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RIGATONI PIE – Original Italian recipe

Pasta pie is the Sunday lunch par excellence! A tasty and rich tomato sauce will cover the rigatoni, enhanced with salami, mortadella and mozzarella cheese. This recipe is sure to be loved by everyone… let’s see how to cook it with Manuel and then taste it with your family and loved ones!

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★ STEP BY STEP RECIPE (WITH PICS): https://ricette.giallozafferano.it/Pasta-pasticciata.html

★ INGREDIENTS (6 servings)

Pasta (Rigatoni) 500 g
Tomato sauce 800 g
Provola cheese 200 g
Parmigiano Reggiano DOP (grated) 200 g
Mortadella 160 g
Salami 130 g
Mozzarella cheese 130 g
Eggs 4
Onion (small) 1
Garlic 1 clove
Basil a.n.
Thyme a.n.
Extra-virgin olive oil a.n.
Fine salt 1 pinch




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Video Transcription

when I was a kid santé more name was animmense joy for me with my vagina stillon I would help my mum make lunch and wewere to cook one recipe in particularpasta piehmm so hungry there’s a smell memories[Music]I’ll start with a sauce a nice round ofoil in a saucepan our sofrito with thechopped onion and garlicwe let her to sizzle at a mediumtemperature for 15 minutes adding waterfrom time to time to prevent burningthe secret to a tasty bar the same timelight sort is to let garlic and onion astew very well look what happened after15 minutes they’re beautifullytranslucent we can pour the tomato pureegrinder salt when I let it cook untilthe sauce has thickened in totalincluding garlic and onion it will takeabout 50 minutes our source as wellthickened we can turn off the stove andflavor it with fresh leaves of basil andthyme water’s boiling I’ve alreadysalted it I can throw the pasta I’musing the rigatoni as he even passed ourleftovers will be fine for this recipewhile the pastas cooking I can counterthe eggs with the appropriate tool hasto get a regular slice ace if the knifewould do for perfect hard boil eggs Isuggest you look at the recipe up on thejungle surfer Donna during those Sundayswhen I was little I was the one incharge of slice in the eggs with thistool a responsibility and half the busthat’s beautiful affirmed to bite newoperations sauce in the bowl I’ll drainthe pass address lean itI can begin to season eight with asalami dice – mortadella provola I’msaving a few dancers to dance season theother layers of pasta mozzarella nicestir and we can start to compare whatbacon dish these are the ingredientsthey used to trace my past a pie butnothing prevents you from using othertypes of cold cuts only chasers sore whynot a nice dose of their Chanel sourcethat’s had to the ex a sprinkle Parmesancheese and I start again with salamimortadella Bravo and the first layer isdone let’s answer the remaining pastaand I finish with a mozzarella X slicesthe tile wet between the rigatoni andthe nice sprinkle of parmesan we justhave to bake it 200 degrees and stay toCarvin for 15 minutes than five minutesgrill mode at maximum power to get thatcrust that we like so muchand here’s our past have pie ready to beserveda link down below the thoughtful recipeand gents are phenomenal we will findingredients doses and step by step andprocedure if you liked today’s videoleave a nice like and if you have anyquestions write them in the Commons holewe’ve haven’t done it yet subscribe tothe channel hasta pi to the max recipeguys this must be eaten hmm taste it[Music]you

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