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Sunday LIVE Cookie Cook Along | Recipe in Description | COOK WITH US!

Join us as we cook some fab vegan cookies to stuff our faces with during lockdown. This is the recipe we will be using.

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Down to earth veganism with Paul & Jason. We’re a married couple from Manchester who love to share our passion for vegan living with recipes, reviews, chats, fitness, fun and the odd appearance of our cat Isis.

Although we started this channel in 2015 it wasn’t really until late 2017 that we started to work hard at it, due to things outside of our control. Now, in 2019, this channel has our full attention and we have splashed out on the right equipment and software to enable us to make great content.

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Paul & Jason. xx

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Video Transcription

hello hello ladies and gentlemen thinkso we’re just gonna check this out wewant to make sure other way because thecompletely opposite direction then wewould normally be in RC so we can sitdown we can’t sit down yeah we’re in thecompletely opposite direction than wewould normally be and to do a live videobook with you at the other end of thekitchen once we actually start theprocess today you’re betting we’llprobably – you can click the camera bythat way so you can see what’s on thetable but we got a pre-measured andpreset we wanted to hang on to make surethat everyone got here so we’re notgonna start till about 5:00 paths justto make sure everybody’s here let’swatch cords and then I’m going to startby preheating the oven of course so howy’all doing how’s everybody doing thislovely Sunday I decided to do this withmy hair before because it turns out Ican do almost a mohawk with just backcombing yeah so I’m quite pleased DeaconCathy says love your hair poll thank youmy darling I’m actually quite lookingforward to the balloon washing out nowcuz it’s all it’s only a semi-permanentit’s three wash Israel four washes itsays he’s already faded quite a lot justbecause that bleach bleach london by theway which you can get online and you canalso get from superdrug it’s really goodbleach actually so i just like a try fora while which is one used to yeahI’m Gina says oh my god wolf the hairpoll thank you my darlin has aresounding successcan you see as oh Claire can you hear isokay a minute I can perhaps just yeahLourdes I have Maribel Tibetokay Lindsay says we’re not seeing it upin a pile love the hawk I love it upgood good goodexcellent thank you vegan cafeappreciate that because we’ve like Paulsaid before right to start we’veliterally flipped everything 180 degreesyes for this lie and cook alone ofcourse this video will continue to existafterwards so if you’re watching thisafter the fact it will all be debunkeddon’t worryhe wasn’t just online it will be a bityour showing you how to do cookies andthe link to the recipe he’s down therein the description this is actually ahole cut above port or Catherine tablethis is actually from the BBC good foodwebsite now usually I use a very slightvariation on the Betty Crocker veganchocolate chip cookies recipe and havemade chocolate chip cookies or andraisin cookies doesn’t really nice yescookies um yeah over there but thisseemed a little bit simpler and theingredients weren’t in cups because Iknow that floss people off sometimesthis was all in grams so I hope you’veall got your measurements that day tellme we are now Jason it is just gone upto five half-site Begley says hi luck toyou both and yeah and Jeanne says how dowe mommy doing Paul she’s doing allright to give her about the telling offyesterday but she was talking to agreat-grandchild yir actions have beengiven the opportunity to yes yes yesright open mr. Jason pleaseshould I do this does this needs to comeback up again that now he’s the onlygame kitchen yeah what’s going on butyou’re going to do I thought you saidyou wanted to have a beer because we’veseen a picture of gasps oh yeah yeahthe house was sitting with all hisingredients and the auntie was drinkinga beer so I’m gonna drink a beerso have you gathered what’s going onhere right preheating the oven to 180well really whoa at 116 is fan oven 180it’s just an oven it’s gonna get plentytimes to eat up whilst we’re