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Hello everyone! Welcome to my channel! In this video ‘ I will be showing you how to make you some delicious chicken Pie Without using your oven. This is a great method for College dorms, small Apartment Space or not having to hassle yourself using a big oven. It’s easy, quick, delicious and very healthy.

All you need for this recipe is….

For the dough:

5 Cups of AP Flour
1 and half tsp of baking powder
2 and half stick of butter
1 can of Carnation milk or whole milk, feel free to use water Must be ice cold.
Mold the dough to the right consistency, but don’t over work the dough.
Keep in fridge until you ready to use.

For the chicken filling:

Chicken breast
Chopped Onions
Chopped carro
Chopped potatoes
Salt to taste
1 season cube, I used Norr cube
Black Pepper
Chopped Habanero Pepper/optional
Chopped Garlic
Chopped Scallions
2 Tbsp of Flour to thicken the filling
Water depending on how much you making

Check online for the steaming tray/ steaming rack Without legs
And a round pizza pan depending on the size of your pot us use. Mine was 10″ 8.5 to 9.5 inches should be ok.

Following the recipe step by step. Hope you enjoy this video. I will catch you on my next video. Thanks for watching.

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Video Transcription

[Music]oh[Music]food[Music]kitchen[Music][Music]foreign[Music][Music]foreign[Music]hello everyone welcome to daddy’s foodcraft kitchen featuring cooking beautylifestyle and morein this recipe i’ll be showing you howto make the most deliciouschicken pie without having to worryabout using your oventhis is a great method that can be usedin college dormssmall apartment space even if you have abig house you don’t want togo through the hassle and using youroven you can use this methodwithout using your oven and it’s also sohealthyso easy and so simple to make if you areinterested in seeing how i make thisdeliciouschicken pie without using your ovenplease stay tuned and if you are new tomy channeland you like what you see this is thefirst time you are tuning inhit that subscribe button and yournotification bell because you’ll be thefirstto be notified whenever i upload a videoso without any further adolet’s get cookingso to make my chicken pie first i amgoing to nowum get the dough ready but i am usingcarnation milk feel free to use waterbut your water should be very ice coldyour water should be icecold feel free to use water or wholemilk but i’m using carnation milkin this recipenext i am going to use all-purpose flourin this bowl i havefive cups of all-purpose flour i amgoing to useone and a half teaspoon of baking powdernext i am going to mix the dryingredients until it’s well incorporatedthen i am going to use twoand a half sticks of butter sothe butter should be really ice cold aswellthe butter should not be in roomtemperature it should be veryice cold you can use a knife to scrapethe butter out butit’s going to take you a long time soinsteadi am going to use my grater and gratethe butter[Music]if you don’t have a grater you couldjust simply cut the butter intolittle tiny pieces so after the butteris all grated up this is how it looks[Music]like[Music]so now i am going to add the butter intothe flour mixturenow don’t be afraid to get your handsreally dirty as long as your hands arecleandig in there and start mixing mixing theflourbut you don’t want to overwork the flourbecause then you will not haveany good crust when the chicken pie isreadyso now i am going to now add the milkgraduallylittle by little i cannot tell you howmuchmilk i’m adding into this umrecipe but you want to keep adding wateror milk until you reach that perfectconsistency like i said againdo not overwork to your dough but i useone can of the carnation milk and alittle bit more i went ahead and openedanother canand use just a tiny bit i would say onecan of carnation milkand maybe like two two tablespoon of umthe carnation milk so you wanna ummix the dough work it up enoughyour work surface and then now you’regonna roll the doughand wrap it and keep it in the fridgeobviouslyit needs to be ice cold so while you’redoing the other stepof the meat pie so now i’m gonna put itin thefridge and let it cool because you don’twant it to be warmso here i’m using chicken breastto make the chicken pie i have here noseasoned cube you can use any cube youhavesome thyme black pepperand salt to tastethen i’m also gonna use some carrot inthis recipe and some dice to make uhpotatoesthen you’re also gonna need twotablespoons offlour to thicken the sauce later on youwill see in the videofirst i am going to add the chicken in apot and justcook it without any seasoning just tomake sure the chicken is cookedafter a couple minutes the chicken’sbeen cooked so now i am going to takethe chickenout so i put the chickenin my food processor and just shred itif you don’t have a food processor or ablender just simply take a forkand just use a fork or your handto shred the chickenso in a hot pot i am going to add alittle bit of oilyou don’t need a lot just a little bitof oildepending on how much fish um chickenpie you’re makingso then i am going to now add myonions chopped onionsthen i’m going to throw in some garlic iknow i didn’t show you guys earlier inthe beginning of the videoi forgot to show you guys it’s optionalif you don’t want to add garlic butgarlic will give it a great tastegive the chicken pie a great tastethen i went ahead and add my scallionschopped scallions green onionsand my habanero pepperwhich is optional then i added mynorth season cube and salt to tastethen i also added some black pepper andmy thymenow you’re gonna mix all the ingredientsuntil they’re a little bit translucentthen you’re gonna add your carrots andyourdiced potatoes[Music]feel free to add a little bit of curryin this recipe it’s optional you don’thave to add currybut if you want to add a little bit ofcurry in this recipe to give it a littlecolor go ahead and do sobut i did not so now i am going to addmy shreddedchicken like sodepending on the size you’re making andobviously i am going to adda little bit of water into umthe pot just so my carrot and my