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Homemade Chicken Pot Pie & Raspberry Oatmeal Bake | Cook With Me

Hello and welcome back to my channel! I’m Leah and today I am sharing how I make homemade Chicken Pot Pie and Raspberry Oatmeal Bake! These recipes are perfect for a relaxing Friday night at home. Please subscribe if you enjoy cooking with me!


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Video Transcription

[Music]hi everyone happy Friday it is almostthe end of my workday today and Idecided to go ahead and make somehomemade chicken pot pie for dinner wehave been neglecting grocery shoppingfor a little while so we’ve had too manylike carryout dinners so I finallydecided to go ahead and make one of ourfavorite meals tonight so right now Ijust have some chicken breast cut upit’s supposed to be three cups ofshredded chicken breast I just did abouttwo decent sized ones and I have themboiling with a little bit of onion and 1full garlic just to give it some flavoralong with some salt a little bit whenthat’s done cooking I will go ahead andshred it up and then I’ll show you whatcomes next so I’m gonna go ahead and getback to workwow that’s cooking and I will touch basewith you in a little bit okay so forthis chicken pot pie you are going toneed about three cups or so of shreddedchicken you are also gonna need salt andpepper some time this is what gives thisrecipe most of its flavor so reallyimportant parsley heavy whipping creamhalf a cup I think of heavy whippingcream you’re gonna need some flouralmost two cups of chicken broth sohopefully this is enough you’re alsogonna need a 1/4 cup of unsalted buttersome frozen peas carrots you can eitheruse these little baby carrots or you canuse I think about two of the big carrotswould work as well and then about 1/2 acup of celery sliced and can’t forgetour garlic so two minced garlic clovesand you’re gonna need two pie crusts soyou can either be like me and buy thesefrom the store or you can make themhomemadetoday we’re gonna go ahead and use thesestore-bought ones because I had to workall day I forgot to tell you guysanother essential ingredient darkchocolate espresso beans don’t put thisin your chicken pot pie but you aregonna need some for energy all right youguys so the chicken is all done andshredded this definitely seems like morethan three cups of shredded chicken tome but that’s okay we like it hearty Ialready went ahead and washed a fewstalks of celery so I’m gonna go aheadand get these chopped up along with thecarrots that are also already washed sowe’re gonna do about half a cup ofsliced celery and then we’re gonna doabout a cup of chopped up carrotsright so that should be good Rick’sgonna dump that in here with our celeryokay so we also want to go ahead andchop up about a third of a cup of dicedonion go ahead and do thatokay so we have our celery or onion andour carrots and last but not least weneed to go ahead and mince up two garlicclovesyouyouwe have our veggies chopped up here ourcelery carrots onion and garlic clovesand I have 1/4 a cup of butter in ourpan here and this is on medium-high heatso I’m gonna let this melt a little bitand then we’ll go ahead and saute ourveggies and you guys are gonna want tohave the oven preheated to 400 so thisis a really good meal for those dayswhen you just need a little bit ofcomfort in your life it’s definitely notthe healthiest but it is really good atour veggies watch it sizzle yes that’swhat I like to hearokay so we’re pretty much gonna just letthese veggies saute until they are softand cooked through pretty well so theseare looking pretty good so now we’regonna bring out the whisk and duringthis part you kind of have to just keepon whisking the whole time I’ve reallybeen wanting a silicone whisk becauseI’m afraid of bringing this pan but Idon’t have one yet so we’re just gonnarisk it okay so we’re gonna start bywhisking in 1/3 a cup of flour I’m doingthis one-handed sojust in it I’m gonna dump like half ofit in and then whisper peep on the scene[Music]and we’re gonna add the rest so this ismaking what’s a fault I think it’scalled a roux right maybe I don’t know Ididn’t go to culinary school most ofthis can of chicken fry okay so we’regonna add one and a half teaspoons oftime we’re gonna add about a tablespoonof parsley[Music]but a teaspoon of salt[Music]we’re gonna do 1/2 a teaspoon of pepperstill gonna come outwe’re gonna start to whisk in our heavywhipping cream so little by little hereand this is pretty thick so I think I’mgonna go ahead and add the rest of thechicken