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The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies You’ve Ever Had — Cook With Jason & Marisa

Jason and Marisa bake chocolate chip cookies! — Watch live at

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Video Transcription

good morning will you check with them tomake sure that you can actually see Ican see you okayoh the chat is over it but yes kind ofyeah okay cool so hi everyone how areyouwe are going to do chocolate chipcookies todayand this is something that Marissa islike the master of legitimately makeslike the best chocolate chip cookie I’veever had so we’re going to treat thislike a regular so alertly Jason andMarissa is gonna be the teacher today solet me grab my apron we decided to dressup we put on outside clothes todaybecause all right so Marissa do you wantto talk about this recipe and historyyeah so my friend Tico gave me thisrecipe a few years ago and I love tomake he loves to bake and so I I coercedhim into giving me this recipe after Ihad his chocolate chip cookies so theseare Tico’s chocolate chip cookies Ithink he has since changed his recipe alittle bit between you two I did alittle bit we both like we likedifferent styles of cookies so wewe do tiny bit to get what we wanted butthis is this is a recipe that he gave meand yeah it’s one of my favorite cookierecipes yeah it’s uh it’s extremely goodand so yeah like what we’re gonna dotoday is a little different than usualbecause usually we’re just kind ofmaking breakfast so I think we’re gonnaand my cookies are kind of they’re alittle bit slower too because there’sstuff like like eating the dough in thefridge and stuff that we we totally didlike the cooking show thing and and madea batch yesterday so that we can likeand now we put this in the fridge torest oh look at this batch that’salready ready for us to go it’s gonna besuper funso what opera is getting ready andpulling out ingredients I’m gonna makeus coffee so she doesn’t bite my faceoff and yeah what’s up Kat what are youdoing now how’s your hunter weekendgoing hello I don’t have my glasses onso I can’t read the namemax we’re just getting all theingredients set up so they are yeah sowe’ve got a bunch of sugar so we haveregular sugar that we’re gonna use tocream together with the butter and thenI use dark brown and light brown sugarthey have a little bit different flavorsthe dark brown sugar is almost it’s notit’s almost kind of acidic it’s likesweet but has this like it has a littlebit different taste so having thedifferent sugars gives you a little bitmore depth of flavor and then we haveregular flour that’s not surprising andthen we also have butter lots of butteralways butter this takes two sticks it’sactually a fairly big it’s a fairly bigbatch of cookies you can make it eitherone dozen cookies or two dozen dependingon the size bone so you should make itone does they taste metal in there wewill talk about that opinion when we getthere then we’ll have a couple eggs inhere as welland then our baking soda and bakingpowder just normal stuff what’s thedifference between thingsI don’t know if you mix them up thoughit goes real bad that’s I know that Ithink that baking this has something todo with the rise and like how it how itinteracts in the oven with heat becauselike if you mix up your baking powderand baking soda you will totally ruinwhatever you’re trying to do and then wehave chocolate chip cookies so I want totalk about this old oh yeah I know Iwant to talk about this which I got so Iuse Huizar chocolate chip cookies oryeah chocolate chips these are the milkchocolate and then I also havesemi-sweet and I mix them together inthe cookie that way the cookie is nottoo sweet if you only use milk chocolateyou know we really really couldn’t usemeat and it’s too much so the semi-sweetactually is a little bit bitter becauseit’s more cocoa to sugar and it balancesit out really nicely so things withoutchocolate chips is that you may thinkwell they’re just chocolate chipsthey’re going in they’re gonna melt inthe cookie it’s fine it doesn’t reallymatter what kind of you use I have usedso many and these are absolutely betterso if you can get your hands on these soI would something that’s worth pointinglike especially if you’ve never trieddifferent types of chocolate side byside like one of the most like I guessthe one of the biggest influences on theway that I cook and interact with foodis when I actually started doing andtaste tests of things so like I did thisonce when I realized I was spending waytoo much money on whiskey because Ibelieve that you had to buy that reallyexpensive bottles to get a good whiskeyand so my friend Nate and I decided likeok we should actually like decidewhether or not that’s trueso we bought the cheap bottles themid-priced bottles the expensive bottlesand we need a blind taste test where wehave our partners at the time just pourus little samples and numberwe taste them and we break down what wethought and what we realized is like youcan taste the cheap stuff you can reallytaste the expensive stuff and then a lotof the stuff in the middle doesn’tmatterbut ever since I could experiment I knewthat with everything I’m like okay wellI want to try the really good chocolatein them in the okay chocolate and seewhat the difference isn’t like if you doa taste test of Hershey’s chocolate likethe the Hershey’s chocolate bar next tolike a high quality you know Fancy Pantschocolate bar the difference is it islegitimately nine-day so I highlyrecommend even at a shop just to likesee what the taste is I think it was Macsorry like I said I know my glasses onyeahmax asked if it was chewy or crispy sothe thing about these cookies that arereally like this is a little bit of bothso we’ll talk about that as we get to itright and the way that we bake thesethey get nice and kind of carnallycrispy on the edges and then are reallyreally soft on the inside they are in myopinion like you can have kind of kinkycookies or soft done to you and theseare somewhere in the middle because youget up ideally well in and that’s that’sanother reason why I like the big onesis I feel like the bigger they are themore that that contrast comes in shedisagrees with me on this lady I don’the likes the really big cookies andthat’s what I’ll show you today becausethat’s I’m actually asking to hitrequest I personally like to make twodozen cookies out of this batchI like littler cookies and it’s easierto snap these are like big old cookiesfor ounce good they’re like the ones youwould buy in a cop they’re huge they’relike that alright so I think we have allour ingredients out the thing I want todo while he’s finishing the coffee so wehave butter and I’m going I’m gonna fillthis up so we have two sticks of butterandthis recipe you want to have it cold soI always take it right out of the fridgeright before I’m in the start and thenwe’ll cube it up and just put itdirectly in here should we put it in thefridge like while we get the other stuffway down I’m realizing now that I wishwe could like there’s only an outlethere and so we can’t move this so it’slike very baby yeah maybe I’m not asorganized as Jason well just a lot ofdifferences you use a lot more of atalker I’m really bad at narrating whatI’m doing so you know you get what youget what you’re giving so yeah I’m justgoing to cut cute this up and we’ll putit directly into the mixer because we’regoing to cream together the sugar in thebutter first which is typically one ofthe first steps in making cake orcookies and I’ll talk about