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Sweet potato pie with Bourbon & Pecans! We tried it! We all love a good pie for Thanksgiving and so I was happy to show Kiara how to make one. It did not turn out as well as I wanted so I decided to make it again and include some helpful tips in the video and below:

1. Lay out all your ingredients ahead of time.
2. If you want to cook the potatoes fast peel them first
and cut them in cubes before boiling.
3. Make sure you drain the potatoes of any water
4. Milk or cream makes the pie taste good but if you use
too much your pie will be too runny.
5. A pinch of salt will enhance the flavor when you add
6. Brown sugar is not as sweet as white sugar . It is best
to use both . Ideally one cup of each for two pies.
7. Pies should bake for at least ONE hour at 350- 365
depending on your oven.
8. Give yourself two hours to assemble ingredients, mix
and bake.
9. If possible use an electric mixer for your ingredients.
10. Make your own pie shell or buy it raw and frozen
from your supermarket.

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Video Transcription

[Music]welcome back to Kenton and habiba todaywe’re going to be making a sweet potatopie and I have a special guest with meher name is Kiara come on and we’regoing to be making a pie from scratchhopefully this pie is as good as hergrandma’s I’m not sure that it’s hergrandma’s recipe but what’s gonna makethe specialist we’re gonna add bourbonto it so yes we’re gonna add bourbon toit so let’s get started first tip getall your ingredients out in the open soit will keep you organized and ready togo awesome okay mommy’s gonna standright here and then you’re gonna tellmommy what ingredients we have here ormommy can say it out feet go ahead wegot half-and-halfwell we got sugar we got some bourbonnot for kidswe got ginger nutmeg our nation milk ora starch okay we won’t take this outwhat’s thatbutter in two ways okay leave this hereand what are this this is the star ofthe show what’s this meat potatoes yamsright in America they say yam yep takeskin off see it comes off pretty easyright yeah be careful it’s very hotwon’t be told oh yeah we’re gonna takethe potato and you’re gonna cut it inthe middle because sometimes there’slike these fibers yeah a little likestrings but actually what it does yeahif they’re any fibers you want to takethat out or any black spots you want totake that out some eggs but I tend tolike crack the eggs separately before Iput it where I need it okay just in caseI crack the shell or or I mean just incase there’s a shell here or the nastystuff I take it out before I put it inokay so[Music]okay watch your hand all right so Iusually take off you know that nastywhite area oh really see the potatoes inthe jar yeah you want to match that youthink you can match that yep so what youdoing Myles what you doing all right solet’s dig it up dig it up and then makesure ya can use it to dig it up yeah digit up dig it up from the bottom and thentry again good yeah potatoes hot itmakes it easier for the butter to meltall mixed in there and it’ll melt you’llsee you’ll start to melt because it’salmost like soap you’re right yeah I’mputting in the eggs almost not last butlater just because it’s hot as you knowyou can put the eggs early you don’twant scrambled eggs so you wanna it’slike you want all the other stuff that’sgoing to sit cool add some half-and-half[Music]so what do we have in there so far Myleswhat’s in the container Neal awesomeokay now if we wanted to be really extrawe could add some evaporated milk andthat will make it even more creamy andyummy so you don’t have to some peopleuse regular milk only but I’m usinghalf-and-half and we add the eggs nowI might have to have her light so far sofar so goodso far so good let’s do a cup of sugarhere error our pie dough the 9-inch piedough on the bookish and we’ll have themout ready I’m going to preheat the ovento 350 all right so we got the sugar nowwe’re gonna put in our spices it soundslike smelling right this smells like aplan isn’t it okay and then cinnamon youcan always be liberal with and that cutup whole teaspoon yep so yeah teethcinnamon you can even add more if youwant just depends on your dress yeahit’s fine all right and then I’m gonnaput ginger or not if you don’t useginger ginger kind of like nutmeg isstrong so just a half a teaspoon goodjob yeah you should smell it and thenyou’ll rememberyes mix that well with a whisk so thisis where if you have an electric whiskbut it’s okay it’s going to mix all inI do it smells good yeah me too yeahit’s heavy so another optional item thatI put in because you don’t want the pieto fall apart you know just to keep it[Music]okay you wanna spoon okay you do if youeat your vegetables or if you promise meyou’ll eat vegetables I’ll have you comeback and go on YouTube with me if you’lleat vegetables thank you yeahflattening it to make sure it sells allright so we’re gonna put P cons on thatone okay but well we’ll do that we’llmake the P comma separately all right sothis one that I put in left is theregular and yours bourbon you want somemore noodles that will go on it which isjust butter and sugar that’s gonna goaheadoh yeah just put like that handful yeahyeah and then mild if you want to putthis is about a cup of sugar that looksgood huh Miriam your mom’s gonna mixthis you can’t mix this once the fire ison a case you just watch not sticking tothe pan but it’s starting to look brownbits yeah I like this camera betterkeeps asking me when the pie is readybut he’s not getting none go miles youdancing[Laughter][Music][Laughter][Music][Music][Music][Laughter]okay let me do the rest let me do therest and then we’re gonna taste it tasteit meat and it’s quite still hotokay see there you go oh it’s definitelystill hot yeah put some whipped cream onit no Miriam that’s enough okay yeahtaste it and tell me what you thinkI hope it’s sweet enoughyeah I couldn’t or maybe it could havebeen also a little sweeter you thinkyeah I think it could have been a littlesweeterwhat all right smile well we didsomething you know what we did what wedid some a mom says it tastes goodthanks miles

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