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Best Chocolate Pie Recipe …Seriously

Baking this chocolate pie recipe at home is a tasty way to impress family and friends! My mom makes a fluffy meringue pie topping, but that’s totally optional, because you can always just top the dessert with whipped cream to make a super simple chocolate cream pie.
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Best Chocolate Pie Recipe …seriously

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Chocolate Pie Recipe:


Chocolate Filling Ingredients:
1 cup SUGAR
2½ cups MILK
3 EGG yolks (reserve the egg whites for the meringue)
½ tsp SALT

Meringue Ingredients:
2 Tbsp SUGAR
½ cup WATER
then another 4 Tbsp SUGAR

Make your own pie crust from scratch, or to make the recipe super easy, just bake up a pre-made frozen pie crust.
Firstly, bake the crust and have it cooled and ready before beginning to make the chocolate pie filling.

Chocolate Pie Filling:

In a saucepan, add the sugar, cornstarch, salt, and shaved chocolate.
On medium heat, gradually stir milk into the saucepan and continue stirring 15-20 minutes until the chocolate is melted and the mixture thickens and begins to bubble.
Once bubbling, set a timer for 1 minute and stir as the chocolate mixture simmers.
Remove the saucepan from the heat.
Crack 3 eggs and separate the yolks from the whites into separate bowls (set the whites aside to use with the meringue topping).
Temper the egg yolks by slowly spooning 4-5 Tbsp of the heated, thickened chocolate mixture in with the yolks, stirring constantly so as not to cook the eggs.
Once the yolks are tempered stir the egg yolk/chocolate mixture back into the saucepan with the heated filling.
Return the saucepan to the stove and bring the filling back to a simmer, and cook for 1 final minute, stirring all the while.
Remove saucepan from the stove and stir in vanilla and almond extract.
Now pour the chocolate filling into the pre-baked pie shell and set pie aside to cool.

Meringue Topping:

In a small saucepan add 1 Tbsp of cornstarch, 2 Tbsp sugar, and ½ cup water.
Mix the three ingredients well and heat over medium heat, stirring until the mixture thickens and clears slightly from milky to opaque.
Set sauce pan aside in a pan of water to cool.
In a mixing bowl add the egg whites and cream of tartar.
Beat 20-30 seconds until frothy.
Add 2 Tbsp of sugar into the frothy mix and then beat for another 10 seconds.
Add 2 more Tbsp of sugar and continue beating the mixture until it thickens and peaks begin to form.
Now add the cooled, opaque mix of sugar and cornstarch into the meringue and continue to beat.
Beat until nice, stiff peaks form.

Take a spatula and spread the meringue evenly over the cooled chocolate pie filling. Cover the filling completely, overlapping slightly onto the edges of the pie crust.
Lightly chop the top of the meringue to form peaks on top of the pie.
Slide the pie into an oven preheated to 400 degrees F and bake meringue for 10-12 minutes, or until the top of the top of the meringue shows a nice color.
Remove the pie from the oven and allow to cool completely before slicing. This will take several hours!
When cooled, store pie in the refrigerator beneath a pie dome, do not wrap meringue in plastic wrap or foil.