that in aminuteVicki so nikki is are you in Brussels orBelgian and so he’s laughing our actualsticks of butter yes we are going to putactual sticks of butter they all singthe butterall right so you want to cube this up itdoesn’t it doesn’t need to be like evenor anything you just want to keep it upso it’s a little bit easier toincorporate with the sugar saves us alittle bit of time and like I said youwant it cold it helps keep the dough alittle bit colder as we’re doing thisbecause you’re gonna work it a lot soyou start out with cold ingredientsit’llnot in Brussels but also notice farlittle bit like I think that’s just truegood fishalright so we’ve got the butter in thereand then next we’ll put in the sugar youwant me to wait so that I know what youtold me to make you coffee or you weregonna murder me I asked for coffeebefore this started yeah silence that’swhen you know you’re right good riffingno that’s mine okay so yeah I do have aquestion for you what is what is thebest like where were you when you havethe best cookie you’ve ever had likewhere did you make it yourself did youbuy it somewhere I want to hear about itbecause what type of cookie was it yeahwhat type of cookie wasn’t my bestcookie best cookie I’ve ever hadwait does it have to be a cookie well Imean that was a question if you want tochange the rules also are you not goingto answer your own well I think thatseems very it’s a lot of hubris to sayyour own cookie I don’t my chocolatechip cookies anymore sometimes I do totaste us to see like you know it’s likea laboratory experiment like let me seeis it better and I’m always like welland so wait what are the things thatmake a perfect like I think there thereare a few things to me that are reallyimportant like you have to you have toget the the sweetness right so you don’twant it to be too sweet or or not sweetenough you don’t want it to taste likecake it shouldn’t be like a stone orsomething like that like their cookiesyou get they’re really fluffy but whenyou buy them they’re almost like breadand that’s fine but I see culture coffeeUltra Coffee is really good from thestore branded American cookies alrightso Nicky this one this one is gonnachange your life because you can you candefinitely make this we made thesecookies in Europe we were like yeah wewere able to find all the ingredientsthat make these cookies overseas sothey’re mostly it’s really fine but I’mjust waiting on Jason you’re supposed toteach me if you just do it then we’renot learningyou’ll want to bring the scale over toso you’ll need I guess I can talk alittle bit about stuff that we’ll meetoh you do have things to talk aboutanyway we’ve got stand mixer here thisis a big this is a big and this is a 6quart um so you can make a lot of lotsof them you’ll have that and you’ll alsohave a paddle do not use a whisk or thewhisk attachment if you have a mixer orif you if you’re thinking to yourself ohwell I don’t have a paddle I’ll just usethe whisk it will not workyou will be so sad and you will alsohave follow the dough all up in thewhisk and it will be a nightmare to getout don’t be me don’t make my mistakes Iwas going to say that sounds likesomething you work well I did I did thatwas a long time ago and I’m a makingcookie dough and I didn’t have a paddleand I was like it’s okay I used alwaysmy good mixer it was horrible alrightand then we’ll have a scale because it’seasier to weigh things all those moreaccurate and the awesome thing aboutwaiting sucks is that you can ideallydirty far fewer bowls so and measuringcups and all right we’ve got two sticksof butter in the mixer already and we’regoing to move the camera at some pointso that you can see inside of the mixerbecause it’s going to be kind ofimportant and now we need to put in thesugars so start the three sugars areright hereyou’ll start with granulated sugar soget that small bowl with the spatula ontop and you want to put in 1/3 400 gramsof granulated sugar everything we’regonna raise in grams today make it thisis the metric system his rules okay 100grams 100 gramsand so what we’re gonna do is we’regonna put these three sugars in and likeI said we’re gonna cream them togetherand so what is what is creamy creamycreamy is basically when you get the fatthat you’re going to use and the sugarthat you’re gonna hear is and you justmix them together so that they’re smoothand then you’re going to do two hundredand twenty grams of the light brown sothe golden brown is a light brown youmay have to open that up all the wayI made a so yeah so we’re gonna putthese check the three sugars in andcream it together together with thebutter and what maybe we can show youthat to you is it’s really kind of coolto see if the butter and the sugar startto actually melt together and 20 gramsthey start to melt together and theykind of emulsify and that makes a reallygood base for adding your eggs in flourwhat we one of the reasons these cookiesare so good is because one of thereasons these cookies are so good isbecause they have a lot of air that’sput into them as you are mixing and soit’s really important that we get asmuch air into it as possible that’sanother reason that you this is do notshare these with you make them big likethe big cookies like we’re doing don’teat them on your own you will die don’tlisten her you know it’s not healthythere’s so much a hundred and ten gramsand so this is the one that tastesalmost a little style it’s sweet butthere’s like this acidic taste to itwhich is really cool it has that kind ofcaramel flavor more so than the othertwoall right yeah I see what you mean soit’s late sure yeah like like deeper ifthat makes sense like it it’s morecomplex yeah so this 110 grams it helpsto make the flavor of the computer so alot of times when you have chocolatechip cookie there in each suite one ofthe things like one of the problems isthat they are too sweet it become sosweet that you can’t enjoy them and sothe this even though this has atremendous amount of sugar and it isextremely sweet it has a depth of flavorthat you that I think is really nice sothat it has like richness and not justand then so now we are at the stagewhere we can and do you want to startthis is on low so so we’ve got the mixerhere so I cranked up and now we’re gonnastart it on low so just go like one ortwo up and actually um it might be agood it might be good to start showingwhat that looks like because they’reactually gonna change so I’m just gonnaI’m just gonna play cameraman here for asecond let’s uh so let’s get over hereand so yeah we’ve we’ve cranked it upand then I’m gonna turn it to the yousaid to[Music]and so it is going to look likenothing’s happeningI can hear the refugeesyeah they didn’t like the Mike’s here solet me we don’t need to watch youprobably don’t need to watch it thewhole time but you’re gonna cream thesetogether for quite a while so you cansee that they’re all set it’s allseparated now the individual the butterchick pieces of butter and the sugaryou’ll want to get it so that wait untilthe butter starts to break down a littlebit and then slowly increase the speedand one you want to make sure that it’sextremely well mix well mix together soright now you could probably increasethe speed a little bit if you wantedwhat do I want to increase it too[Music]careful[Music]if you have if you love the mixture I’mfidgeting a lot of times they come witha shield so you can also put the shieldonand that’ll help contain it a little bitturn a copy of that[Music]and this is cool because it’s got thisthis pouty deal so we can actually pourstuff