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The Real Ghostbusters | S02E33 | Banshee Bake A Cherry Pie

Peter’s favorite rock-star singer Shanna O’Callahan arrives in New York and turns out to be a banshee, an Irish spirit whose voice causes chaos. She is now planning to use a major rock concert to broadcast her chaotic spell across the nation, and then, the world. When the Ghostbusters go to confront her, Peter falls under her siren spell, which complicates matters for the team.

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Video Transcription

[Music][Applause][Applause][Music]they smell like the instantaneouscombustion of thousands of dollars youshould know after what you spent on thatdinosaur computer of yours Marsha is awonderful computer a friend for life payno attention to him he’ll neverunderstand what we have togetherI trust you have some headphones forthat and robbed you of the supreme audioexperience of the Americas besides I gota buddy at insanity Records who gets meall the new stuff before it even hitsthe stores[Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Applause]and that chartbuster was love makes melive my clothes ran away looks like yougot out without a scratch oh yeah lookat this oh I did was put a record on mynew and recently deceased stereo thevocalist was Irish this singer can onlybe one thing a bansheea banshee is an Irish spirit whosebizarre supernatural singing alwayscauses disaster but until this onethey’ve only caused trouble withindividuals they’ve certainly never cutrecords this departure from the normcould result in the banshees songcausing massive catastrophes we muststop her before that record goes intogeneral releaseyou know before we start jumping toconclusions maybe we should get somemore evidence exactlyso how do we what what’s up she’sappearing in concert tonight at CarnegieHall and it’s gonna be simulcast allover the country even New Jersey thiscould be the end of America as we knowit though I suppose we could afford tolose New Jersey thanks you guysI feel much safer now[Music]just get Shauna to another studio okaycan I help it if your ceiling turnedinto a giant bat and flew away okay sowhat flew away and took all themusicians with it call the Union and getsome more no no not that you idiotmusicians are you Vincent Greg’s shadowcallaghan’s agent wants to know we’rethe Ghostbusters we’d like to speak withyou about it Oh step right into myoffice smells like somebody’s had somebanana flambe in here she’s gonna be abig star after that Carnegie Hall gigboys you want a Booker you better do itbefore our national tour if we don’t putan end to her there won’t be any nationfor her to tourshe’s a negative spirit mr. Bragg’s callme Vince Vince your client is not anaspiring rock megastar she’s an aspiringagent of doom a banshee call me mr.Briggs you guys think I’m an idiot awhat Vince do you want to be responsiblefor the end of America as we know it soyou’re telling me that my biggest act isan evil ghost and that you want me todefault on a multi-million dollar dealbefore she destroys the USAkind of glad we touch base with this Ithink we should take another meetingwith the real soon I know Peter afteryou call him a mutant and all but Imeant it in the best possible senseVince is probably under the spell of theBenji his actions are not his own thenagain he may just be pond scum willdiscuss Vince’s family tree later westill gotta find Shauna ten bucks saysshe’s that away[Music][Music]a musical rehearsal hall this close tosuch a disaster can’t be a coincidencethree guesses who’s inside[Music]you’re going to make a mess aren’t youno more messes in the side of all thisdestruction may have driven him over theedgecome on one of the time are all at oncethis mop is registered as a deadlyweapon that’s gotta be a record no timefor trivia we’ve got to save the world[Music]jumpsuit thank you would you know ifShana O’Callahan is rehearsing heretoday oh you must be her new group herother guys had an accidentshe’s in room D but if I were you guysI’d steer clear of giant bat ceiling[Music]it’s show time guys[Music][Music][Music][Applause]well that confirms it she’s a bansheeall right we now return to the realthose bastards[Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause]gosh she’s beautiful when she’s angry[Music]what are you doing no it’s mine mineshe’s a close personal friend come onlet go this could be seriousbanshees have certain powers over menand I think Peter is hooked I’m gonnaask her to go steady our next video isthe latest time shadow O’Callahan and italso stars her steady boyfriend thefabulous[Music][Music][Music]Hey[Music]good imagination is a joy forever[Music][Applause][Music][Music]excuse me Peter but you can’t have thisfantasy darlin who might miss me he’s aguy who gave his computer a woman’s namecome along now you have no control overyour emotions at this point you’ll givehim back to me we aren’t done with thisvideo yet yeah you got we’ve got 17 morebars ooh I’m sorry Peter hello I’m dr.Egon Spengler and you aren’t watchingthis raucous overblown spectacle it’stotally in the Banshee riddled mind ofmy colleague herenow Peter you have to leave the posterand come with usI don’t want to Shawna’s inside[Music]aren’t we a bit early the concert won’tstart for a whileit’ll be fine Peter a few words with thebuilding manager should help us stop theconcert hey I haven’t read that magazineyet oh it’s greatit has Shauna’s 10 most super secretsecrets well what are they wellsecret number three was that she likedthe petite men with gentle voices andgood grooming habits and look what elseI got this stuff is contagiousyeah repulsive isn’t it I think it’sobviously we’re the only three men inthe building a warrant under Shauna’sspell three against 300 is in – fairfight true since we’ve got the protonpacks and the ecto containment unit I’mready to rock and rollPeter would you like to meet ShaunaO’Callaghan[Music]I can’t I’m having a little trouble withit myselfundercover bodyguards to Shana Wow okayPeter will stand out here in front ofher door and if anything strange happenswe go in and stop it you look greatyou’re gonna sing great and aftertonight nobody can stop us and then I’llget a bigger loss mm-hmm all those yearsI wasted on one person at a time causinglittle disasters I’m too talented forthat yeah that’s right Shana you and mewe’re going places to the end of theearthGreg’s the end of them oh yes somethingstrange is going on maybe it’s time forus to protect shut upwhat a good idea isn’t it Peter well areyou sure we won’t be bothering usyou guys have a press pass hey back offnobody snaps my Shauna Peter look outgood night mother you know I don’tremember much about the last two hoursbut I know this much that ladies historyshe’s out there then let’s do it[Music]Oh minutesshe’s an easy enough target out there[Music]catchy tune you come here[Music]Oh God what the heck is going on thepower remember what happened in China’sdressing room with the mirror yeah whatup I have an ideacover me[Applause]good luck Thanks[Music][Music]thank you but you ain’t seen nothing yetin two seconds we go coast to coast I’llnever work in this town again thank youvery much everyone and welcome to myconcert this is a song from my albumlove makes me live hit it[Applause]Deitrick banks I figured if the mirrorreflected her true self and reflectingher voice at her with feedback wouldturn her back completely[Applause][Music][Applause]quit[Applause][Music][Applause][Applause]thank you ladies and gentlemen how aboutthat Shauna ho yeah for the good of thenation I suggest you get off the stageI’m not gonna bid come on we’ve hadenough senseless destruction for onenightI don’t think I want to hear anyrock-and-roll for a long time I neverdid they want to hear more from youRickman Beckman I could make you into avery big star if you went back in therenationwide TV and radio a crowd thatloves you you feel love from that crowdVince I really could of course yourcould you just get yourself togetherhere and now a little douchey what’syour first name they call me dr. V Ilove it you got itdr. V baby I’m surprised you didn’t takebreaks off or Peter Lorrewhat get out of ghost piss[Music]the real cost bachelors will returnafter these messages[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]

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