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Video Transcription

Mama Redbook what you’re
making today? we’re gonna try to make a
chocolate pie see how it turns out and
hopefully we’ll have something tonight
good to eat for supper yeah I love your
chocolate pie you’re using a premade
crust you always do that it’s quick
during any worth fooling around with huh
this is all thought out it’s ready to
take out the pack I got my oven
preheated to 375 for it need to make
sure and put some little air holes
that’s gonna keep the crust from bowing
up when it baked cuz you’re gonna
pre-baked it a little bit huh yes we’re
well we’re going to baking completely
all righty we got him ready got our oven
already here heated and we’re gonna put
him in and let it bake for let’s go
ahead and set our timer for about 11
minutes all right
so we’ll keep an eye on that in the
meantime we’ll go ahead we need Doug
unsweetened chocolate yes and make sure
it’s unsweetened so you’re shaving him
up huh yeah it’s easier to melt so
you’re gonna end up with some nice
shaved chocolate and then I’m gonna get
a little bit of sugar yes we’re going to
take 1 cup of sugar and add that and
then we’re going to take 5 tablespoons
of cornstarch you need 5 tablespoons
that thickens it we’re going to use 1/2
a teaspoon of salt and turn it on medium
heat and we’re going to gradually add
and 1/2 cups of milk because you don’t
want it all lumpy so you want to just
add it gradually and I have it on medium
heat how well they have they
incorporated you have to get everything
stirred until it’s all mixed and liquidy
well you want to get it you know you
don’t want lumps in it so cook you know
this is corn starch that was 1 cup let
me go ahead and get the other one
okay you guys you’re doing some some
big-time multitasking right now aside
the crust is ready so that’s all baked
up and waiting on you but you look like
you’re doing all right now this is our
second cup so how much milk are you
gonna add in here total two and a half
cups okay and it is it important that
you add the milk in slowly and do it
like you’re doing it well you know not
you don’t want love senator will add
this so now you got all your milk your
sugar your cornstarch your salt I’m
going to just add in my chocolate stir
it until it comes to a boil but that’s
why you shave that chocolate so it would
melt in there easy yes and you’re
heating it slowly right yeah it’s
because it’s kind of warm it’s not very
hot right yeah and in the meantime let
me go ahead and get the eggs ready
so you’re separating the yolks from the
whites first three eggs we’re going to
use the yolks will go in the pie and
we’ll use the egg whites for the marais
we need three of those if that was a
little bit because we’re going to add
some of our mixture of chocolate into
these and temperate when it’s time well
this is a pretty slow process because
you probably had this saucepan going now
for about five minutes already and it’s
still not even close to a boil oh no you
know if you’re waiting for something to
boil it’s going to take all day all
right so it’s steaming away it’s
starting to thicken up we want to get
all that chocolate melted
yes this is getting darker you can see
it still has a few more little specks in
it that needs to get melted and it’s
really dark enough here just in the last
minute yes looks like you’re all about
gone so it’s a very simple recipe it
just takes a little bit of time and
Stern huh
yeah stirring is the worst part does we
just stand here like forever it seems
like okay let’s go ahead and set our
timer we’re gonna go ahead and send him
to a minute
ready Bowl for a minute and then we’re
going to take him off and tempering and
temper him into our egg yolks we have to
temper incus if not we will have
scrambled eggs you can’t just throw the
eggs in here funny man okay I have egg
yolks ready put a spoon of chocolate in
here you going just stirring so if
you’re making this by yourself you need
to make sure you have three hands well
I’ve done it before but you know it’s
kind of awkward but yeah it’s always
easier if you’ve got a extra hand around
the help template I can’t sit well and
you’re doing this so we don’t end up a
scrambled egg okay
wow that’s great yeah because if you
throw that stuff into that hot stuff
it’s just going to scramble them
completely in every last drop in there
yep you want all of it put it back on
the stove here okay you see still got it
on medium heat yes and we’re going to
bring him back to a bowl and then we’re
gonna boil him again for one more minute
it’s starting to bubble a little bit yes
okay let’s go ahead and set him for a
so another solid minute of Stern yes a
minute it’s let’s go ahead and take him
off turn your burner off now huh yes
we’re going to add our extracts now
we’re going to use a half a teaspoon of
vanilla going to use a half a teaspoon
of the almonds almond gives it a great
taste mix it all up good together we’re
going to add this into our pie shell it
looks nice and thick and chocolatey now
while your chocolate gets set up you’re
going to fix your meringue huh
yes we’re going to take two tablespoons
of sugar I got a little saucepan yes
tablespoons of sugar and we’re also
going to add one tablespoon of
cornstarch and we’re going to take a
half a cup of water and add the
cornstarch and sugar
Kyle medium heat again we got going on
medium heat and we’re going to bring it
to a ball until it gets like a clear
it’s milky it’s going to be clear world
baking clear yeah when we get a meringue
all mixed up we’re going to add this so
when we do our meringue we’re not going
to add quite as much sugar because this
will already have two tablespoons in it
he’ll sure you put two tablespoons stuff
one egg that would be six four three you
sound like you were a solid B Matthew
now starting to steam a little bit yeah
and what won’t take but a few minutes
because that’s only a half a cup of
water say this is starting to thicken up
