It’s back and more delicious than ever. Tara Ward introduces the new faces baking their way to glory on The Great Kiwi Bake Off.
Unclench your ladyfingers and sort out your soggy bottoms, The Great Kiwi Bake Off is back. Tonight, 10 new amateur bakers will enter the GKBO barn hoping to surprise us with their sponges and dazzle us with their donuts over a series of tricky challenges that will take them far beyond their baking comfort zones.
The bakers aren’t the only newbies this season. Comedian Pax Assadi joins Hayley Sproull to present the show, while chef Peter Gordon and Jordan Rondel (The Caker) replace Sue Fleischl and Dean Brettschneider as judges. The ingredients might be different and butter might cost eight bucks a block these days, but the GKBO recipe remains a comfort TV classic. Season four is about to deliver us a fresh serving of nice people making nice things, at a time when we’ve never needed it more.
These creative cooks are ready to pour their heart and soul into a bowl and beat it until it splits in front of the nation, but who are they, really? We dived into the bakers’ official GKBO profiles and poked around their social media profiles, only to discover that this season features some big talent and even bigger dreams. Let them eat cake!
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