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No bake blueberry pie recipe

how to make a no bake blueverry pie recipe.

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Video Transcription

we’re going to use to make a deliciousblueberry pie so let’s get started firstthing we do so we’ve got 3/4 of a cup ofwater into a saucepan this is a no-bakeblueberry pie I didn’t mention thatbefore did I these blueberries come onhere in the summer and they’re deliciousbut gets hot in the house and making ablueberry pie can really heat up thehouse so we’re gonna make a no-bakeblueberry pieso that’s 3/4 of a cup of water 3/4 of acup of sugar goes in there then I’ve got3 tablespoons of cornstarch here readyto go and finally a little pinch of saltbut 1/8 of a teaspoon something likethat there we are that’s terrificalright we’re gonna run this over to thestoveyou just stir this mixture until it’sall dissolved and then we’ll be ready toadd our blueberries okay this recipecalls for six cups of fresh blueberriesand we’re going to take three cups andwe’re going to add them to our mixturethat we’ve just dissolved here on thestove so there’s one twoand three all right now we’re gonnabring these up to a boil and let themcook down for about three minutes andnow that we’ve cooked this down it’sbeen about three minutes the the saucehas really thickened those berries havebroken down it smells fabulous okaynow we are going to add the last fewingredients we’ve got about a tablespoonof lemon juice and that’s about thejuice from half a lemon fresh juice isbest always then we have the rest of ourblueberries a total of six cups threewent into the mixture and now three goin with the sauce and then finally it’sthree tablespoons of butterjust stir that until the butters meltednow what we’re going to do with thisyeah it has to sit and cool then it goesinto a pre-baked pie show now in thiscase I went to the store and bought apie shell since I was buying one fortoday’s showI bought a graham cracker crust ratherthan a regular pastry pie show thatgraham cracker crust well so it adds alittle bit of sweetness but it hascinnamon to it which is excellent withwith blueberries so we’re going to letthis cool then it’s going to go in ourpie shell and we’ll be ready to taste alittle bit okay our mixture is coolednow and we’re able to load it into ourpie shell oh that looks delicious smellsgreat tooblueberries in the air here get everylast bit of deliciousness out of thereokay that’s gonna go into therefrigerator and set up a little bit allright here it is our blueberry pie thatwasn’t that easy no baking this has beenchilling about an hour now and let’slet’s have a taste I don’t know if youcan get a nice close-up of that see thatbeautiful blueberry sauce around therethe ice melts so good when it went intothe fridge when it was hot now it lookslike it might be a little messy I don’tknowall right at the moment of truth[Music]a little bit of cream on top there let’ssee how it tasteswhoa that is that is good that is somedelicious summertime fruit blueberriesI’m going to go ahead and finish thisbut before I do I just want to

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