in so let me ask a question thatthat so a question that that Niki has inthat I also have it’s like why wouldn’tyou just melt the butter so that is areally good question and I’ll give you agood of an answer as I have which is youwhen you melt butter it changes thestructure of the butter and so it’llwhen it gets cold again it doesn’tsolidify in the same way except it’s sexyeah it separates and then suckdifferently and you don’t want that tohappen so by putting in cold butteryou’re keeping your life keeping it alltogether and we don’t actually ever wantthis to become too warm because part ofthis recipe includes putting insomeone also asked if there’d be apublic recipe and yeah I can’t I won’tcare the recipe Dave asks if your recipeis evolved over time or was it amazingon day one we’re cooking timeingredients that are used well okay thatso that could be like the whole recipeso what what do you mean by I know I’llpull it back outwhich changes how they and I only usechocolate chipsdifferent types of job[Music]let me grab the camera again becausethis this is like it’s a whole differentbeast now so if you remember it wouldlook tall granular there was that sugarin there now it actually kind of lookslike a dough so the the butter and thesugar have actually combined yepthat’s wild okay so now we can put isthis something so this is what you wouldconsider to be cream this is like creamdo you know and you can tell because Idon’t know where the butter starts herbutter ends and sugar begins it’s allone thing and once it’s all one thingnow you can say god okay you don’t wantto keep it on for right now we’ll getback to it later like when you touch itlike look at that it’s like it lookslike dough yeah okay perfect I’m gonnahand you this I’m gonna put the cameraback up now a lot of times you’ll hearrecipes call for room temperature eggsthis one doesn’t specifically say that Ialways just get them out of the fridgeokay and it seems to be fine I’mprobably going around but it works everytime so okay three two eggs to us itdoesn’t make it sound like my mixer issuffering it hasn’t given up on me yet Imean so this is one of those thingswhere like we we are not a like akitchen gadget family we don’t havetransferred it over so we’re not akitchen gadget family like we don’t havea ton of different gadgets around andthe ones that we get tend to be likeworkhorses so you know we use this thismixer for just about everything and thenlake and because of that we also arejust we invested in a high quality onebecause I feel like that is I’m verymuch of the like by once by rightmindset like if I know that is the thingI need and I know what’s the thing I’mgoing to use you should buy the one andit’s good because if you buy the onethat’s $100 cheaper and then it breaksin six months then you have to buyanother cheap one or you have toeventually buy the expensive one anywayso I’ve had this for several yearsit sounds like it’s dying this is like aconfessional great yeah I don’t know itsays professional on its own I assumeyes this is the kitchenaid professional600 you like the muffinsI John Johnny was talking about I put ina blueberry or an apple spice in my finrecipe from another one of my friends hewas a phenomenal Baker it was like achildhood muffin recipe no so this is aprofessional-grade 6 quart professional640 ya 575 watts got this big old letteron it yeah oh yeah so this is also whatI use to grind meat for the burgerswhich at some point in the future willdo a scream okay for this amazing I wish[Laughter]like to get so again the point of thismixing is to get as much air into thedough as possibleso I’ve stopped we’ve stopped itobviously so you could kind of stop andsee what it looks like and now we’re atthe stage where we want to add liquidsso our liquid in this case is just goingto be the eggs current and because wewant to make sure that we are getting asmuch air into it as possible we want todon’t hand me those we want to keep itkeep the mixer going okay so it can beno and now we’ll crack the eggs in oneat a timeoh yeahso Jason made a good point which is thatthis is stuck the dollar stuck here letme show what it means yeah if you lookinside here you see how all of the doughis stuck in the paddle so I’m just gonnaknock that way yes you want to get yourspatula at this point this you know youhave opinions on spatulas so why don’tyou talk about it for a minutethank you I think it’s on everythingactually ask me sometimes I’ll tell youwhat I think or don’t know I’m justkiddingspatula spatula I do have a lot ofopinions so first opinion which some ofyou probably already know is that youshould have a different spatula for yourdifferent cooking adventures if you arebaking so anything with those sugarsyeasts you have a spatula that you useonly for baking and a spatula that youuse only for cookingthe spatula that touches the meats andother cooking things like I don’t knowthank you fat should never touch yourbaking spatula because they technicallya porous material okay one-handed acrack and that’s how we got shelleverywhere so you want to crack the eggokay the other one I know blackleg gamefor grading and if it starts so you wantthe egg to incorporate on low first notpulley just mostly and if the dough isgetting stuck again which it probablywill because you just put in like 8million pounds of sugar just try toknock it out though keeping it movingbut you’re doing ok actually it’s notenough so once that once the first eggis ready to incorporate it go ahead andput indon’t put me flavor in my cookingexactly nobody wants that isn’t thatgoodwe we have we have like two siliconspatulas one is only for baking and whatis only for cooking the one that was oris for cooking now used to be myfavorite baking spatula until Jason usedit for meat and now cannot be use forbaking anymore okay so now we arelooking to change drastically and youneed to know what it looks like to beginwith to know what you’re looking for soyou can see the egg like now the doughis more watery because we’ve added theegg right so super great all right we’regoing in a lot of recipes you wouldthink I’m ready to add flour now and youwould be sorely mistakenif you do not get enough air into thisdough it is not going to rise orcaramelize or do things now we’re goingthis is just the beginning we’re nowgoing to put 1 mix it progressivelyhigher for up to 10 minutes and it willchange drastically it’s super cool tosee by the end we allit’ll turn to a different color adifferent texture and almost be like amousse like a mousse like a mousse it’sso quick like nothing like it you knowbe very loving okay so I’m gonna turnthis up[Music]during this week you may need to you mayneed to stop it every once in a while tomake sure that the dough gets hugerspatula to get dull on the sides back soyou like this this yeah what’s off theback here you can you can put it upprogressively fonta high and wide yeahlong as the dough isn’t hidden on comingout just do it what did you not do thedesign not alloh my godwe have a request for your moose again[Music]this is this is probably gonna like ruinthis for you but it kind of looks likepeanut butter now[Laughter]okay so should I turn it it’s only at6:00 now start incorporating this doughon the inside of the paddle here and canI help you yeah no no I mean I’m gonnalower them oh yeah yeah do the thinghere why don’t you hold the camera for asecond so that I could get in focusoh sorry oh I’m bad at this what did youdo nothing okay so alright so yes Nikkipeanut butter is gross I don’t know Idon’t I don’tI’m just monitoring