kind ofdoing all this you aren’t having a beeras well aren’t you well it’s fine I’llfix I’m gonna go for wine rightokay come to scratch down I’m up in awhale of a time so preheat you knowbuddy we might need to click you downactually saw that yes does everybodywant to see the table of CEOs and we’lllift things up so they can see them orwould you rather just see the table andlet’s get on with it let us know beforewe continueI’ll get the Marjorie now now Jess wellI’m glad you’re watching Barbie cheerseverybodylet’s make some lovely cookies togetherand keep each other company hi Christineany strange times have Marteen Marteensays yes see the table see the tablehmm so so we’re just cookie down onceJason yes way no that was two that’s goteverything in shop oh all right yeahyeah cool okay everybody so we’ve gotthe table in shops so our firstingredient is 200 grams of dairy freemarjorine just to let you know we useand those of you that didn’t seeyesterday’s shopping blog we’ve usedthis one and that’s the pure perfectbaking marjorine so we thought we’d wethought we’d try that one doesn’t lookvery good on me and it’s finally yeahbut oh yeah yeah I can see on therethere it isso we’ve got the hats now unfortunatelyI couldn’t get hold of soft light brownsugar so I have to get dark soft tapbrown sugar so they might be a littlebit different than they would have beenso I’ve got 125 gramsof the brown sugar and we’ve got ahundred grams of just castor sugar andwe’ve got vanilla essence and vanillaextract sorry extract not essenceessence isn’t a right tip the dairy-freeMarjorie both sugars and the vanillaextract into a large bowl so this waspre measured before guessing sugarsthese both going in here yes yes yeplet’s just bring this forward look atthat straight in yes straight shiftthese things over the way because we’renot gonna be losing these just yet[Music]basically what we’ve got here guys iswe’ve got chopped salted peanuts cacaonibs and chopped days and on this boardhere we’ve got just some dark chocolatethat I had that I’ve caught up with aknife because I couldn’t get hold of anychocolate chips chips and some cacaonibs so we’re going to be doing a saltednot chocolate and fruit cookie and apure chocolate and cacao cookie so we’regonna be separating our mixture off it’stwo batches and then adding theseingredients okay so yes you want towould you like me to pour you know I’lldo it all I’ll do it so okay vanillaextract a teaspoon or a teaspoon isteaspoon just one yeahnice level teaspoon so good there you goperfectyeah yeah just one yeah now before wesift in the dry ingredients just givethat a little bit of a mix around andcream what we’re doing is more creamingthe butter and the sugars together okaybreak this off on a break in this songwell have you kind of press it into thesugar wheels fry it will become a kindof it will cream he doesn’t cook ladiesand gentlemen usually ever most of youknow this of course is that once youcatch you don’t care this is the pointwhere I just keep doing this yeah yeahand then just older get a bit rough withit Jason okay okayget in there we don’t need to be likeproper it is so smear it into each of usrisking Vaughngod damn it you know how long I’ve beenasking all about making cookies I didn’trealize I’d be the one name you knowthere we go you see how that’s creamingtogether now yeah yeah I love it likethat sound craft how’s everyone doingit’s coming together yeahright what we can do now is we can nowsit the flower into that is it is thisdone enough that this smeared smudgedand smeared enough no yeah yeah it’slocally actually that’s okay okay oh soEsther here is your safe French sievesieve and you’re gonna put flour inthere and then you’re gonna took it onthe sides until all the flowers in therebut we also need 1/2 teaspoon of bakingpowder and 1/2 a teaspoon of bad cowI’ve got them hereBiPAP baking soda 1/2 a teaspoon of eachjust in that okay i’ve just adjusted thecamera slightly can you see it justragazza better can you see can you seecan you see okaythere we go so what if one of theseah-ha half a teaspoon half a teaspoonokay I’m doing half no that’s that’slike almost it there you go yeahstraighten that yeah it took a bit moreoff there we goyeah yeah yeah yeah half a tea that washalf okay and there we go yeah not halfa heaped teaspoon thing that’s why I’mwith you yeah yes yes