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Let’s bake together. Today we are making some Nigerian meat pie, a very yummy snack I grew up eating and still do. Nigerian meat pie is very easy to make and can be enjoyed in any parties, or event with family and friends.
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Nigerian meat pie ingredients ;
The Dough:
•Plain Flour — 2 cups
•Baking Powder — 1 teaspoon
•Margarine — 500g
•Salt — 2 pinches
•Half cup of Cold Water

Meat Pie Filling:
•1 medium Irish potatoes
•500g of minced meat (ground beef)
•Green onion
•1 cooking spoon of Vegetable Oil
•Seasoning powder
•2 tablespoons of plain flour (thickener)
•Some cold water
•1 egg

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Video Transcription

whoo oh you know this snack is one thatyou can enjoy with anything hey guyswelcome back to my channel how are youguys doing today welcome back to mykeychain oh my gosh I’m so happy soexcited about today’s recipe today weare gonna be making some Nigerian meetspie yes if you are from Nigeria youalready know what I’m talking about butif you are not from Nigeria I will justgive you the gist okay so Nigeria meatpie it’s a very very common snack but itis one of the classic classic snacksthat we have in Algeria it’s worth likethat I grew up eating and I absolutelystill love it till this very moment okayso yeah it is very very easy to make ofcourse very very yummy okay so today weare gonna be making it together in mykitchen okay if you’re new here this isthe first time you are joining us oh mygoodness you are so so welcome thank youfor joining us todaymy name is no scigirl I make cookingvideos and make clean cleaning andorganizing videos and I also do vlogsabout my family you know living here inCalifornia so I would love for you tojust subscribe and join us right nowjoin what is going on here okay don’twaste any time and subscription is freebut before we get started before westart making this delicious meat piethere is this beautiful thing I want toshow you guys and I am so excited aboutit alright put your focus on this sideokay so here is the product I’m gonnabring it out of the box in the momentand show you guys okay but before I dothat let me just quickly give you someinfo that I think you need to know so Iwas contacted by this company and theywanted me to do a review on one of theirproducts which is what I have here and Ihave gone through their website theyhave a bunch of beautiful stuff oh yesthey do you know like home appliancestrashcan water faucet soap dispenserjust a lot of stuff that you will needfor your home and your kitchen yeah andI was so so happy that I got this it isone of the new things that I’m goingadding in my kitchen right now so inhere is the setting gallon size I torchless trash can yes it is not just anytype of trash can I used to okay this isone thing that you are gonna need inyour kitchen but it’s an by the time Iam don’t telling you about it okay sothe first thing I noticed about thistrashcan is how beautiful and howgorgeous it is and it’s also very veryeasy to use just gently step on thepedal like this and watch how softly itopens up I really love that and it alsocomes with an inner bucket that makestaking out your trash you know very veryeasy and also less messy all you need todo is put in your trash bag you knowyour regular trash bag you don’t needlike a special type of child bag forthese products just put it back into thetrash can and look at that everything istalked inside you don’t see any baghanging out at all that makes it evenmore beautiful I also just love towardshow softly it closes back this I touchless trash can comes with and all thefields are yes this would prevent yourtrash can you know from producing badsmell it absorbs all the smell that canever come out from the trash can it isreplaceable and it can last for at leastthree monthsthis is definitely an added bonus italso comes in with an air damper youguys yeah this is what prevents the thelead from salami you know that very badsound that your trash can makes yes thisprevents a trash can from making thatsound it just keeps it new and you knownice for as long as you have it I amjust so in love with this product youguys I can’t say enough and the goodnews is they have different sizes ofthis I taught this trash can on yourwebsite so make sure to use the link inmy description box to check out thewebsite and get order products foryourself you can get you can getproducts or you know for your home foryour offices get it as a present forsomeone I mean this thing is verystylish it is gorgeous and it is veryvery modern so yeah let me know what youguys think in the comment sectionso to make this beautiful and deliciousNigerian mid-pipe I have two things wehave to do first we are going to makethe filling for the meat pie and then weare also going to make the dough whichis the main thing so here is everythingI’m gonna be using for today’s recipewhich is our meat pie I am gonna leave adetailed list of all the ingredientsused or mentioned in my description boxso make sure to check it out I’m goingto start fast by frying some onions andI’m using my coconut oil for frying andI’m using green onions also I just lovegreen onions I don’t know maybe becauseof the color but you can use any anyonions of your choice after frying thatfor about 20 seconds I’m gonna introducemy minced meats or minced beef yes I youcan actually use like chicken or turkeybut I just love beef so I’m gonna fryall that one see it has this pale colorand after that I am going to introducemy soul my seasoning powder I added alittle bit of some black pepper I don’tknow just to give it more flavor okayand then I’m going to add my choppedcarrot in my chopped potato and then Imix all of that together and then I addsome water to enable the vegetables tocook very wellokay now we are going to make a roof forthe mid-pipe filling that we havealready cooked so this is two spoons ofwhite all-purpose flour in a bowl and Iadded a little bit of water and as youguys can see I am staring to get thisconsistency