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Tarte Aux Fruit | Fruit Pie | Fruit Tart | Frangipane| Bake with Ayesha

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Video Transcription

classic fruit pie let’s celebrate thespring with the delicious and classicfruit tart creamy pudding fillingsurrounded by a crisp sweet almondpastry shell in lots of beautiful foodyou will love the colors texture andrefreshing tasteplease subscribe to my channel and don’tforget to press the bell iconlet’s make pie crust in a clean Bowl 6and 25 grams of cake floss you caneasily make takes lot at home I havewritten in details in my website theretainer speed link is given in thedescription box also you can visit mywebsite www.engvid.com 50 grams ofpowdered sugar and 12 gram ground almondtake some islands and grind these inplunder set all together so there are nolumps now dry these dry readings in ablender[Music]and hundred grams of chilled unsaltedbutter in blender the butter should becold enough and blend it on tail deerafter salt when the butter is next oneadd one and show in blender and matchuntil you get a smooth dough[Music][Applause]take out the dough in empower you cansee a nice man do read it on a plasticthere and give it a long shift[Music][Applause]cover this toe by lightly pressing theplastic to prevent his skin from formingchill it in refrigerator for at leastone hour let the pair almond cream orfrangipane take 73 grams of unsaltedbutter at room temperature the buttershould be soft enough press the butterwith spatula and then add 73 grams ofpowdered sugar in butter mix alltogether with spatula until a smooth andsilky creamy texture is made you can seesugar is mixed very well now add 73grams of ground almond powder in thebutter mixture and mix welladd two whole eggs in the batter andbase with handless until become smooth[Music]adding 10 grams of cake floor orall-purpose flour and mix it well pouredthis almond cream or from Japan in apiping bag and put in the fridge[Music]meanwhile dr. D tasty 3 this is 20centimeter pistol train grease it withbutter and set aside to take out thedoor from refrigerator and a roll thedough out between two sheets of lightlyfloured parchment paper roll it 2 inchesmore than the size of extra train thepeel of the wrapping layer in turn thedough in a greased pie dish withoutstretching much possible it could cleara part but don’t worry you can make ashape with hands by gently press 22 witha small sharp knife cut the two edgesand make it[Music]brixi do with the forth and put infridge for 30 minutes now pipe thealmond cream or frangipane on the castof pastry smooth it with spatula andbake for 40 minutes at 150 degreecentigrade in a preheated oven let’sprepare Pettis treating[Music]in a saucepan add 2 cups of full fatmilk 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract 1/2cup sugar 1/4 cup take floor orall-purpose flour and 3 egg yolkswhisking until well combinedyou can add yellow food color it’s alloptional when it is mixed turn on theflame and cook on medium heat until itthickens it will take around 5 to 10minutes at the end add 2 tbsp of butterand turn off the flame the butter ismixed with the heat take out the pastrycrust from the oven and pour the creamon the tart and level the surface withspatula let it cool for 4 to 5 hoursafter 5 hours let’s decorate it withfruits here I have some seasonal foodsfor total extra berries peaches givingSun apricots blueberries and clients[Music]now brush the food with sugar feeder anddust some sugar on it you may love myfruit tart recipe enjoy[Music]

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