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This video will show you a simple way to blind bake a pie shell to use for any cream pie. My method will prevent shrinking and burning, for a perfectly flaky pie crust you will want to make again and again.

Check out my easy pie crust recipe tutorial in this previous video:

The written recipe is in the description of that video.

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Video Transcription

hey everybody I’m back it’s so good tosee all of you I know it has been areally really long time since I’veuploaded a YouTube video my reason beingmy last video that I was working on wasa total flop a failure so I totallyscrapped that and then my other reasonis our family actually got the flu andso we have been sick sick sick myhusband’s actually the only one who didnot get it so he very graciously tookcare of all of us so anyway we are backI’m ready to film our next video so Igot some feedback from some familymembers and they said that some of myvideos with some more complicatedrecipes are kind of extremely long I’mtrying to figure out a way how to makethem more concise I don’t want to takeout too much of the explanation andleave people clueless as far as what todo and so some of my longer videos I’mgonna kind of break down into parts andthat way it’s more easily digestible foryou guys and so today is going to bepart one of how to make a chocolatecream pie today we’re gonna focus on thecrust the foundation of your pie and I’mgonna show you guys how to blind bake apie crust it really is very simple ifyou know what you’re doing so hopefullythis will be helpful for you guys thispie crust tutorial can be used for anycream pie really any pie that you needto have a pre baked shelf or this willwork for so let’s get to it all right sosome things you’ll need for this recipeis you will need some pie dough that’salready prepared I’m not gonna go intomy pie dough recipe in this video I havea whole nother tutorial on that so I’mgonna link that in the description boxbelow so make sure you check that outthis is my absolute favorite pie doughrecipe I use it for everything supereasy to work with great for beginnersit’s not frustrating at all it really iseasy to handleyou’ll also need a pie pan now for thisrecipe I do recommend using a tin oraluminum pie pan just because simply weare gonna put this pin in the freezerand then take it directly out of thefreezer into our piping hot ovenand if you use a glass pan your glasspan may shatter in the oven obviously wedon’t want that then you’ll also need arolling pin some flour some cookingspray and then a knife and a fork solet’s get started all right so firstyou’ll want to flour your surface andthen get your pie dough out this isactually a lot of pie dough so way morethan what we need so I’m gonna break offsome of thisit’s just left over from another pie soif your pie dough is in a big glob likemine you’ll just want to work on formingit into a flat disc before we startrolling it making sure that if there’sedges like this that we kind of eventhose out and make a smooth edge aroundthe circle almost like forming the edgesof a hamburgerit just helps prevent some of thosebreaks and tears thereflip it a few times just so I can seeeverything that’s going on here okaylooks pretty good so we’re gonna goahead and start rolling now this is likeI said this is second hand oh that I usefor another pie if this is a brand-newmixed up recipe this probably wouldn’thappen but I have a tear here so nobiggieI’m just gonna push it back togetherwhen you roll you always want to rollfrom the center out and rotate and rollfrom the center out from the center outlike thisthe reason for that is you never want topush though all the way from one end tothe other it’s just it stretches thedough and stresses it unnecessarily soyou just want to kind of work from thecenter and you’re just gradually workingon stretching it bigger and bigger fromthe center out[Music]alright so to make sure your dough isthick enough I just usually take my panand flip it over and make sure that I’vegot several maybe three inches around onall sides that has no cracks so thisdough disc is more than big enough andso I’m gonna go ahead and spray our panjust really gently don’t need a wholelot of spray since there’s so much fatin the dough already when you’re donerolling your dough is should be aboutthis thick so not so thin like a springroll wrapper but about an eighth of aninch thick or so that’s how thick youwant to evenly across the entire thingokay so the hardest part is getting thedough from the counter into the pan so alittle trick that I learned is taking arolling pin and taking the edge of thedough rolling itaround and then just rolling it on toyour rolling pin like thatplacing your pan and then you literallyroll it right back into the pan and lookat that all right so here’s our doughwe’re gonna help press it into thecorners by lifting the edge and lettingit naturally fall down into the pan wedon’t want to just push it down becauseyou might create a hole there justlifting the edge kind of helping it easeits way down into the corners of the PMthere okay all right so here’s wherewe’re going to take just a regular knifeand you’re gonna cut along the edges andwhat I like to do is if you can see hereis the rim of my pan and I like to cutmaybe about half an inch to an inch outand how I measure that is I’m gonnastick my fingers underneath the pan likethis and then I’m gonna use my fingersas a guide and I’m gonna feel where thisfirst knuckle is on my pointer fingerand this is where I’m going to cut myfingers are going to kind of act as anatural ruler as I go all the way aroundthe edge of the pan so I’m going to cutright about here on each section[Music]I’m kind of cutting to that firstknuckle markas I’m placing my fingers underneath thepan as I could seecutting right about there every singletime[Music]okay so now we have these edges herethat are flopping over and so we aregonna fold everything underneath our rawedges and now we have this nice foldedpiece of