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Laureles Apology Video But It’s Making Three Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

Yummy cookies not so yummy apology

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

I want to talk to you guys in this videoit’s been ever doneso disappointing it’s me so baddisappoint you all who have supported mefor so many yearsbetter than that person I six years agodecided to retweet things that were sovile in her stupid and I have no excuseshere today I’m not here to give you anexcuse I have no excuses I’m only hereto say that I’m so sorry thank you guysfor the woman that I am I can prove toyou guys that I’m not a girl I love youguys so much and whenever I say I didsupport you it just breaks apart into amillion piecesI’m so sorry for anyone that’s been hurtthrough this anyone I feel so justdisappointed that I don’t even like tolook at myself because like I can’t evenbelieve that I would retweet ugly thingsand be you know things that would hurtpeople like I can’t believe I didn’t seethe pain behind that kind of tweak andthat kind of behaviorall right there’s no excuse there’snothing I can use like this all rightyears ago for the past I can only prayfor the future I also want to say inthis video that please please just ifyou hate me please just hate me peoplehave called my mother and threatened tokill herthey’ve gotten her phone number theyattacked a child of four knees attackedher like this beat me about me it’s notabout my family it’s not about anyoneelse this is my sorry there’s anotherpart of this story that like I don’tknow if you all know but me and Gabrieland Nikita and Manny took a picture withour middle fingers up and we were tryingto mimic kylie jenner’s birthday pictureand the picture was taken out of contextand it ended up causing pain you knowfor other people and I just want to sayI’m sorry to Jeffrey for the pain we mayhave caused you and this I didn’t knowthat that picture was gonna be taken outof context and that anything was gonnabe said to you but at the end of the dayit was done so I need to owe you anapology for this and I know we’re notfriends anymore but I want to apologizeto you thank you guys for giving me sometime some time now I love you guys somuch and it’s all right

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