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Trini Corned Mutton Pies (Baked and Fried) / Corned Beef Pies – Episode 961

Bake at 400 Deg F. for 30 – 40 mins
This makes 10 medium pies

1 tin corned mutton or corned beef
I tomato chopped
1 large onion chopped
1 pimento pepper chopped
1/2 cup chopped bell peppers
3 scallions chopped
1 cup cabbage chopped
2 1/2 cups AP flour
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp yeast
1 tsp AP seasoning or salt
oil for frying
oil for spraying



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Video Transcription

hi guys and welcome back to my channelin today’s video I’m gonna share withyou will eat corned mutton pie but youcan also use corned beef to make thisrecipe I’m showing you guys both a bakedversion and a fried fish and pork cameout really well so whichever one youwant to try feel free to so to make thisrecipe as I said I’m using quondammutton but if you wanted to use cornedbeef of course you can you guys know Ido not cook beef in my home so I’m gonnago ahead and poop on this and now thiswas found at food dome you can even findit at gravel or BTC West Indians formarket here in Florida it’s a verysimilar to corned beef just it has alittle more fat content now in a pot I’mgoing to go in with some oil so that oilI’m going to go in with my aromaticssome chopped onions pimento peppers somechopped mini bell peppers I prefer theflavor from the mini bell peppers I’mseasoning those with a little bit ofsalt and I’m going to let that saute forabout a minute now I’m going to go inwith some chopped cabbage and I’m usinga Chinese cabbage here because it’s amore softer cabbage whichever cabbageyou have that’s fine and we’re going toallow that to cook and then add in somescallions some chopped tomatoes andallow it to continue to cooknow I’m going to add in my one tin ofcorned beef now you’ll notice I didn’tadd a ton of salt in this that’s becauseusually the corned beef is a very saltyso the salt from that will flee for ourveggies and yes it looks like a ton ofveggies but trust me it’s going to wiltdown and you’re not going to tell andthis is a great way of stretching a buckand also getting your kids to eathealthy so we want to allow this to cookdown until all of the juices and they’redry out it will take about five to eightminutes after which you’ll just set itaside and allow it to cool down nextlet’s prepare the do so to my flour I’mgoing to go in with some baking powderand some yeast and I’m also going to goin with some Goya adobo all-purposeseasoning for some salt so that would bemy sole element if you wanted you canadd salt in place off mix and add enoughlukewarm water to bring this together toform in medium to soft too you don’twant your dough to be too soft and youdon’t want it to be too firm so just inbetween will be perfect you want tocontinue kneading that until it comestogether into a smooth ballI know that it’s in a ball I’m gonnacontinue kneading this for about fiveminutes after which I’ll sprinkle alittle bit of oil onto the door press itonto both sides and then we’ll coverthis with plastic wrap and allow it torest for five minutesaphids finish resting we’re going toremove the plastic and break these intosmall dough balls now you can make theseas big or as small as you wantI made them the size that I would likethem so make your dough balls and thenonce you’re finished you’re going toopen out your dough balls and startfilling it with that filling that wemade er try and open out your doughballs evenly take a spoonful or two ofthat filling place it into the centerand then bring up the sides to cluesdo not use any dry flour guys becausethe dry flour will prevent it fromsticking so once you seal the edges youwant to go ahead and press slightly todistribute that filling inside the pie[Music]now once you’ve done that make sure andflour your surface well because thesecan stick so close to the fist place iton it and once we’re done we’re gonnastart with a big of version first someplacing four of these on my baking treeyou want to line your tray just in caseso they don’t stick spritz a little bitof cooking spray over them and thenthese would go into your oven at 400degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 to 35minutes until they’re golden brown so inthe meantime while we’re waiting forthose to bake let’s fry the rest of ourpies fry these on a medium heat untilthey’re light golden brown in color youwant to flip them on both sides makesure that they’re cooking evenly nowthese are not gonna take very long tocook because they do itself it’s a verythin so about 2 to 3 minutes in totaland once they’re nice golden you takethem out of your oil and drain em onsome paper towelstraining on the paper towels reallyhelps to get rid of some of that excessoil so here we have the fried versionand then we have our baked version youcan see the difference between the bakedand the fried I love the look of the BigBlue John it’s so uniform and I’m gonnacut into one of the fried one so youguys can see the distribution and how itlooks on the inside it was really niceand light and pillowy soft with a gooddistribution of that filling let’s cutinto the baked version the big village Iwas a little more crispier on theoutside but it was really soft andpillowy inside just like the friedso both of these came out really welland I did both for you guys because youall asked me if you can bake and if youcan fry so I wanted to do it in the samerecipe so you guys can see the outcomeso I hope you guys enjoyed this recipeit’s a really easy recipe it freezesreally well so you can pop it in yourfreezer and reheat anytime you are readyduring this quarantine time comment guyslet me know down below if you’re new tomy channel I hope you like and subscribeand I’ll see you guys in my next videobye

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