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Bake Better Pies Video- Part I. For Part Two please see link in comments.

Welcome to the Bake with Me video series for my ebook- Bake Better Pies.
Are you someone who has never baked a pie before? Maybe you have baked a pie but aren’t feeling 100% confident about it and want to get a flakier crust? Well, friend, We are about to completely transform your pie baking.

Hi, I’m Allyson. I’ve been a baker and pastry chef for 30 years. I’ve owned and operated 4 of my own bakeries, and in this video, I’m going to show you how I bake pies that keep my customers coming back for more!

Each step of the process has a video to go along with it so you will feel like I’m right there in your kitchen baking alongside you.

Here’s what you’ll get in this video series:
Well talk about the different methods for making pie crust
Review the ingredients you need to make a flaky pie crust
Then well go step by step through the recipe
Measuring flour accurately
cutting in the fat,
my special tip for not overworking the dough
Rolling the dough
Placing it into your pie plate
Fluting the edges ( for a single crust pie)
Filling the pie with Apple Pie filling
And placing the top crust on
And baking the pie

Original of the video here

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