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VLOGMAS // 12 Days of Christmas DAY 1 – Let’s Cook: Gingerbread Cookies

I decided to do some holiday baking and start with ginger bread cookies. But since my oven isn’t the best, I do drop cookies instead of cut.
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Video Transcription

welcome back everybody and today’s let’scook we’re gonna make gingerbreadcookies yay no my gingerbread cookiesare not gonna be cut out cookies becausemy oven doesn’t like cut out cookiesevery time I’ve ever tried them to becut outthey just meld into one and it’s notbecause of spacing or anything it’s justbecause my oven is not an American ovenor European ovenit’s a Japanese oven and yeah it doesn’tdo well with cookies that need to holdshape so there’s that I will be using arecipe that if you wanted to you canmake into cut out cookies if you have anice oven but I’m just gonna make theminto drop cookies but I’m still usingthe same recipe as cut cookies so youcan use them this recipe for anythingreallyif you’re curious on what recipe I’musing I’m going to be using this recipefrom Pinterest yes I use this recipe allthe time and I love it and these are theingredients that we’ll be using todayand the first thing we’re gonna do ismelt some butter because this recipecalls for melted butter yes it’s alittle different in that way so let’sget that going and when you melt thebutter you’re gonna add the spices sothat it brings out more flavor in thecookie yeah so I have my spices here Ihave my cinnamon my ginger and of coursemy allspice I want to use 1/2 teaspoonand if it calls for 1/4 I’m just gonnaput only half in here because I don’thave a 1/4 teaspoon so if you have a 1/4use it you’re golden first cinnamon weneed 2 teaspoons of cinnamon 2 teaspoonsof gingerand 1/4 teaspoon of allspice I’m justgonna give that a quick little stirdoesn’t really mean a whole lot I justlike to make sure it’s kind ofdistributed you know and this will beput into our melted butter once it’skind of melted and we’re gonna kind ofalmost cook it a little this is a 3/4cup of a butter and I am now melting[Music]so while the butter is cooling we aregoing to get the rest of our ingredientsready that includes the dry ingredientsand the rest of the wet ingredientsready so let’s get to mixing you want tohelp me mix Mary hmm oh I have a threeand a half cups of flour and I’m goingto add baking powder one teaspoon ofbaking powder and 1/2 a teaspoon ofbaking soda then give that a quick mixand now for the wet ingredients you needone egg and a 3/4 cup of brown sugar andwe give this a quick Little Mixand the most important ingredientmolasses this molasses is actually fromCanada shout out to my friend John whobrought it back to me for some souvenirI asked he was like what souvenir do youwant from Canada and I’m like uh[Music]this make you happy know that you arehere with me yeah we need to stir thisyou want to help me stir and mix yepnope help me look at you stir next weare going to add everything to the dryingredients Mary yeah we’re not gonnaput the camera in there No[Music]so let’s listen there he looks sodelicious and we’re gonna put the butterin there you want to help me mix[Music]it’s mixing it until all the lumps aregone no lumps in ours no ma’am[Music]if you’re gonna make cut cookies you cancut the dough in half and refrigerate itlike you would a sugar cookie dough likeit’s the same thing and I am NOT goingto make cut cookies I’m just makingdrops I’m going to leave them in thebowl and I’m going to put a littleplastic film over it and let it chill inthe refrigerator for at least one hourat least one hour if not longer and yeahwe’ll probably make cookies after Mary’snaptime so the dough has completelychilled off in the refrigerator and isnice and stiff known and now we’re justgoing to take a regular old spoon andget a spoonful and roll it in our handsand make little balls no no no no notthat matysso the next thing is after you have yourballs you want a glass or something thathas flat that you can smoosh them downwith yes so first we’re gonna dip theglass in some flour just to make it kindof nonstick it doesn’t have to have alot on it just so so and then you justpush it down you want to push it downquite far Mary are you making a mess areyou making a mess yes dip it like thatand then you push it down like that itdoesn’t matter if there’s extra flour ontop that is totally okay okay Mary youwant to try you readygot it push good job put some more flourready push yay some more flour this whoagood job babyyay yay and your cookies are all readyto goso now that I’ve cleaned up after Mary’slittle adventure we can continue goingto cook these cookies on 180 degreesCelsius or 350 Fahrenheit and we’regoing to cook them for about eightminutes that’s it yeah literally they’rejust like soot sugar cookies where youdon’t really want them to get superbrown before them to be done at all andhere’s what they look like when theycome out of the oven as you can see theyhave expanded like I knew they wouldeven though they’re not supposed to yeahso excitingtaste this time here they are this has alittle bit of flour left on it and mostof the flour just bakes offI like into the cookie so that’s alwaysnice and they’re really soft so yum yumsuper ginger brain very do you want totry some cookiedo you like it yeah was that a goodcookie yum-yum-yum mm-hmm no more hmmyou got one cookie or shall I say just alittle bit but well thank you forwatching today’s a gingerbread baking soI hope you enjoyed and I will see you inmy next vlog[Music][Music]

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