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How to make the best meat pie

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Welcome back to my channel. Today am showing guys how to bake meat pie, stay tuned and please don’t forget to Subscribe

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Video Transcription

thank you so much for stopping byso today I’m going to beat me to havesomeone asked me to beat me bad for herso I just decided to put it on myyoutube channel and see various kind ofline you guys out to make mince pie soif you need to make channelyou’re welcome if you are I knowsubscribe I also welcome and pleasedon’t forget to tell me a notificationbed so whenever I post a video I wasstarted by cutting my onions and theingredient I’m using this oil to cubesof Maggie some salt season curry timeand black pepper then I have groundedmeat add 2 tbsp of cooking oil and readyto eat top after that you add somechopped onions and leave it for about 2to 3 minutes[Music]until the parent material leave it forabout three to five minutes for thethird to get soft because you know howit is very happy of living at this pointare you grounded meatadd some black pepper[Music]add about half tablespoon of curry andalso you add about 1/2 tablespoon ofthyme[Music]add some monkey and give it a good stiruntil everything is combined[Music]put some flour into it would and addwhat a little better link to obtain itfrom a light consistency easy way ofdoing this because you’re going to usethis for thickener to thicken the meatsyou already cookedI’m to add a thickness as at this pointyou want to add the thickness little bylittle because you don’t want the meatto be very thick yes you don’t want itto be very thick as the mince meat isready I’m just giving it a good dayafter that I put it aside for it to getcold[Music]now we are about to need to do someusing 1 kg of all-purpose flour you justput it this is one of cagedo you wanna join me I just want to use1 kg so after you put the flying to theboat you have to put on your dryingredients first I will be putting thisbaking powder[Music]how could result thisand mix together then now it’s time toI’ll be using this bland[Music][Music]I have three large egg inside[Music]I want to use my end to mix them if youabsolutely so you can also use that onethat I don’t have so I think I’m usingmy ends to do itSujit like this machine must had twoother waterso guys can you see at the bottomeverything blends well that I want it tobe then after that you add some watermix add water little by little okwe need to buy the lips we don’t wantthings to get what you wanted to to formvery wet so I’m going to add them sothey remember make sure you put someflat after you do this process you wantto put a little bit okay anything I’mdone mixingso this is how you want to do okay thenafter that you just remove it from themoment[Music]they want to divide it into said to beeasier for you[Music]so you want to mission like this[Music]you can also use life but I don’t wantto spend this music yes guys okay so hewanted to be like this you can see rightnow it’ll be like this they’re not thatyou startmeats chicken whatever you’re using tomake youthis is the meets okay so lamp it’salreadytestitude like these statesguys literally presence which may tellme inside the overnight you’ll get okayso it’s like this – can you see then I’mdoing this one again the same way[Music][Music]I’m done taking the meat pack so this islike yes it looks like so thank you somuch guys for watching and please don’tforget to subscribe to my channel andturn on the notification bear sowhenever I post a video you’ll benotified okay that is over this videothank you so much to my next videosurveillance[Music]you

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