the chat I don’tlike peanut butter I don’t understandpeople’s obsession with it and their andtheir desire to like take chocolate anamazing thing and totally ruin it bylike oh let’s add this to it that’lldefinitely make it worse so try to getyeah peanut butter M&Msit’s because it’s not real peanut butterit’s because it’s some type of chemicalpeanut butter imitations because you’rea monster is what it is um David kitchenaides are really good I have had thiskitchen aide for several years and neverhad a problem with it and they arepretty um they’re quite uh sturdy sturdythat’s the word I was looking for thankyou yeah we think through his paces we’dbe um so he’s taken all the dough off ofthe paddle now and is trying to get itoff of a spatula to not lose the spatulaare your hands clean or no yeah you canalways just use your finger to get extracoffee on my finger like I don’t thinkit’s gonna come off like it’s okay Ithink we’re so um what we’re trying todo is just get everything back in thebowl so that he can put it back up tohigh so okay so he’s taste testing itand you might notice right now there’sactually still some sugar grains in ithuh yes okay so by the time you’re donethere will be mm-hmm very coolall right now stop thinking about eatingit and just keep going don’t do thatabsolutely not okay so just back up yeahback you grabbed you greater do you justArriba I go back to where I was to beginwith[Music]all right so we’ve got a few moreminutes of this you want to put thatspatulahere and we can maybe start measuringout the flour and stuff while we waitfor this to finish this is gonnaprogressively get more and more lightand fluffy and a lighter color as wellyou want to put this back and then we’llput this back up[Music][Music]oh yeah give it some time but here thenright now come on you can also make yourbraids great designs very quickly tomake sure that it gets did that’s notworking for you all right so do that onemore time and then we’ll start measuringout the flour so the flour is obviouslyone of the last things well the flour isone of the last things we go in alongwith the baking soda baking powder allthat makes me mad I mean I’m telling youby the time it’s done it is like alittle mousse dessertthe paddle is kind of hard to clean Idon’t have a good solution for you otherthan give it to me when you’re done andI’ll be there oh yeah waiting thespatula that is like a silicon spatulathis realm ending yeahthe flexibility of the spatula actuallymakes a huge difference so it’s wellworth the investment and they’re notexpensive oh when the camera moves theylose the feet what no no the whole feetit can you can you see now did we Blakedid we just break the whole thingunchecking low-latency things I don’tthink I can do that on the fly thoughcan I can y’all hear it did we break thewhole thingare we down we break the whole thingokay so Jason here so we’re gonna keepmixing this I’m sorry that’s loud andthen we’ll measure Como around theflower and the rest of the sax and justto reiterate you are planning on puttingthis dress B up somewhere yeah I’m gonnashare it I’ll share the recipe and it’sgot all of the instructions on likeknocking getting the ear into it onething that you didn’t that we didn’ttalk about but I think is important tocall out is the butter what kind of gotare you use I just I mean we have totell them up but err it’s unsalted don’tuse salted because you’re gonna havesalt later and when you bake with saltedbutter you can get yourself ratios off Ialso feel like it performs a littledifferently so if you’re baking just useunsalted butter we only use unsaltedbutter and just a salt as you see Ithink it’s a very healthy household aswe as we cook what are we gonna die welive forever okay so before I turn thisback on let’s let’s watch yeah so tellme tell me what you need you flour downthe scale so we’re gonna do flour bakingsoda baking powder not the same thing donot mix them up trick will check yourrecipe if you don’t you’ll be so sadthen you get all this work and have flatcookies that taste like metalalright so to start we haveat 384 grams of all-purpose flour sobecause I’m just gonna turn this on soif you read through it that way peoplecan’t hear usyou’ll know each other so it’s going tobe 384 grams of flour and then ateaspoon of sea salt a teaspoon ofbaking powder and 1/4 teaspoon of bakingsoda so that’s all going to go in thisbowl then you can use a fork orsomething to just kind of twist or whiskto mix it together before you put it inhere and then we’re going to turn themixer back on so we’re still stillflipping this yeah we want this to getairier and it really is starting to lookreally good here okay so 384so I’ve got a bowl on a scale you cansee the scale here and I’m just hearingit outoh my god this exactlyyeah who’s been found exactly 384 gramsof flour in itokay so I have my flour and then I needmy teaspoons here so I need a quarterteaspoon of baking sodaokay so here’s my quarter teaspoon andthenso we did this thing we got we got ourbarters of measuring cups and then we’vegot these like janitors key rings and wejust use those to hold them together itreallyI’ve turned it up a little bit just toget some more air in thereI’m drying these off to make sure thatnone of the baking powder baking sodawe just walked on this reportthank youokay or turkey food dating so[Music]baby powderwhat[Music][Music]you know[Music]I’m just trying to make sure that likeeverything is distributed right so wedon’t have a pocket of baking soda whichcould be an unpleasant biteokay[Music][Music]now we have six which is what it was onbeforehand as well and you’ll see thatit’s changed color now it’s really lightand fluffy kind of looks like I don’tknow if y’all can I hope that I’ve gotthis industry but so it’s very like lateit looks it does look like a moose italmost looks like cake from you know andwhen you put your when you go to buylike if you when you um use your spatulaor your finger to kind of feel it theyfeel very light and airy as well it’snow a lighter color than when it startedif you remember it was like kind of adarker tan and now it’s a lot lighteryes about the salt this is the salt weuse you could also use like diamondcrystal or Morton’s although I have Ihave read that like Morton’s and diamondcrystal are really intensely differentso you know adjust your recipesaccording to as well and then kind ofgive it one final mix just to make sureeverything was good and then you willput me in the flaskstart putting in the flower while it’sgone you’ll do it my hi Leslie hi myfriends made it for me for my birthdaylike I don’t know 10 years ago she sewedit yeah so we are so now we will kind ofturn on the mixer one more time just tojust to mix it all together and beforewe put the flower yeah and so I cantaste to the there’s still a little bitof like sugar granular Ness but it’s notnearly as grainy as it was when westarted so it’s like it really did likechange the whole consist yeah if you sewlike yesterday when I did that I didanother batch pull somehow doing magic Ilet it run I love the mixer run for Ithink 15 minutes on the six levelsetting so really high and it turnedalmost it was like really really lightin color like a light brown and almostand it did look like a mousse and therewas no sugar left in Trixie and you getthose cookies came out of it said likeyou can you have a leeway here it’s youdon’t need to worry about overwhipping it you need to worry about notdoing it enough but is there a risk bitlike if you want to go too longhow do you like so yes if you let it goto