broth plus we have a lot ofchicken to put in here I don’t want itto dry okay so this is looking prettygood we’re gonna add about a cup offrozen peas we’re gonna add our shreddedchicken and at this point I’m gonnaswitch my whisk for a spoon all right soyou guys can see once we have thechicken and the peas it gets prettythick so once you have everything mixedtogether like this you’re gonna go aheadand turn your heat off and we’re gonnaprep our pie crust so I’m using thesestore-bought pie crusts but you candefinitely make your own homemade I justhad to work today so I’m using these butI’ve had these sitting out of the fridgefor about 15 minutes or so and I’m gonnago ahead and just unroll this and put itinto my pie pan[Music]hey that looks good so now we’re goingto go ahead and add art okay so Idefinitely made more filling than Inormally do this pie is overflowing butthat’s okay we’re hungry it’s fine nowI’m going to go ahead and unroll my topfor us and put it over the topyou guys this part I’m pretty bad at andnever looks at pretty but I’ll try[Music]now I’m going to go ahead and just cutsome lines here this part you can dohowever you want so you can see thelines here and then finally it’s gonnabrush an egg wash over the top level ofthe pie crust[Music]but we have our pious symbols we haveour egg wash on and this is gonna go inthe oven at 400 degrees for around 45minutes you guys it just came out of theoven can you hear it sizzling oh itlooks so good it smells delicious youlike it do you approve all right youguys so dinner was delicious and now itis time for dessert so you can’t have aFriday night without dessert so I’mgonna be making a raspberry oatmealcrumble I guess you could call it orbars it’s supposed to be bars but Idecided to make it in this um 9 and 1/2inch pie pan so it’s probably gonna bemore like triangles but we’ll see how itturns out and if you hear crowdscheering in the background that’sbecause blue is playing Fifa so okay sofor this recipe you are going to needsome old-fashioned oats you’re gonnaneed some flour brown sugar some vanillahoney salt nutmeg and melted butter thisis 6 tablespoons of melted butter alongwith your raspberries okay so I’m goingto go ahead and add all of my dryingredients so large bowl so we’re gonnado one and a half cups of flourcome out alright and now we’re gonna doone and a half cups of old-fashionedoats and I’m gonna make this keeping 1and 1/2 cups just because I feel likeI’m gonna want a lot of openness allright we’re gonna do 1/2 a cup of mini[Music]you guys this takes muscle maybe this isjust old honey when did this expireall right we’re still good we’re goodtill September oh I need 2 handsoh mylanta so we’ve got half a cup ofhoney[Music]that already looks good now we’re gonnado a quarter cup of brown sugar I’musing light brown sugar but go ahead anduse the art I don’t care I don’t reallyknow the difference so you do you so therecipe calls for a quarter of a teaspoonof nutmegI feel like Julio doesn’t like nutmegthat much so I’m probably gonna use alittle bit less than that do you alittle bit a pinch of salt so we’re justgonna add a little bit of salt thatshould be good maybe a little okay allright we’re gonna go ahead and mix thisall up[Music]okay so that’s good enough for now sonow I’m going to go ahead and stir insix tablespoons of melted butter as wellas one teaspoon of vanilla[Music]so we’re gonna set aside one cup of thismixture to use as our topping and thenthe rest we’re going to go ahead andpress into our pan and I’m gonna preparethe raspberry filling so in the samebowl that I made that the mixture injust because who wants to dirty moredishes when you don’t have to I’m gonnadump all of these raspberries and I’mjust gonna mash them up[Music]so these are pretty well mashed so I’mgoing to go ahead and put them on top ofmy pressed[Music]and now I’m just gonna go ahead andsprinkle the crumble on top[Music]super simple I’m gonna go ahead and bakethis for 30 minutes at 350 degrees andthen we’ll see how it turns out thisjust came out of the oven and it lookspretty good smells pretty good all rightyou guys so we’re using paper platesbecause I’ve done dishes about a milliontimes today already so I like it I thinkit’s good who thinks what do you thinkhe likes it he thinks it needs a littlelike cool whip or ice cream or somethingto go with it and I agree that it’d begood if you guys make any of theserecipes or if you’ve made anything andsimilar let me know in the comments downbelow[Music]

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