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Apple Pie from Scratch

Welcome to the Kitchen Scoop! Originally started in the quarantine days of 2020, it gives an inside look at what’s cooking in Alexia’s kitchen. This episode covers how to make and bake a classic apple pie. Enjoy!

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Video Transcription

hey guys it’s Alexia and today on thekitchen scoop we’re going to be makingan apple pie we start with making thecrust and that’s going to take a lot ofbutter two sticks now we want tocarefully dice that up as we’re going touse the butter to make the dough nextwith my handy dandy food processor I’mgoing to mix together the flour and thebutter now since I’m making a top andbottom crust I’m gonna have two and ahalf cups of flour but that doesn’t allfit so I’m gonna do two batches you wantto make sure that we get just enoughbutter in and then we’re gonna geteverything mixed together once the capis on give the food processor a fewpulses we route the contents and addinga splash of water get it into a ballshape repeat this process so you havetwo balls of dough for the top andbottom crust and wrap them in plasticwhat’s their wrappedput the two balls of dough into thefridge so they can cool down now we’regoing to be making the apple filling andfor that we need five to six apples somelemon juice some sugar and to spicethings up some cinnamon with the appleswe want to cut them up nice and thin andalso removing the core and apple seedsin order to have a good apple fillingthen pour over about half a cup of sugarafter each ingredient we add to theApple composition we want to make sureto mix it up really well also squeeze inthe juice of half of a lemon and thenadd honey as desired finally pour overplenty of cinnamon and mix it very wellthis is our Apple mixture and this iswhat we’re going to be using inside thepie we’re going to set this aside andnow work on the crust take the balls ofdoughout of the fridge and prepare the worksurface we start with the bottom crustand this is going to look either in thevideo than it is it actually takes aboutan hour because the dough is reallycrumbly if it’s easier you can actuallymake the bottom crust directly in thepie tray and use your knuckles to kneadit in scoop out the apple filling thatwas prepared earlier making sure to getthe apples evenly distributed throughoutthe bottom crust now for the top crustuse the same kneading technique pressingdown with your knuckles and use arolling pin to smoothen out that crustthen use a pizza cutter or somethingsharp to cut out thin long slices itmight look like these strips of doughare too short to go across an entire piecrust but the thing is I take thesesmall pieces and interweave themtogether to create this lattice topcross structure the last steps areglazing it over with some egg forglossiness and sprinkling on some sugarCongrats you finish making the pie nowthat you’re all set go ahead and put itin the oven at 375 degrees for 25minutes all right it’s all done we cantake it out of the oven and let it cooldown look how good that looksWow cannot wait to eat that and thereyou have it that’s your basic apple pierecipe hope you guys found the videohelpful and feel free to leave anyquestions comments or ideas for futurerecipes in the comments below see youguys next time on the kitchen scoop[Music]

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