on the longer you let this run moreheat you’re putting on the butter soit’s going to be harder to handle andyou won’t be able to handle itimmediately so yesterday and I thinktoday – you’re just kind of looking atit the dolls will be really wet so I’mcreating the oven to 350 because we willbe able to bake today I don’t think weshould I don’t think we should do that Ithink we should test it we have twoskillets let’s do it two ways yesscience okayso we are going to do we’re gonna cookthese cookies in our little cast-ironskillets so I’ve got one of them alreadyin the oven so that’s gonna be preheatedthis one is not so I’m gonna leave thisone time so what I what I believe okayso what I believe is that a preheatedcast iron is gonna really caramelize thebottom of the cookie and give me a lotof like crunchy caramelized bits that Ilove and without won’t overcook the thecenter of the cookie so I’ll still havelike a nice fluffy chewy cookie in themiddle Marissa is not convinced thatwill work and I think she’s wrong sowe’re just gonna do a side-by-side tastetest will cook two cookies they’ll bethe same weight and shape both cooked ina cast iron for the same amount of timeor a bag be my adjust times dependingbut basically we’re gonna cook them thesame way with the only difference beingthat the cast iron is preheated on oneto see which one gets a better cookingit will be me and we’ll all apply Idon’t know okay so now that we’ve gotthis you said turn it back on and thenwe’re gonna start addingI was down here so we got our flourmixture you can see he’s putting theguard back on this has all the remainingdry ingredients except for the chocolatechips which one ends and the guard justkind of this guard just helped so thatstuff doesn’t splatter when you aremixing this dough you want to put theflour in until it’s just mixed so whatthat means is you don’t want streaks offlour in your dough but you also don’twant to keep it you don’t want to keepit going for so long but it becomestough because if you overwork the flourin the dough it’s just it’s not going totaste good you’ll kind of end up with acakey or cookie don’t you want that youcan do it but I don’t want that so I’mnot doing I am worried I amyou know if it’s better we’ve learnedsomething and that’s excitinghe’s turning something off okayall right area science all right so do Iwant to turn into everywhere we shouldtrade places trade places for scienceokay we’re here so this is si si I don’twant it to explode out okay so thenyou’ll put I’m gonna be on this sideyeah you’re just gonna tell me where itgoes so I’m gonna put this on two oneand just you can just start funneling itin there and you’ll see that the flowergo faster I’m upping the speed at moreflower you want it to cut if you want todo the flower and have time to kind ofcatch up and get incorporated andanother thing that I typically do is Iget halfway down with the flower use myspatula to get it off the side and thenput in the remaining half okay so so nowI can see like the flower is in thedough it doesn’t look like a pile offlour anymore so I’m adding more and youwant to keep those feet low or elseyou’re going to get a big old flower butthat don’t want and I have done so manytimes[Music]you want to do like do a strengthenthat’s great because you’re adding theflour it’s getting onto its sticking tothe spatula what’s this down and you cansee now like that’s half the flour yeahwe’ve got half the flour in and it’sit’s incorporating there’s a little bitof flour around the edges but you cansee that it’s starting to like clump upand because it’s all stuck to thespatula in the middle or the paddle inthe middle there’s like less less flourand cookie dough in the middle so I’mjust gonna pop all this out I know thisis taking like since we’re showing youthis we’re going this is actually areally quick recipe and it’s one of thequickest cookie recipes I have and it’snot hardwell the nice thing about this is likethe stuff that’s taking time appears tobe letting like being patient andletting the dough but that makes oneyeah this little thing is like whileyou’re letting all that the butter andsugar come together and while you’reletting that egg get incorporated andyour wayand mixing it you can do other stufflike I typically measure out the flourduring that time I can clean up theother stuff that I’ve used the otherbowls so it’s a it’s an easy thing to dowhile you’re cleaning up and stuff and Ithink that’s like this is probably oneof the biggest superpowers that we’vedeveloped as cooks is to clean as we gobecause otherwise cooking is such anightmare because it’s like you’ve gotall this set up and then you’re cookingand then you make this meal and then atthe end of your kitchen is a disasterand like it’s you know you’re like ohI’m too tired I don’t want to clean thisup and then you never want to cook againbecause it took a six hours last time soas we are cooking you know we’ll justlike wash your dish here we’ll do allthat kind of stuff and what we found isthat the amount of cleanup goes way downbecause we’re kind of like paralleltasking it’s like oh I’m doing this wellI have a couple minutes while aboutstirs let me clean these bowls and youknow then you’re done like you finishand you basically get to eat and cleanthe plates that you were eating off ofand that’s about it[Music]and we’ll mix that together so thatthere’s no streaking preview and thenwe’ll be able to add the chocolate chipsor chocolate chips[Music]she’s like dear God[Music]all right so we’ve done it so that we’vedone it how to pull our hands justincorporate it now you’ll want to usethis factor to get ten you can see whenwe say just incorporated Lake there’s noflour left but we didn’twe stopped as soon as we stopped seeingone and so well use this spatula againto clean off the or yeah to clean offthe paddle and then just check and makesure that there’s not like some flourthat somehow got missed and you’ll wantto scrape the sides down and everythingbecause at this point you’re ready toput in the chocolate chipsI feel like I’m doing this positiveencouraging there coach I was its ittakes time to clean the paddle off itlike I mean it’s it’s got thisreally cool shade right but it’s veryjust like there’s no good way to do itclose my friend Leslie the one that gaveme the muffin recipe when she bakes shejust like takes it and hammers thepaddle on to the side of the bowl that’sthe way I would do it it’s so loud okayso that is probably as good as theseother tools stop stop you got a checkthat is latewhat I love about this recipe is itmanages somehow we haven’t addedanything savory yet but it already has asavory note and I think that it’s justsuch a interesting thing and in likewhen I say savory it’s like you knowthat you know when you get somethingthat’s got that like really butterydepth I know there’s two whole sticksaboutso like that makes sense but like wherewith all that butter eatwhat are you done are you done oh wedon’t use that to mix the no oh oh I wasmisunderstanding what happened nextokay I would have done a better guy sothis is with the flower this is ourdough and you can see kind of thetexture here it’s like it’s still stickybut it is not it’s not like mu C anymoreit’s not like frosting anymore[Laughter]okay the only problem with those KitchenAid mixers is a okay so now we’re goingto have the chocolate chips so this iswhere you can you can you can kind of dowhat suits you so what what I like to dois I guess I mix these half-and-half sothe milk chocolate and the semi-sweetchip I mixed up half-and-half but