yeah yes kawaiiokay your flour all of it yeah put itinto the zipperit’s as if machinestraight in yeah yeah well you just putit like that babe I bet yeahall right so I’ll say that for that stepwhy this yeah so is this good is thisthe method yeah that’s good that’s greatactually you do it really well youreally well so everyone enjoying theskittles what right and again yeah andnow the rest of this flower which shouldmake sure it’s not hitting the huh it’sin the flower one I’ll hold it for youright oh can you just take you to dothat yeah I’ll do that I like it okay isthat the sifting donewe got is everyone good right doing wellthere right so now we’ve got to creamall of this mixture together until weget a nice door could you see this yearoh and now we wantOh a pinch of saltThank You Denise I’m gonna do that foryou Jeff yeah yeah pinch of salt pinchof salt only using the Himalayan pinksalt which might just be normal sopainted pink because it’s from being inBaggins all rightokay just mixing it all I think yeahyeah is there a particular mixing stylechef is there a particular mixing styleI should be following with this hellohelp me help just mix the bleeding thinggood Godyeah different styles got a namesmearing and mixing around so manydifferent ways you can you can do thishow’s everyone doing we are managingthose what’s cooking along is everybodyfollowing I’m not nervous at all I’m notthis Latisse being nervous about this[Music]okay yeah I think so I don’t know whatit’s supposed to look like when it’sfinished so like a doll uh it’s comingtogether you’ve seen cookie dough beforeyeahit’s coming together hmmno no I can see oh yeahcan you see can everybody seeoh my god all the ounce of itsincorporated good morning Starshinebirds say hellothis isn’t half as bad as I thought wasgonna say cooking’s for me and it’salways really nice at the end of itbecause you something you’ve madeyourself and you can say I made thatyeah you’re not mewell better yep Abbate from a shop oranything hey what am i my lovely timesabsolute valid am gay and not reallywhat I’m gayhow long referring to me as a delicateboy or power love only you knew delicateboy you might have quiet guess what Iwant people to think this is comingtogether now it’s just coming togethernicelyI hope everybody remember to stick theirtheir ovens on it’s a preheat yeahlisten to me like I know what I’mtalking about[Music]for a moment it’s just for the momentyou know Wow what OHso yeah we wanted a nice firm door likethis but what we’ve got to do now isactually we’re gonna split this into twomm-hmm before we use the bit of sorrymilk that you used to loosen the mixturebefore you eat chocolate chips in to theball right should I fly one I’msplitting it on you so that’s ha yeahokay I justyes to here all right JB want to get thecorn okay so I mean one of thesebatteries now cuz I’m gonna make themChuck what I’m gonna pull a bit off I’llgo in one of the batches just a littlebit I should be doing this you wantyou’re gonna do this one okay this isright yoursyeah yeah yeah and I’m gonna do oh wellwhat you want to do should we do thechocolate cookie with the fruit not oncacao nibs and then the play a coffeewith the real chocolate and the cacaonibs yeah yeah yeah that sounds like itmakes sense yeah so I’ll be using thatand you’ll be using that so we want halfa tablespoonthe recipe requires weight it’s allgetting very complicated by for my tinyberet now that’s a half yeah tip yesyeah okayso Karen says she’s loving your hair aswell looks amazing thank you so I havetwo tablespoon in there Jason of thecocoa milkyeah and half tablespoon in here pleaseand then we wean it and then we add ouringredients hi can I have your headsliding shots off so that level yepthat’s something I’ve just thoughtactually well if you pouring it overyour make sure this chansik will go incouldn’t it you could spill it into itby accident you could but I don’t thinkit would matter that much you just makea slightly looser funky mix and theexcess liquid more was like the bake-offAlbany’s preheated straight in that samein mine please get your I need to mixthis coffee in there we do not get thatwith a wooden spoon no a wooden spatulawell you’ve got some bend in these onesbecause they’re plastic ah so you sayNicole so you can kind of maneuver youstuff around a bit moreright now I’m going to win with