which is not too thick andalso not too watery so after about threeminutes of cooking it is dawn thevegetables are fully cooked and I amgoing to add this into the mid-pipe fillin the vegetable the meat everythingthat has been cooking in the pot andthis is going to help to thicken themid-pipe feeling yes it’s going to helpto bind everything together it’s goingto add some moisture it’s also gonna addsome flavor yes and I’m gonna cover thatand just leave it to continue to cook onvery low heat and now let’s come to thedough let’s start making the dough sothis is two cups of white all-purposeflourI added some baking soda and just apinch of salt and I’m gonna mix all ofdads using a spatula and after that I amgoing to introduce my border yesactually this is marjorine I’m usingmargarine for to this recipe okay but ifyou have butter you can use that so myhands are clean my hands are beautifuland yes I think your hands are theperfect tool to use for mixing thisdough and I’m trying to create somebread crumbs here as you guys can seethat is what this butter is going tohelp me achieveokay now I’m gonna add some water tothis and I’m gonna be added this bigbaby just a little bitI don’t need plenty of water for mymidwife okay I just said I don’t needplenty of water to make my mid pipe andthat is very very truewater is one ingredient that is lessrequired in making the dough for themid-back if you put too much water isjust gonna call much so what treats aflat like if you’re not gonna be able touse it you know to make your mid-pipe soyou wanna add your water beat by beatand once you start getting that ballshape formed then you know you don’t mixin so after some minutes of mixing withsome very good energy we have formed aball shaped dough a very beautiful shapeby the way and it just looks likeswallow I feel like I want to eat a barright now but yeah I’m gonna say thisoutside I’m going to cover the ball withwith a foil paper you can also use likea plastic bag which we call nylon orwith a pot cover and then I’m gonna putthis in the fridge and let it just restfor about 10 minutes okay while we arewaiting for for the dough to relax inthe fridge I am going to move on to theother steps and now I am just lining upmy baking pan I’m using a foil paper andit parchment paper you can use thebaking pan by itself just put somebutter and it’s as good as using anyother you know parchment paper or a foilpaper I’m also gonna need one egg I’mgonna be using this when I am ready toform and close my my meat pie and also Iam gonna turn on my my oven I’mpreheating my oven I’m setting it up to350 degrees Fahrenheit that is how hotis going to be it is it has been 20minutes since my dough has been in thefridge and it is ready soyeah it is I just brought it out and Iam going to just beat it up a little bitbefore I start cutting it into makingmeat pie shape or meat pie for meokay guys we are finally ready to startmaking this milk pie shape yeah he’sbeen taking foreverso what I like to do is to cut outlittle little balls from that very bigdough and then I’m going to use myrolling pin to start flatten it out youknow each one of the little ballsI’ll use my rolling pin to flatten itout like this and after you know gettinga flat shape like this I’m gonna set myrolling pin aside and then I will usesomething that has a very sharp edgearound objects you know with a sharpedge if you have a pot cover you can usethat if you had a mid pipe cutter youcan absolutely use that just make surethe edges of whatever round objectsyou’re using is sharp and after gettinga beautiful round Secord shape like thisyou can remove the edges and then youpull introduce your feelings so I’musing two tablespoons of the feelingsthat we made earlier and then around theedges of the inside of the mid pie likethis I am going to put some some eggthis is also gonna help to seal it upand then I’m gonna just close it up likethis and then I will use my fingers tomake sure the edges are well secured youdon’t want your mid-pipeopening up in the oven that’ll be adisaster and after that I’m also gonnause a fork to you know just create thatbeautiful meat pie design this is also away of ensuring that the edges are wellsecured and lastly I am going to rubsome of the egg just around it like thisoh my god what by the time this is doneit’s going to have a beautiful browncoating glazed color yeah so this iseasier – this is a beautiful mid-thighshape and then I’m just gonna put it onon the baking pan[Music]so here the Midna is ready is ready togo into the oven we have one two threefour five six seven eightthis last one always looks all goodbecause it was all the leftover addedtogether to make one big meat pie likethis okay yeah this is not funny surewell yeah I never ever throw any flouraway so yeah oh my god is very hot inthere alright so I’m gonna let it bakefor 30 to 35 minutes this is the finallook guysall the guys our big pie is ready let mejust let me bring one for you guys lookat thatwhoo-hoo gotta smoke smoke it heartswhoookay I’m gonna try this right now whoooh my goodness hold on I had it but Ikept I got this kind of cook in thefridge you know just enjoy this momentfire hmmyou know this snack is one that you canenjoy with anything cold chilled watersome soda if you drink be a good for youbut yeah this thing is really good Iwould love for you guys to try it outokay and let me know in the commentsection if you did if you have nevertried this night before it’s one songthat you’re gonna love and it’s justsomebody you’re gonna keep making foryou your family you know friends anyevents okay so yeah it came out reallygood I hope you guys enjoyed watchingthis video I really hope you did let meknow in comment sectiongive this video a huge thumbs up andsubscribe if you have notes you canalways always share my videos okay Iwould really appreciate that thank youguys so much I can’t wait to just sitdown relax and enjoy my big pot and mychilledCoke Zero look at it is Coke Zero canewe’re now adding more calories heresmoke coming up


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