apple ayoung we’re gonna mix which soldcinnamon in maybe hid in the pan or Iwill go directly to the apple pie doughhey young if I’m a criminal Anka this isour Apple I’m gonna mix it sugar Tinamorning and aha I will cook it[Music]I’ll endure the apple pies in the insideover now and we will wait for about 35minutes to bake to cook or I mean tofinish I am young I animal under andalready I finish washing and alongathank you for watching and if you arenew to my channel please subscribe andhit the bell bottom to be notified formy new uploaded videos and I’ll see youin my next vacation thank you


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  4. Galing! Buti kapa sis masipag luto ng apple pie ganyan pala meron pa naman kami apple dito sa garden, sugar cinnamon alam mo sis gusto pa naman yan ng Mr ko lagi ako bumibili, galing mo sis!

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