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Elise’s Eats – Ep 159: Cheesy Potato Waffles

Hi, welcome to Elise’s Eats!

It’s National Waffle Day!!! During these weird few months while we’re all under self-isolation, there is no better time to teach yourself how to make these cheesy potato waffles! Get on it! Treat yourself!

Check out our step by step Instructable here: *coming soon*

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Producer, Host & Head Chef: Elise Ecker
Director, Cinematographer & Editor: Flavia Lane Fry
Music by:
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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys welcome to another episode ofLee sweets and today I’m going to showyou how to make cheesy mashed potatowaffles I love waffles I love mashedpotatoes and I love cheese so freeingthem all together and I’m just soexcited because savory waffles oh my godimagine serving that with bacon and eggswe just gotta make these these are theingredients are gonna need so we’ve got2 cups of leftover mashed potato if youdon’t have any leftover mashed potatoyou can use about four to five potatoessteam them until they’re nice and softthen mash them together to extra largeeggs at room temperature 1 cup of gratedcheddar cheese and 1/4 cup gratedmozzarella cheese 2 tablespoons ofchives chopped up finely 1 teaspoon ofsaltdepending on how salty Ortiz’s 1 ateaspoon of garlic powder 1/4 teaspoonbicarb soda 1/4 teaspoon baking powder1/4 cup of milk you might need moredepending on the consistency and drynessof your mashed potato1/4 cup panko breadcrumbs 1/4 cupself-rising flour and then to serve somesour cream and some extra chives let’sget started so we’re gonna basically puteverything except for the decorationsinto a big bowl mix it together waffleit eat it so easy do it vote[Music][Music]right so what our waffle mixture we’vegot our waffle iron which I’ve preheatednow of course cooking instructions willdiffer on depending on your model thisone makes the traditional rectangularsized waffles if you have one thatspinner of course content less time justfollow the instructions on this one andnow there really cute thing about theseyou can make a lot of really cute shapesor sizes you could make it the fullrectangle what I actually like to do isput kind of a round dough Bowl in themiddle of it and that it kind of smusheddown and it kinda looks like a wafflecircle it’s really cute I’ll show youwhat I mean[Music]oh goodnesschanting there it is so for my wafflemaker I’m using just under a quarter cupof mixture to make each of my littlewaffle balls and cooking them for about4 to 5 minutes as per the instructionson my waffle maker I should get between12 to 16 of these if you’re using moremixture for your waffles of course youget less[Music]okay guys that’s how you make my cheesypotato waffles they smell amazing I’m soexcited to eat themI don’t think Flavia has actually everhad a savory waffle so I’m reallyexcited for her to try these so let’ssee oh you want a very fun you okay wejust go with this affair geez I’m soready againOh I mean it’s cheesy potato we wofullygoodness what more do you wantimagine living this is like somemarinara sauce or like nopales sauce dipoff the thing is haunting you can do itthese cuz I have a stack have some baconon top a poached egg some hollandaisesauce just like well up there eggs bennynot an english muffin but make them offhey guys thanks for watching this videolike and subscribe if you want to seemore I leave a comment in the sectionbelow so that we can make somethingyou’ve always wanted to eat because Ilove it very preferrably anime orsomething TV related or something likethat or something awesome game related

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