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How to Blind Bake pie crust!

Take 50 seconds of your day to learn something new and maybe laugh a little!
Steps below:

1.Shape your crust
2. Dock your crust (poke holes with fork)
3. Use tin foil or parchment to hold your choice of weighted material (i.e. oats, rice, dry beans, etc.)
4. Place “blind baking” bag in bottom of raw, docked crust
5. Bake for 10-15 min.
6. Take crust out of oven and remove “blind baking” bag. (you will notice bottom of crust under blind bag is still greasy/gooey).
7. Place crust back in oven without “blind baking” bag and finish getting bottom of crust crispy (another 10-15 min.)
*optional – you can brush the bottom of your crust with an egg wash prior to second bake time if you really want to insure a crispy bottom.


Original of the video here

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