I’mgonna tell you the recipe that I like touse you use a cup and a half of fake upchips so you just do half and half ofsemi-sweet to milk chocolate the otherthing that you can do if you want is todo a cup I’m just ignoring the emotionalstop let’s do a cup of them in this bathin this dough and then get your likeyour favorite um chocolate bar and cutit into slippers and putin the end it’s gonna have a differenttexture because you don’t bake that lastgroup of chocolatethat’s how why don’t you do that so thisis actually a question that I’ve had ifI really like like let’s say my favoritechocolate in the world is I don’t knowmass brother something that I’ve had whywouldn’t I just chop that up andlearning this chocolate chip cookie itwon’t melt properly so I don’t know Idon’t know the science behind it butlike it won’t melt the way that youexpect it to melt because of and I don’tI don’t know why it becomes really oilyand gross so it’s kind of like yeah soyou need like baking chocolate and itbut if you want to add chocolate at theend just like from regular bar ofchocolate you can you’ll just beindividually placing those slippers intothe cookie I don’t like that personallybecause um I just I don’t like thetexture of it that’s just not my jamwell in the beginning and I think what’sreally what’s really cool about this iswhat this is what we have now before weput anything in it this is more or lessthe perfect cookie base so if you wantedto put M&Ms in this or if you wanted itif you’re one of those weirdos who likesyou know like nuts or something youcould put M&Ms or nuts or chocolatechips or really whatever into this andit’s going to be a great cook so I likeI would honestly I think you could justcook me straight up with not only begreat cookies sugar butter roll realstrong literallyI need to do like 3/4 and then fold theminto their different sizes so the milkchocolate chips are bigger and thesemi-sweet ones are tiny which is reallycool because then they kinda melt thevery tool too which is niceyeah so you can see here I’ll just do aquick side by side these are these areour chocolate chips so this one is milkand this one is semi-sweet so now you’lluse your spatula to just fold them inthe bottom and then push it back overthe top and the reason you do it thisway is just because the dough isobviously extremely sticky and you wantto try to mix the chocolate chip skin aswell as you can so that you don’t get acookie that has more chocolate in itwhich is real sad sad when you thinkyou’re about to buy to do a chocolatechip cookies regular old G’s nochocolate cookie okay so now you can usea spoon that’s to get it off the spatulaand clean it if you just use like aregular ol spoon that’ll typically gofaster for youdo not do not eat that put that back indon’t put it in put it inso now we’re going to cover it up andput it in the fridge so you what you’vedone is basically you’ve heated up thebutter a bunch and now you want to getit to solidify again so you can you’llput it in the fridge anywhere from 4 to24 hours you can do it for a whole dayso like if you make these in theafternoon one day like I don’t want todeal with this it’s fine just throw thefridge in the bowl and you can come backto the next day you do want to let itsolidify up and my suggestion to youwould be to put this into the fridgethen there’s a couple things put it intothe fridge for a couple hours so youcould even do play two hours and thenform it and then put it back in thefridge and that way you can actually putthem in a bag so that you can freezethem for later or if you want to makeall of them put them in the fridge forat least four hours but if you’re ifyou’re thinking to yourself well I wantto have to pee later let them step setup by being two hours come back formthem put them back in the fridge foranother two to four hours and then justput them in a freezer bag and put themin the freezer that’s what we do becausethat way I can always have a freshnessand this is actually like I think maybeone of the most importantthat we’ve learned or like I said you’velearned and I benefited from yeah hasbeen to not cook all of the cookies atonce because the dope freeze is superwell as the one through through themagic of television we have so thisthese are four ounce cookies and so youcan see like these are big these are bigcookies these just like what you wouldget in a coffee shop size because like Isaid it lets they’re huge but what we’regoing for is a cookie that will cookcrispy on the outside and still betender and like soft on the inside so ifyou’re like me and you don’t like bigcookies I don’t prefer the big cookieshonestly I don’t I I don’t see thebenefit of having them be so big they’renot my favorite and I just I don’t so ifyou don’t want to do that you don’t haveto you tiredfour ounces they’re huge so four ouncesof this dough is gonna get you 12cookies you can also do them two ish totwo and a half ounces and you’ll getroughly 24 cookies I think I think ifyou do two and a half ounces cookiesover two and a half ounces you will getexactly 24 cookies I know it doesn’twork but when we did it last time withfour ounces we’ve had three ounces ofcookie dough left I don’t know anywayyou can do smaller and like the are verygood as smaller cookies too I preferthem as bigger cookies because like Iyou know when I go when you get the onethey spread out to be about this bigaround and that’s like what you buy at acoffee shop and I really truly believethat the reason Baker’s make big cookieslike that is because they’re bettercookies like they have enough mass toset up and cook properlyyou know that’s why I have such strongr-square yes please tell me why oh whenthey have their square and not circlesand the reason that you do that isbecause the edges of this square help asit bakes to make up the edges a littlebit more crispy and you’ll see this atthe end when we show you you’ll get likethese almost like folds in the cookiewhere it melted down and started to dateand the edges from the square helped toactually create those little folds whichmakes the edges flatter and crispy welearned that from a cookie shop calledlevar Mon in Toronto that’s how they dotheir cookies and they have really goodcookies I I will share the recipe todayyes okay so now we have one nonpreheated skillet and you don’t even usea skill you can totally cook these on abaking sheet on on parchment andnormally we doreally put down card trick paper I putthem on the sheet berkebile parchmentpaper put them on and then bake themjust on this we wanted to try a castiron today because okay so we have twofour ounce cookieswhat is why is he not preheated this oneis preheated yeah and now I’m gonna putthem both 350 the side was a twentyminutes so it was 20 minutes okayso what we can do instead is is clean alittle bit talked so what we will dookay so these are the cookies that werefrigerated yesterday put them in afreezer bag and now I just throw them inhere not get all the air out and then Iput them in the freezer you can cookthem right from the freezer you get abaking sheet around your parchment paperand a lot of times what we’ll do is wewill have dinner and we’ll say you knowI want a cookie after dinner because whodoesn’t and heat up the oven just getone or two however you know how we’regoing to do one and you can have a warmcookie with milk at any point and let metell you it’s very nice and verycomfortingyou can do that I’m not like a stresseater but my grandma always made cookiesand so it’s like a very comforting thingto know that I can have cookies and milkso