our pie dough here we’re goingto take this floppy edge fold it underand set it on the lip of your pie hereall the way around[Music]okay so everything’s folded under herewe have our nice edge so now you justcrimp your pipes so what I like to do isuse my fingers and so you’re going totake your right hand I’m right-handed soyou could translate this opposite ifyou’re left-handed I’m not sure how todo that but you’re going to be usingthese three fingers right here so you’regonna push with your right index fingerand push it into your left thumb andyou’re kind of creating this V righthere okay so that’s what we just did sothen we’re gonna take our left handindex finger put it in the indentionthat we just made and then do it againokay like that oh no one push again overpush again you guys see thatso I’m fluting the edge of my pie andthen like this so I’m just pushing thisdough together I’m pushing these twofingers together this is the motion hereokay so to this all the way around theedge of the pie[Music]there you go okay and lastly we’re justgonna take a fork and poke some holes inhere this is just for extra ventilationmaking sure that as the dough bakes itdoesn’t make this big bubble in themiddle that then pops and collapses sojust adding some extra ventilation forthe dough to bake properly just likethat doesn’t have to look pretty becausewe’re gonna put filling on the insideall right so here we have it ourprepared pie shell and we are gonnastick this entire guy in the freezer for30 minutes you want this to be frozensolid so that nothing moves so go aheadand do that and then we’ll come backbaby all right so I have my pie hereit’s been sitting in the freezer forabout 30 minutes now it doesn’t have tobe completely completely rock solid ifit’s a little bit soft in the centerthat’s totally fine but basically wewant these crimped edges to be veryfrozen and pretty firm so that theydon’t burn in the oven so this is here Ihave my oven preheating to 375 degreesand the other materials you will need issome tin foil and then either some driedrice or dried beans so I’ll show youwhat we’re gonna do with these here andjust alright so one of the difficultieswith blind baking a pie shell is if youwere to bake it exactly like this itwill not keep this shape one of thesetwo things will happen if not both soone thing that may happen is you mayhave a big bubble in the middle that asit’s baking like Rises and it’sliterally like this pocket of air andthen it bakes up like that and stayslike that so then when you put fillingin it cracks oh that’s not good and sothe other thing that will happen is yourpie will shrink what we call shrinkingand that is where these edges as it’s inthe middle of baking will start to falldowninto your pie in the entire shell we’lljust kind of shrink and then everythingwill pull away from the edges so onething that will help that is obviouslywhen we froze it that will help maintainthe shape the more you freeze it thebetter and the other way is to weight itdown and so you can do this with pieweights they tend to be kind ofexpensive I’ve never used pie weights myentire life I just use this anythingthese are just dried beans I’ve alsoused rice before but you just needsomething to wait down the pike now youwouldn’t want to put it directly in thefight we’re gonna line it with foil andnot only does this help the fragments ofblack beans from getting into a crustbut also it will help our crust fromkeep it from filling and we’re gonna dotwo layers on this pot I’m going topress it down into the pie and then I’mgonna fold the edges around the crustjust really lightly don’t press it downaround your food okay so as you can seethat covered this side and this side ofthe crust but not these two sidesbecause my foil is not long enough sowe’re gonna do another oneperpendicular the other wayokay at this point you’ll want to pressdown in the center of your pie gettingall the corners making sure it’scompletely down because we’re gonnaprevent any bubbles from coming and thenyou’ll just take your dried beans orrice and fill up your pot like this so Ihave it completely filled to the topI’ve used and reused these beans forprobably five years these are this thingbeans and they’re just used to weightdown my shells so I just when I’m donewith them and they’re pulled up I comeback and it’s a buck bag stick them inmy cupboard and reuse them for the nextfight so here we go show you here hereis our pie and we’re gonna stick this inthe oven for about 25 minutes at 350degreesall right so it’s been 25 minutes sowe’re gonna check on this pie here andit’s not done yet we’re gonna remove thefoil and then brown it the rest of theway here I’m gonna try to do thisone-handed but basically you just workthe oils not hot but the pan is so justa purple[Music]and we’re gonna lift this out okay so asyou can see here the inside of this isstill not cooked all the way but ouredges are so they’re not gonna fall downinto the pie so we’re gonna cook thisfor about ten or fifteen minutes untilit’s nicely browned and then it will becompletely done[Music]all right so here it is it’s been anadditional 15 minutes everything istotally dry thoroughly baked we’ve gotsome amazing pockets in here I don’tknow if you can hear it sizzling theoven and we want to cool it completelyall right so that concludes our tutorialof how to blind bake a pie shell I hopeyou learned something new if you runinto any snags or have any questions orsomething that was unclear just popthose questions down in the commentssection belowand I can help you out with that I knowwith this shell right here I’m gonnamake a chocolate cream pie and I’m gonnapost that next week the tutorial on howto do that but I would love to hear fromyou guys what type of custard or creampies would you like to see medemonstrate I could see if I can get avideo made on that thank you so much forwatching make sure to subscribe so thatyou don’t miss that video next week onthe chocolate cream so we’ll see youguys back later happy baking[Music]

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