Cooking competition shows are fun to watch, but there’s something even more special about a show where all the contestants are children. Preteen chefs tend to make even the hot-tempered Gordon Ramsay treat competitors with empathy and respect, as anyone who has watched his “MasterChef Junior” can attest. Another prime example of a show that supports kids who are trying to be their best selves in the kitchen is “Kids Baking Championship.” The show features 10-to-13-year-olds (via IMDb) who know their way around a kitchen better than a lot of adults ever will. The most recent season concluded in February, with a 12-year-old from Idaho winning the $25,000 prize (although he must wait until he’s 18 to receive it), per East Idaho News.

Who will judge Season 10 of ‘Kids Baking Championship?’

Let’s tackle the easy question first. Valerie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman have hosted “Kids Baking Championship” since the beginning, according to IMDb. There’s absolutely no reason to think they won’t both be back for Season 10. Neither Food Network nor the two longtime hosts have announced anything officially, but the network did post a fun, two-minute video of Bertinelli and Goldman on the “Kids Baking Championship” webpage and labeled it “Season 10, Episode 1.”

The video doesn’t really have anything to do with the first episode of the next season, but it strongly suggests that Bertinelli and Goldman are returning as judges and hosts. In the video, the duo plays several rounds of the question-and-answer game “Sometimes, Always, Never.” When they are asked about eating raw cookie dough while making cookies, both respond with an enthusiastic “always!” 

“Sometimes, the cookies don’t even get into the oven,” Goldman says. (Bertinelli offers a quick disclaimer about eating raw dough: “Always be careful.”)

What is the release date for Season 10 of ‘Kids Baking Championship?’

If the show is keeping to this schedule, then we can expect Season 10 to premiere at 18.10.2021

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