I am a stress eaterwhy did you bake them you can pull themright out of the freezer and bake themfrom the freezer like I say your cookingtime might varies and you’ll have towatch it typically it takes around 20minutes but you don’t have to followthem first you can put them into theovenyeah and so the smaller they areobviously the less time I wanna put themso the computer is sitting on top of thetrash can so I can yeah actually throwthings away right now so we’re doingwhat we typically do which is just cleanwhile we’re waitingso who here went to women react yes Idon’t know how long the delay is so I’mnot sure if I’m being ignored I’m justwaiting for people that me yes I wasn’tLesley I got to catch Carol and Stranskyshe was awesome and I saw a little bitof like some of the fireside chats butwe were playing Dungeons & Dragonsyesterday and that that’s of the most ofour our time Maggie’s talk I saw I sawyeah you went to them and broke theinternet yesterday that was that wasexcellent yeah Maggie’s I’m gonna gosoon Maggie’s cuz she just called yeahbut what’s up Joe well yeah so weI think I’m just yeah we well we havelike a big food day yesterday so we didwe did like that breakfast hash we didan episode on how we make that breakfasthash we we kind of rift on that a littlebit and then we also made a leek andpotato soup that can show me that I meanit’s a we wanted to make a head stuffand so we got this email so we basicallythis is this is a bucket of leeks andpotatoes and onion and then just cookedit down with chicken broth until you endup with with softened vegetables andthen we threw it in the blender and tellthem when completely smooth yeah Eve isincredible yeah then what yeah thedragons with us today we uh you know Igot to turn into a bear yeah that wascool i’ma drew it in that game I wouldlove to be drew it in real life honestlyI would be cool able to turn into ananimal but I got to turn into a bearkilled a bunch of orcs that was prettygreat though I will I like Dungeons andDragonsand I’m learning we use a DMV and DMVbeyond rule 20 and it’s so cool becauseyou can do all of it you know online soeach of our friends is in a differentstate or country and we’re still able toplay every weekend which is really funit’s cool because we had games that weused to play when we lived in otherplaces but they all died when we leftbecause you know it was very socialthing yeah the game Zach and it was thisvery social thing where we would gettogether do like eat food and play agame and I do miss that part of it butwhat’s been nice we’ve been able torekindle these games now thateverybody’s quarantine and so suddenly agame that was completely inaccessible tous because we couldn’t get down toAustin Texas he’s back on and we’replaying again so that’s been really nicewe’re just waiting for this to be weshould have baked one yeah hindsight is20/20 yeah sure we thought we were soclever with our movie magic of likehaving those the batch of dough fromyesterday well that sounds fun Leslie acustom mario kart board game but that’scool that’s fascinatingoh I learned about enroll 20 Jasontaught me about macros which are awesomeso when you’re when you turn into a bearyou’ve got like you’ve got a bunch ofattacks you get a claw tap and a biteattack and then you have to roll for thedamage like you have to roll for the hitand then roll for the damage so you canset up this macro in hurl the 20 thatnot only rolls it for you like it rollsthe ACMA action equals the the actionand the damage but then it also givesyou like were you built in it busy youbuild in a biggeryeah see you basically get like thesefill-in-the-blank things so it’s likeyou you roll for other than you hit youroll for your damage you can like justwork in an insult into the middle of itand then like roll for your nextattacking those macros are they’re funthat’s it’s like the programmer in me isreally into it because they keep addinglike different layers of complexity tomy night to my attacks and I was I wasnot into it until I learned that youcould do the zingers but now when I turninto a bear when I attack something Ican scream it’s bear time bitches whichis awesome I can also turn into a wolfand so now I’m just gonna scream who letthe dogs out yeah I will turn into theanimal just so that I can roll for thesame right so there is an actualquestion just cooking time vary withcast iron versus collusion yeah it doesit does when we did these last nightthey took around 20 minutes it tookaround 20 minutes when I do them on abaking sheetit usually takes around 15 the otherthing is – depends on the size of thecookie so we can when they come out andI apologize I didn’t they can alreadysee a difference here I apologize thatwe didn’t bake them in advance and makethis easier for you but they’re made itfaster but you will see I’ll show youwhat it looks like when it’s done andwhat to look for because eggs andcookies and cakes all those types ofbaked goods they keep baking even afteryou take them out of the oven a littlebit so you don’t want to do what Jasondid and like wait till they’re baked allthe way through because thenwell thanks Johnny I appreciate thatWashington watching someone with Jasonstuff yeah it’s been it’s been a reallyfun few weeks online with Jason likejust some stellar episodes like reallyreally fascinating stuff we had MattPerry on to do frame emotion so we didsome some animation react which isreally amazing it’s good I did that oneOhon Friday I did I saw the one withangina Ford III she was observable yeahgoing through observable and I was ableto like follow along and do the Twitterfeed thing yeah erase which like I knewdesigned research you know I don’tconsider myself a programmer and all andso I was very happy with myself that Iwas able to do that and they havesomebody very active charged it wasreally cool I like to do a lot of datavisualization stuff so that was this isStahl for the end of the cookie whichwe’ll talk about to you and Jason nearlybroken you can’t find the salt anywhereelse so I’m glad you didn’t I think he’sgetting hungry and it was about totravel well I’m just gonna prep for forbreakfast cuz we’re gonna need to eat orI’ll beat your face I was so excited andvery happy with myself when I came upwith it spare time bitches like Iscreamed it in our chat and also outloud it was so fun I really liked indeedwe play rogue trader 2 which I’m alsolike there are such different worldslike rogue trader is just thisintergalactic hellscape where it’s likeeverything that happens is the worstpossible thing we tried to save a planetmonths and like play by the rules’ didall the things we were supposed to dothey ended up getting the entire planetblown up it was like this beautifulparadise planet of all these citizensand we followed the rules and then theycame in kill them all it was awful yeahI really I don’t know what I was justlooking at what I wanted to put inbecause there’s a bunch of stuff that Iwant to use so I’m gonna do so I’m gonnabake this bacon and then I’m going tosaute these up you should give them yourbacon baking tips that we learnedthrough trial and error yeah we I meanJason because I told him to take themout why didn’t you know it’s it’s toopeacefulyou know you get complacent becausereally that one you want that one harderokay so wait I really like it there area couple ways that you can do baking andwe might do a whole episode on thislater because it’s not fun but baconepisode Oh bacon episode but so therethere are a few ways that you can dobacon and one of the easiest ways is tostraight-up bake