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How to Make a Blueberry Pie

Come and bake a blueberry pie with me today!
See the full recipe and written instructions at https://lucieandmathilda.com/blueberry-pie/

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Video Transcription

hi I’m Jana from the blog Lucy andMatilda everyday home making simpleold-fashioned and satisfying they we’regoing to make a blueberry pie now I wantto talk a little bit about blueberriesnow I’ve used frozen blueberries fromTrader Joe’s but I would suggest if youmeet your hands on some wild blueberriesfrozen or fresh that would make it themost perfect pie when I was growing upmy parents and I and my brothers alwayspicked blueberries in the summertimeokay let’s get started first we’re gonnastart with two cups and two thirds of acup large now I know not everyone is afan of large but it happens to make themost tender pie crust so everyone makingpie because I have a whole pound hereI’m just going to divide it in half andthen divide it into thirds that’s good Idon’t often measure perfectly alrightone teaspoon of salt good enough nowwe’ll take it over to the KitchenAidmixer and mix it until the ingredientsare kind of pebbly and Sandy inside nowyou can do this by hand if you have apastry blender just use your pastryblender and blend in the lard into theflour until it’s heavily or sandy so youdon’t really need a mixer I just like it[Music]now that our flour mixture is pebblywe’re gonna add the wet ingredientswhich is 1 egg 1/2 teaspoons 2 teaspoonsof vinegar 1 2 3 and 1/2 teaspoons ofwater so I’m just gonna bring it over tothe sink here I’ll blend it in the eggwith the water and the vinegar untilit’s so it’s well blended and then we’llgo over and put it into the mixer allright[Music]now we’re gonna roll out our bottomcrustand put it in the pie fight I’ll take todo it the mixer bowl I’m gonna give it alittle bit of a need and divide it inhalfand set the top crust aside while I rollout the body rest so I form it into abit of a disc shape just to kind of keepit more round so roll it one way term itwill look the other way this is quiteforgiving this pie crust is veryforgiving so you can you can roll it asmuch as you want some pie crusts youcan’t roll them too much or they kind ofget tough but this pie crust is veryforgiving so see I’m not doing a perfectjob but I’m getting it into a pie bottomshape okay now I’ll just use my rollingpin that my dad actually made for me androll the press top pie plate here androll it back downkind of pushing it into the bottom ifthere are some spaces just just do whatI’m doing kind of squish it there nowyou have your bottom crust now for ourblueberry fillingI bought these bags of blueberries atTrader Joe’sso we’ll open them up you need aboutabout four cups know if you can seeinside this second so you can see it’sabout four cups now you addapproximately and a quarter cup of flourjust just mix it to coat the berries sothe flour is gonna be the second agentthis is a your berries are gonna getpretty juicy in the pie so as it cooksthe juice will flow out mix with theflour and sugar and become like athickening agent okay so now we’re gonnadump your berries into the pie crusthopefully they all fitthere we gono now you’re going to need about twotablespoons of lemon juice so I justkind of shake it on that’s about twotablespoons of butter so we’ll just keepthe butter on to the pie onto theblueberriesso you don’t have to be too fussy it’llall mix together andjust try and get it as as evenly on yourpie as you can really like blueberry piefor breakfast and I also like it withice cream definitely with ice creamokay almost ready here so as soon as Iget this butter into pie we’ll set itaside we’ll grab our other ball of doughsprinkle a little bit of flour onto thework surface and roll this little guyout okay so remember to make a diskshape bullet one way turn it roll it theother wayusually I flip it because it startssticking to the surface but this wayturn that and this this pie crust can itcan handle a lot of flour too so youdon’t need to worry some pie crusts youhave to really watch how much flour youput in all right and just roll it topyou might have to shift it a little bitnow what I like to do is I take a littleknife and I start at one end and justcut around the edge my kids like to playwith the extras that get cut offsometimes they let them sometimes Idon’t depending on how much time we havethat day and here we go now to crimp youcan place two fingers on your pie and onthe edge of through pie and bring yourother finger up like thattwo fingers grab the edge of the piecrust and bring it up just like that andthat will crimp it shut and it’s alsokind of pretty tooall right thenyou’re gonna cut a slice into your piecrust here and whoops there goes thebutter here and here here and maybe onein betweenall right there you have it the pie isready to go in the oven okay so we bakedour pie at 350 degrees Fahrenheit and ittook it out about 45 minutes so youmight want to set your timer for 35 to40 minutes and then start checking it assoon as it turns it was still hot but assoon as it turns kind of brownish andit’s bubbling on the inside then it’stime to to come out of the oven nowlet’s cut into this and see what it’slike in the middle I think it needs toactually sit for a while but let’s seeif we can get it out without it wellthanks a lot for watching thanks forcoming over and making pie with me ifyou’d like to see the full recipe I willlink it in the description box and ifyou want to see more videos like thisclick Subscribe thank you very much havea good day bye

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