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Neil Bakes… Moroccan Pie! GBBO 2019 Bake Along Technical Challenge 8 – Pastry Week

This week we have a spiced chicken and veg pie, wrapped in filo-like ‘warka’ pastry, which was surprisingly easy to make, even though I had to brush a batter on to a frying pan!

The result is a phenomenal tasting pie! Easily the best thing I have eaten this year! The filling is the star of the show.

Very happy with how this turned out! Everyone has to make and/or try this pie!


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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

oh I’ll not hurt just chopped up afinger off[Music]hello and welcome to Neal bakes 2019 sothis week is pastry week next week eightthis week I’ve got a very strange ofAfrican hi to make Moroccan style piewith brick or Wacka Wacka Wacka Wackapastry it’s basically just like phyllopastry but we’ve got a lot ofingredients here the most so far thisseasona lot of our parrot and spices go intothe filling of the pie the onlyinteresting thing is how you make thepastry which will go on to later on onyour marks so we have a dickless amountof ingredients this week majority ofthis is for the filling of the pie andthere’s only four five ingredients forthe actual pastry work oh yeah the mostingredients so far this series firststep for the filling one tablespoon ofoil and a medium heated pan cook thediced chicken for 15 minutes untilcooked remove from the pan and cool okayso particular probably foreverputting let’s squash I’d see potatoeswell all chopped up onions chopped upit’ll do all that prep rest there it’seasier[Music]game settings prepped I went for whiteonly an unread are in because why thehell notwe will the chicken and once that’scooking we will the HP butteror thisokay I’ll become my chicken you knowjust say it’s at the top and then we’llbe able to cool so I’m checking it outof sleep up to coldwe need a lemon juice on water bottle sothe lime juiceokay so this butters readynow I need to bring a large pot of waterto the boil then bring down to a simmerbut it’s a fine pile on top for somevegetable oil on the secretarial kitchenpaper watts or start and then let me usea brush to push this onto couple ofthings I don’t have one of those flockbear puns so I’m just going to use afrying pan I should be fine then wait ata five centimeter Bush oh can you get athree centimeter one so she’ll be finethis could be very interesting step Imiss you on the show she’s got money todo it a few how did she’ll actually I’venever painted pastry before okay sothat’s simmering now this goes on topthis is ridiculous and now we paint onthis is gonna be ridiculousokay it’s kind of working[Music]okay so if I mean it build somethingwe’ll probably keep up at the endthis is push but vegetable on it okayokay so this is chute number two and itlooks a lot better I will get better atthis the more I do it it’s gotta beconfident put it all on before I startto cook oh there we goI was good they seem to be holding theirshape in the meantime I need to seewhere most my bench 200 see fun while Imake some morepasteto test with Paul on the Ra’s al hanoutand salt case it was our opening4-minute cinnamon cloves in tempuraokay so these are an uber now 200,000for 20 minutes they smell nice alreadyokay so I’m gonna cook the rest of thisso you’ve got 11 it’s for your 12 andI’ve still got quite a bit to left soI’ll probably be able to make about 1615 16 I’m pretty good our bills get agood lay okay sir my sweet potato andbutternut squash I’ve come out of youone now they’re waiting for about 25minutes they’re looking pretty good mykitchen smells very nice I just got afew more bits of butter so I’m going tofinish with that and then we’ll cook therest of the filling okay so I made on mypage three sheets 18 okay so the nextpage heat 2 tablespoons of oil in asaucepan on the onions garlic and cookon low five minutes and so soft aharissa fennel cumin seeds fennel incinnamon cook for 2 minutes then stir inthe pomegranate base apricotswe should leave I haven’t got anypolyphony so I substitute that hungryso I’ve got my fennel seed cumin gingercinnamon in here I’m gonna add them tomy pond as softly entering collegeI’ve got harissa paste as well Oh Godthere we goyour buddy will mix aroundno I smells nice okay so now we put inthe polygon it I’ve learned pomegranatemolasses these cranberry sauce there wego stay on the polygon it cranberrydates apricots and chickpeas okaydon’t follow these dates later pupskernan chickpeasokay so just gonnano box I keep to sprinkle in most of allthank youI’ve got 250 mils of wallet to go in andthen we’re just going to reduce it downapparently until it’s nice and stickyokay lots of scary on chop up somecoriander and some popow I’ll hurt our Jesus Christ justchopped up a finger offokay without so I’ve reduced this downso it’s nice and sticky now very nicewe’re going to add in juice of half alemon and the parsley corianderjust get a nicecall up okay so this it’s not all gonnago in with the squashing put letsquashing it 15 I mean the chicken thathe cooked five hours agoslice together now we make the pie okaynow is the time to pop these and hereand got hopefully they will stay so I’vegot 18 I’ll probably other no I don’thave any need to be honest it’s like popthem inand then hopefully ill cook all rightonly toThe Pixies works finally well here we gonow just need to fold the top over andstick up a few mile on the top andBritain you’re winningsomehowor three waterand then they make up a brown browncolorthere we go right this is now going inthe oven 180 okay so it’s been anyonefor our half an hour just like rest forfive minutes and I’m hopefully I take itoutokay so here it is – get it off the youknow the ten in one pieceso that’s how it tastes so that’s prettygood nice and crispy top on the sidelet’s justpretty good look with bass they’re nicefilling and then creamy well oh my godamazing honestly with the chicken sweetpotato dip what nut squash Wow probablythe best pie I’ve ever made I wish Icould taste this this is you should makethis everyone should make this this isamazing oh did the spices and chicken isnice and then you get the juicy bitsfrom the fruit from the apricot Emmatakesmmm we not taste nice at all this is thebest thing I’ve had in a long time givemyself a Hollywood hunk shakepresentation-wise is pretty good as wellthe filling in it is divine make thispie everyone make this pie even if youjust just makes it really just half ouraffiliate raise it overall pastrydefinitely Neal their next week is thesame for people I’m gonna go and try notto eat all this pie cause it’s amazing

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