your baby and so youcan take the bacon bits here I’m gonnamake a small pile for garbagethere Johnny is making homemade chickenfingers with Greek yogurt dressing yeahyes I can I can give your address justsend it to me oh you know what else wecould do clap we could do the prep thatbuttermilk chicken all the way yeah soso with bacon if you lay it out on asheet pan like this and you bake it it420 or 425 you know brown like basicallyhot you get a really really goodJ’son sees all the bacon he just sort ofputs it all out this they just startcookingbut yeah so okay so I’m gonna in thatcase I’m gonna spread these out of itbut so you cook it at 420 and you cancook it for like I don’t know like eightish minutes and then start lookingbecause what will happen is it’ll startto look like it’s kind of getting donethat’s what you pull it because if youdon’t if you pull it when it looks doneit will keep cooking into bird babyroast yeah I couldn’t take thecarbonization we can put one of thosethose racks in there but no I actuallykind of dig the like contact with thesheet pan actually makes a really nicelightcarmelization which I mean so I andthat’s a preference thing right like youcan you can get really kind of like flatcrispy bacon another way that I’ve heardof that I need to try is if you put justa tiny bit of water in it renders thefat and the bacon before it starts tofry which means that the bacon actuallycooks more evenly and you get these likeplump flat kind of almost like lookingbacon like you know when you go to arestaurant and the bacon looks perfectit’s possible that they’re doing thatthat they’re entering their renderingthe fat before they could we’ll justhave to do a lot of side of this becauseit’s fascinating oh I tried to cook thefish the other night I’m really bad atcooking fish and I love to recommendsome brown sugar on the baconit’s so much sugar okay so we need thisis a very normal thing actually I willclean so we have I can show you hold onwe have a buttermilk chicken recipethat’s from salt fat application andit’s really easy he’ll walk you throughit but it’s one of his favourite chickenrecipes this is this is the skin on itis so crispy and it’s legit like so thisis one of those things where I feel likethis is the perfect chicken recipebecause it’s it’s the right amount ofextraordinarily simple to prepare andunbelievably delicious can you get thatout just so I can measure that I think Ineed I think it’s just a so we have beensince since we’re in quarantinewe have been worrying from a woodworkerso this is this is a mary’s chicken thatwe ordered from Kovac all right oh theother thing about this book that issuper cool are these illustrations Ihope they can see I never doso these illustrations are fantastic andthey go through the entire book and theyare little explainers so one of myfavorite types of cookbooks are the onesthat show you why they’re doing stuffnot just what they’re doing and this isa great one it also has my favoritediagramI can show you what should I cook andthen it’s got like a map of making adecision of what to cook this is a supercool book it’s very fun and then shealso has flavors of the world so thatyou can decide like oh what do I wantand figure out the spice pairing forthem anyway yeah that book is isabsolutely worth this purchase nowthere’s also if you like to watch showson food there is a series on Netflixcalled soft fat acid eat that has someEnglish rock in it and it’s it’s so goodshe’s also just like you know when youmeet somebody who’s like justinfectiously happy like you watch themand you can just feel how much they lovethe thing that they’re doing that’ssameen close we can see the cymagoodness happening here alright so withthis what I’m going to do is so whatwe’re doing here is this recipe takesthree ingredients it’s a chickenbuttermilk and salt so so I’m going totake salt and we’re going to we’re gonnatake the wing tips off so just go rightinto the joint here and justbecause right through try to do itwithout okay and so then go to thisother side be the same thing and sowe’re taking the the wingtip off becausethe weeks it will burn and we don’t wantthat so now it will these put those intoour stock then I’m going to season itgenerously with salt and like generousmeans generous especially with a Brianlike this so what we’re gonna do is notthe one that was created so this is thefirst cookie this is from preheated Idon’t know this is from the preheatedone so in order to see if it’s done youlook at the edges and you see howthere’s a little bit of light browncarmelization that is the that’s onegood sign and then when I lightly touchit it should spring back up in themiddle a little bit it should be dentedfor a second and then kind of rise backsuper solid like it’s hard it isextremely hard to see but you’ll knowbecause as you start to like when you dothat with cookies you know if it stayscompletely invented it’s not done and ifit doesn’t invent enough it’s over doneso now the last thing that I do is putsalt on it so I suggest you do this withall of your baked goods like sweets thisis vanilla salt and it’s just got littlebits ofactual Anila in the salt grains and sowe hope people can see that but we justtake a pinch of salt and sprinkle it onthe top try to cover as much area as youcan and you got to do this while it’shotyeah you want the salt to kind of meltin andit gives you a good texture and a littlebit of salty bite to it and one thing tonote too is like this cookie looks likea dome it’s kind of flattened out as itcool yeah it’ll start to get creases onthe edges like I said should we put iton a cooling rack or do you want toleave it in the car it needs a second Ithink and then we can putokay so with this what I’ve done withthe chicken is I basically just likecoated in salt just like three threegood pinches and then literally all I’mgonna do next is I’m gonna let this sitfor thirty minutes and then I’m gonnatake two tablespoons of this salt intothis how much yeah two cups buttermilkso pint of buttermilk I’m gonna mix twotablespoons into this stir it up andthen take the chicken and the buttermilkinto a bag and let it sit overnight andI swear to God that is the best chickenthat you’ll ever have the cookie Marmotis just carrying around bring themcookies at me please but yeah it’s areally really simple recipe it’sunbelievably delicious it is it takeslike no time and you this is again acast iron skillet recipe you just getthat let’s see was this a put thechicken in at 425 on on a skillet andthen there’s some tips on like turningit and everything but basically you youcook it in that skillet for c30 about anhour and it is game-changing like so sogood um for the cookie someone mentionedthe toothpick test and I actuallyspecifically don’t use the toothpickmethod for these cookies because I wantthem to have a little bit of likesoftness in the middle and like I’m notselling these so it’s very very lightyou know what I meanI want that I like that as you keep itin bed like if you keep it on the in thecast ironpants it cooks a little bit while exitsso if you bring it out just before it’scompletely cooked as it says it will gocall laterso basically what I’m doing is I’m justgetting money my two tablespoons of salt[Music]and then I can I can honestly put usethe bag to mix this so just I’m justwanting that salt to mix into theokay so I’m gonna let that sit this willthis will sit and in about 20-ishminutes I’ll put the chicken into hereput it in the fridge and let it situntil tomorrow

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