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Splash Bake: Nestle’s Chocolate Satin Pie with a Twist

First time bake of this recipe with 2 mods!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys splash here with the new recipeit’s on the back of the Nestle’ssemi-sweet chocolate chip bag and it’scalled chocolate satin pie and usuallywhen I make a recipe for the first timeI follow it to the T because I don’twant to overthink it and maybe mess itup but in this case I’m gonna dosomething a little bit different so whatyou have here is a bag of chips and thena can of condensed milk and then you’llneed two egg yolks and a prepared grahamcracker crust pie shell but I don’t wantthat with my chocolate pie I want achocolate crust so I’m gonna make my ownand I’m gonna do that by using Oreos andsome butter and so I have a pack of Oreothins here and some butter and I’ll makemy own crust I’m also going to use thisI have never seen this before but I’meager to try it it’s a can of dulce deleche it’s similar to caramel but it hasa milk product in it so let’s start bydoing the Oreos and you can do itfilling at all and I’m just going to putthem in the food processor here andgrind them up very very fine now I’lltell you I’m a little worried about thisrecipe because it reads to me more likefudge you know when you have chocolateand condensed milk I’m thinkingsomething very dense and that’s kind ofnot what I want in my chocolate piebut you know we’ll find out don’t knowunless you try so making sure I get thisvery fine and the the fillingincorporates very well especially withOreo thins I don’t think there’s as muchfilling and there’s more cookie which Ilike so this happens to be a 10 ouncebag of Oreos and that’s going to wind upyielding a little bit over 2 cups ofcrumbs and I think that’s going to bemore than enough for what I need I’mgoing to use anywhere between 2 to 4tablespoons of butter and what I’m goingto dois divvy it up into two tablespoonsmelted and then two tablespoons meltedand I just do that extra step to makesure I don’t accidentally put too muchbutter in there obviously you can addmore butter but you can’t take butterout so there’s my crumbs and I will cutout two tablespoons melt it and twotablespoons melted and I’m just meltingit in the microwave and I think I didthirty seconds for each batch twotablespoons and there’s the first oneokay so I’ll get two more tablespoonsmelted here and then I’ll be all set togo and I’m gonna pull on some food safegloves here to do the mixing and I willstart with two tablespoons usually mykind of rule of thumb is to kind ofstart with one tablespoon per cup and Iknow I have a little over two cups hereso I’m guessing it’s going to probablytake about three tablespoons of butterand I’ll just start mixing it and makesure you incorporate the butter reallywell if you’ve ever had a crust and youwent to cut it and you have just piecescrumbling away chances are it didn’t getenough butter and so I really want tomake sure it’s well incorporated but Ialso don’t want to over saturate it withbutter I’ve had occasions of too muchbutter and you bake it and then you havebutter sitting there now I have read andheard that for no baked pie you don’tneed to bake the pie crust but I reallyam not too keen on having Oreo soakedwith raw butter as my crust so I will bebaking this so I am going to add alittle bit more butter here it’s justabout ready I don’t have any scientificmeasurements of what’s enough other thanit’ll feel rightand I do start pressing it into the bowland if it starts holding its shape thenI know it’s probably about right and Ican go ahead and start putting it in mytart pan now I know my tart pan is toobig and this is a tart pan I use when Idouble a recipe but because this is anexperiment and I’m not presenting thisdessert it’s not like I’m taking it toan event it’s just trying it for thefirst time I’m not too concerned youknow about presentation and I’m justgonna try to get a nice even crust inhere working the corners the roundcorners really well because that’s whereit’ll bunch up and it’s pressing intoshape pretty nicely I will bake this at325 for about eight minutes and I thinkthat will be just about what I need youcan see kind of my uneven crust thereand so it’s doneI am ready to start with the next stepokay so I’m obviously putting mycondensed milk in my saucepan I want toget every little bit here I just boughtthis can so it looks pretty good butsometimes when you open a canit’ll be darker or and or thicker and aslong as it’s still within the date onthe can that’s perfectly fine if it’sbeen sitting on the shelf for a while itsometimes gets a little darker or alittle thicker and so I’m going to addmy two egg yolksI saved the egg whites here because Iwill use those in another application Ireally don’t like to waste food so Iwill be saving the egg whites and solet’s get this going on to the stovetophere and I’m going to whisk it and I’mgoing to keep whisking you want this tothicken up a little bit you want it tobe very hot but you don’t want itboiling you don’t want to scold it orboil it or bubble it at allokay here we go final assembly and oh ohI Wow I was thinking this was gonna belike a liquid that would pour out Ididn’t realize it was this thick maybe Ishould have experimented a little bitbefore dumping it right into the theposh oh I also made a little rookiemistake here I didn’t taste it first butanyway let’s let’s go for it I will alsotell you that this is not part of theNestle’s chocolate satin pie recipe thiswas just something when I was gettingthe condensed milk I saw it you know Ireally do like don’t say de leche andcaramel kind of products and I thoughtlet’s try it you know let’s let’s try itso I’m obviously having troublespreading it here it’s pulling up partof the cookie crust which actually youknow having little crunchy bits in theremight be very tasty so I’m just gloppingmore in there trying to get some kind ofa layer in there and the crust was warmwhen I when I started keeping it inthere and so it is softening a littlebit it is getting just a little biteasier to spread if I were to do thisagain I would probably heat this alittle bit before attempting to spreadit but now I’m getting a little bit offlexibility with it I’m hoping that whenI pour the hot chocolate mixture over itthat maybe that’ll be enough heat tomaybe settle it into an even layer ormaybe not we’ll see but you know for afirst attempt I’m just doing the best Ican here and I think that’s gonna aboutdo itso let’s go ahead and get the chocolatemixture the caramel or the dulce deleche took a little longer than I wasanticipatingand you can see the chocolate hadalready started to cool down a littlebit and started to thicken so it’s evenconfirming my suspicions that this isgoing to be a very dense pie so I’m justgoing to get all the chocolate mixturein there and I’m going to spread itthroughout cover the caramel and then Iwill put it in the refrigerator and myplan is to probably refrigerate it forabout six hours before attempting to Dmold it from the tart pan and cutting itbut you know it might not even need thatlong but but that’s what I’ve plannedfor so I’m going to go ahead and smooththis out and that looks pretty good[Music]just one little last squiggle and put itin the frigerator so here it is out ofthe refrigerator six hours later and I’mgoing to demo it came out perfectly thecrust looks very nice it held very wellI had the right amount of butter andhere’s my first slice and you can see itis very dense and very thick and it’smore like a fudge i I might even callthis you know like a chocolate fudge pieand the consistency kind of reminds meof when you make truffles you know whenyou make the chocolate truffles and youroll them and then you roll them into atopping as almost the consistency ofwhat it’s like I will say that thatlittle bit of dulce de leche is verytasty I think that was a really goodaddition so this is it my first attemptat this pie again it wasn’t quite what Iwas hoping it was going to be it is avery tasty pie though if you if youreally want a nice dense chocolatey piego for it and so that’s it for today andthanks for watching

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