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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys today we’re gonna be trying tomake cookies and it’s my first video sowish me luck and without further adolet’s do this I’m going to be usingvanilla extractsumption and some molassesand the final ingredient is salt oh Iforgot the flour and two balls goes wellso I gotta make sure the guys wait oh noup until now I didn’t realize how bad mycamera angle was in this video basicallysums up how that was fine I can get intothe gosh-darn video okay first I gottamelt some butter so give me one sec afew moments later sugar and try my bestto make brown sugar nothing’s happeningwhat why isn’t it turning into brownsugar well what is this madness okay itturns out I’m just a lazy idiot and allI had to do is add more molasses butlook at that transformation justbecoming super brown and what else wellfor word would describe this but verbwould describe this just it’s a cookingmoment bakersfear Baker tell me in the comments ifyou ever had any of these Bakerso-called Baker’s anyway I’ve beentalking for way too long now it’s timeto pour in the butter and just mix thatpuppy upmixa mixa mixa[Music]okay now it’s time to crack an egg[Music]nope in goes the egg to see thatbut thensee that colorokay Wow guys that Fenella smells sogood this is gonna transform her cookiesit’s gonna make the cookie smells sogood you don’t even know that classiccookies both come from that vanilla guys[Music][Music]and I think I sprinkled up too much likethese cookies besides that it’s goodfinally we’re gonna add the ChocolateChunk baby the best partyep I’m singing right nowbest part of the cookies justbut you got itlook at those ribbonsliquid dojust transform into a beautifulluscious doughyeah it’s getting a little bit harder tomix it’s still a little bit like woodbut a little hard to mixfinally after a lot of mixing I’m justgonna scrape some of that dough off thespatula and well doesn’t have as manychocolate chips they wanted but we ranout of chocolate so still gonna be goodtrust methe end result is worth watching tillthe end so the question thatokay now I’m just gonna add some saranwrap and put this puppy into the fridgefor two hours and after two hours ofwatching videos and playing someoverwatch I am going to prep the bakingtray and we’re gonna gonna bake thesepuppies[Music]after a long game of over whoa that issome bad parchment paper but because I’mlazy and I didn’t want to throw thisaway because throwing away stuff is baddon’t do it kids throw your trash andrecycling instead I’m just kiddinganyway I’m just gonna my cookie doughbeautiful cookie dough I’m just gonnaput some cookie dough sticks but it’snot stickingdarn YouTube always full of lies likethe government the government is alwaysfull eyes don’t listen to the governmentcookie ball just make a second cookiebaking second cookie ball just rollingin my hands second cookie ball okaythird cookie ball I’m making sure it’svery smooth and very beautiful becauseOh thirdyeah very muchI’m making the cookie Baltimore dick andperfect looks perfectokay now it’s time to preheat my ovenfor 350 degrees and bake it for sevenminutesand yepbehold you look at those cookies likearen’t they beautiful I mean the underis pretty undercooked but it’s it’s myfirst try okay it’s not badbakers in the comments if you somehowwatch does please tell me[Music]I want to thank taystee for giving methe recipe to make this video and beingan all-around great channel anyway staychill

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