potatowillwill be cookedyou don’t want to add too much water youjust want to addenough water not too muchjust so like i said your carrot and yourpotato will be cooked at the same timeadd season to your own taste if youneeded more salt or more seasoned cubegoahead and do sonow i’m gonna let that cook a coupleminutes later i came back to checkon the filling and now it’scooked the potatoes and the carrots aredone so i went aheadand mixed my two tablespoon of flourwith a little bit of waterto add in the chicken so that it willthicken the sauce a little biti know it looks like it’s not thick orthe sauce is a little bitchicken it’s a little bit toorunny like but trust me when it’s coldit is going toform up and dry up really good becauseyou don’t want the chicken to be reallydry sothis is how the chicken looks like afterit was cookedand cooled down a little you want tomake sure it’s completely coldbefore you start the rest the the restof the umchicken pieso now this is the dough that i kept inthe fridgefor over two hours while i was preparingthe other ingredientsi know it looks hard but yeah it’ssupposed to be coldit’s not supposed to be warm it’ssupposed to be coldbecause then you will have a great cruston the pie so you’re gonna divide itinto two like soand wrap the other halfand i have a little bit of ice cube onthe sideif you don’t have ice cube you couldjust wrap it and keep itin the fridge while you’re preparing thethe half the half half of the otherdoughbut i have ice cube on the side so ijust put itclose to me um with the ice cube so thatwill keep the dough coldso now you’re gonna flour your your worksurfaceand now you’re gonna knead the dough alittle bit because it’s a little firmfrom being in the fridgeso i’m gonna work it a little bit nottoo much and then i’m gonna use myrolling pinand roll the doughso after you roll the dough until it’sall flattened like soyou’re gonna use your dough cutterwhatever color you haveum you can make it any size you want i’musing thisdough cutter here so you’re gonna repeatthe same steps keep cutting itlike sodepending on how much you decide to makeyou don’t have to make it as big as i’mmaking itlike i said it depends on the the doughcutter that you have at homeso the dough is a little bit thick toothick for me so i just use the rollingpin to just kind of likethin it up a little bit not you don’twant it too thin you don’t want it tootoo thick because you want it to befairlyin the middle so that it will be cookedthoroughlyso now i am going to add the filling thechicken fillinginto the dough in the center of thedough and nowit’s up to you if you want to put any umegg wash around the the dough or wateraround the dough to seal itand then i am going to seal it with myfinger and then use a forkto completely seal it from the front andturn it around andgive me that um security to make sure itis completely sealed i turn it aroundand seal the back as wellso you’re going to repeat the same stepsuntil you are finished[Music]foreignthis recipe i’m telling you guys it issodelicious the chicken was filling was somoist it goes well with the dough itwasn’t dryat all this is a must try recipe guysit’s almost tryand if you do try it you will you willactually love it and i would recommendyou try it it’s healthyyou don’t have to fry it i mean if youi mean you can bake it in an oven like isaid if you don’thave an oven at home like i said it’sgreat for college dorms it’s great forpeople who live in a small apartmentspaceor just simply don’t want togo through the hassle of using your bigoven andyou know all that stuff you could justsimply just make thisdo this and get it over with so what i’mdoing here i have a pizza panactually you could use any pizza pan youhavei’m using the disposal pizza pan it’s a10 inch or you can use a 10inch pizza pan depending on how big youryour pot is or you can use a nine and ahalfinches of pizza pan soonce the dough is all ready i am goingto now use a fork to decorateum the the top of the dough and now i amwhat i’m doing here i’m just usingum some egg wash to give it that glitterglitter look on just simply to give itthat glitter lookthat shiny look on the pieso beforehand i was preheating my potfor 15 minutes so you want to use a pota plain pot yes this is going to be madeon a stove topand then you’re gonna add some salt andthen you’re gonna use thatum steam tray right there you can youcan go online and check it out justtype in steam tray and you will be ableto get one not one like that but itneeds to be elevated like soand then you put the the pie intothe the pot like so this was 30 minutesintome cooking the the chicken pie withoutopening it this is how it looks likeit’s not quite ready i’m gonna cover thepart and continueum baking it so this was anadditional 30 minutes after so a totalof 60 minuteswhich is um total one hourso after one hour this is how thechicken pie looks likeisn’t that delicious and isn’t thatsimple to makelike i said this is great for collegedorms and small apartmentsor even a large big house you can justdo this on your stovestove top you don’t have to worry aboutyou knowfrying it it’s also so healthy and ihope you guysenjoy this video if you are new to mychannel and you like what you seeshare this video like bring people inyour family and friends let’s grow thisfamilyand i have yummy recipes coming your wayand hit that notification bell if youhaven’t done soand i greatly appreciate all my old andnew subscribersfor constantly watching my videoso this is how the finish look lookslikeit’s all ready so now what you want todo you’re going to remove it gently andvery safelyout of the pot andand cool it down on a cooling rack untilit’s completely coldbecause the inside is very hot so it hasto be completely cold before you startenjoying your meat pieso i hope you guys enjoyed this videolike i saidum new upload every saturday i amthinking of i am thinking of doinguploads twice a week leave your commentdown below and let me know what you guysthink or if every saturday is just goodfor you guysso i’ll see you guys in my next videoand thanks for watching bye bye[Music][Music]foreign

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