yes that’s it but that’s what we’re
going to this is what we’re looking for
this is all we’re going to do well
that’s not clear well you see those kind
of elevate this is what I’m looking for
is that now in the meantime we’re going
to lift this cool while we get our
meringue taken care of so to make sure
this is cool you’re going to put it in
some cold water and then we’re going to
add it so now we go through the next
step yes I already have my egg whites
here we’re going to add 1/4 of teaspoon
of the cream of tartar are you used to
not use cream of tartar I have before so
you guys sometimes you do sometimes you
don’t you think it’s gonna help because
of the
I hope so but time up tail so now you
got just a little hand mixer yeah I’m
going to use this this is my turbo so
I’m going to use this instead of the big
one okay this is the sugar border okay
so you went ahead and whipped it for
just uh maybe 30 seconds huh yeah just
you know just kind of get it frothy now
you’re gonna add in two tablespoons of
sugar I’m going to add in two
tablespoons of sugar here we’re going to
do it
okay we’re going to add two more so you
don’t want to add in your sugar all at
once no you don’t want to just put in
your sugar all at one time
let me how long in there blame now you a
master trying to cool him down
well this is mrs. pretty this is pretty
pretty cool so we’re going to go ahead
and and him but you don’t want to add
this in hot nope
cuz it will break your eggs fantasy you
know you definitely go on a demon pot
it’s just a very very lukewarm and
that’s thickened up quite a bit in that
cornstarch yes
okay let’s see what kind of Peaks we get
okay let’s doing some more cuz oh so
well you want them Peaks to kind of
stand up a little bit a little bit more
okay I think this just about ready here
alrighty well you wind it for a walk and
you over with it
oh sure you can alright so now you got
your nice thick meringue that’s the only
three eggs I’ll tell you you whip those
eggs up into a furious dome I hope he
turns out okay alright so you got that
whole bowl of meringue sitting on top of
that pie now yes and you’re gonna cover
him all around huh have every inch of
that chocolate covered up you’re
covering up the crust a little bit yeah
I’m gonna want to get him to where he he
don’t like pullback and and have a lot
of okay you’re giving yourself a little
insurance there well hopefully alrighty
so what you doing now give me a chop
chop making him stand up a little bit
makes the top more interesting when it
bakes yes I have oven already preheated
to 400 and we’re going to stick him in
you put him on a pan till he’s easier to
get in and out yes and we’re going to
let his brown we’ll see what happens to
him hey
then take a gander at it yeah you know
he’s getting good brown there on the top
let me take him off of this pan here why
do you want to take him off the pain oh
that pan might be interfering with a
little bit of the brown we’re gonna take
him off of here now let’s go ahead and
just stick it back just like that for
just a few minutes and then we’re
checking in to see how he’s doing
come on Ronny what are you doing we’re
shooting a video you can’t be a Jimmy
you need to be 100% committed I know
you’re gonna edit that people are gonna
think you’re not a serious Baker you’re
just okay right you’re just baking in
between your phone calls we’re gonna go
ahead and take him out um check evite
have taken him off of that pan this even
get a little browner see he’s he’s he’s
done quite way all around the sides yeah
so we’re gonna sitting back on the pan
because it’s gonna be easier for me to
pick up hopefully so you took him off
that pan so he’d get a little browner on
the edges yes put him up here so that’s
it so your pie is done now nice and cool
and then when we cut him we’ll see how
he is inside and how the meringue does
that looks perfect me Mom well I hope
he’s just good inside and cuts as well
as he looks alright so how long we got
to wait let him cool it’s gonna be a
while in it oh it’s gonna be it’s gonna
be a while cuz it’s so now it is freeze
outside yeah we just can’t have to be
patient you have to be very patient so
it is the next day so this had all day
to set and we had it cooling in the
it looks pretty perfect a nice little
pointy meringue top on there what do you
think MIMO what’s the most difficult
thing about cooking this pot stirring it
until it gets thick you know it just
takes time but other than that it’s
really really easy I like to do the
honors alrighty well then you’re gonna
have to be the camera girl since I don’t
have camera girl here I’m making this
kind of big so this is my bed okay well
that’s good that’s your piece for you
I’m let’s take him out and see what he
looks like oh you know and I’m gonna
follow it over here and put it on your
plate cuz it’s okay Ronnie now let’s go
back over here and check it out look at
that looks pretty good there’s no
moisture in here oh well that’s great
that’s the bad thing with a pie you know
sometimes when you when you cook a pie
you know you will get water that’ll
collect in the bottom of the pan it’s
from a lot of humidity that I don’t
seeing you there so that’s good now let
me cut you out a little piece here Remo
give it the taste test
it’s good he’s wearing off now you’re
gonna eat that thin piece you’re gonna
want another piece after this no later
today later today I don’t know if
there’s gonna be much left later today
that’s what happens when you got to
share a pie with me you got to be quick
definitely give this chocolate pie
recipe a go you know I’m gonna have it
written down below if you want to print
it just go to MyFoodChannel.com
and print all our recipes over there
thanks for watching and subscribe and
give it a thumbs up in all that jazz and
we’ll see in the future say so long mama
Redbook so long have a good day forget
that just so long all-righty me my I do
the editing I do the editing

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