allthese ingredients the chopped saltedpeanuts the chopped dates and the cacaonibs are all going in my little batchyeah while I’m softened with the milk sothat they operate through with you rightI might just try a little bit less whatry and mix your ingredients as wellthrough you can yeah you know so it’s aneven distribution distribution handle alittle bit yeahand even a little bit more milk to justget down he says reminds me of watchingKeith Floyd with Paula Medina sorryshowing my age I used to love Keithfloats your legend Keith and then Ireally got into one Rick Stein yeah yeahbit fish obsessedalright Bob can’t have everything andyou can’t do you know even watchingpeople I watch people like that when Iwas a vegetarian of course on and soforth but you know even as a vegetarianyou I was always picking up the tipsomething yeah yeah absolutely rock androllwhooping huh yeah yeah not incorporatedreally easily actually but easily anauthority need any milk or anything butyou’ve added cocoa powder no yesprobably the next two dry ingredients soI just wanted to make sure we had enoughwet right well that’s me now Jess andthe the oven is already preheated weboth get our tres and I mean they’retell you to use an ice cream scoopreally well I thinkno worries Tom thank you for joining uswe are at the midway point I think ifyou’re enjoying the video we’ve got 91watching if you enjoy in the video andif you’re cooking along with usespecially don’t forget to give us alike down there that would be amazingright I have to see how many they whatwe want to do is you want to get a ballof dough I’m just checking people cansee you really I’m just roll it into aball horse baby are they gonna spreadyeah and then press it down with yourfingersI can all want to get eight on here yeahso I’ve got to try and make this doorspreadI need this some left over can youfreeze it I think sofor like a back you knowyeah cuz the do spread in the organDarla yeah hey you know why it’s anentire tray just one cooking that’s fineby meplease edge within the vegan group or onFacebook one’s life but just Nick Jakewanted after share actually sweetwatching you cook together I hope I hopepeople who are watching and they’re notpartaking they’re gonna have a girlbecause I’ll be honest with you I amthoroughly enjoying this I’m not gonnatake over in the kitchen anytime soon byany means but yeah it’s not as bad asyou thought you’re doing in that sizebedsI would fit them in five soccer we’regonna spread they’re gonna spread spreadspread spread spread the colonists badbreath spread spread spread will make acookie will make a cookie and then we’llmake another kindyeah people managed in getting old ofsome of these ingredients Helen saysflowers like gold dust just nowyou know what I found like gold dustdifferent kinds of sugar could not getthe library Mike said earlier wow it’sbeen alright thanks we’ve got absolutelyoperate zubrin’s easily excitable whatyou don’t quit I just pressed itoh wait we’re done yeah just in the ovennow 10 minutes we’re not going onfurther we’re just gonna switch thecamera range we’re gonna time it minutesin and see how everyone else is yeah allright do it will says lesser will saysit’s not brunch time here in the US butmaking brownies later today I’ll have totry cookies next week looks delish doeseverybody is everyone ready to go in theoven we’ll hang on for a second to justcheck I just suggested a swish – yeahjust like you had give them a nicelittle a nice little spank spank yourcookies buy cookies goodLinda’s got the right ideabought 25 kilogram back of self-raisingflour cause she’s sick of not findingany in the Superman I care that platesee herSpanky cookies right I just rinse myhands and move this bowl right gonna getthese in the oven guys and then we’regonna lower the camera so you can chatswas for a little while it’s exactly halfpast 6:00 so 27 right that resultedShawn could just have a nice lunch nownow 10 minutesyes fineokay here Jason I won’t turn you alittle bit yep but otherwise is prettygood so is he we’re not adding a jump inlike we had last night it seems to me tobe in a bit better gauge seems to havegone a lot smoother so right there inthe other boat I’ve promised normaldecker1 down later I’ll take up one ofeach of course that he’s going back inthe cupboard oh yes yes measurementscheers everybody happy Sundayyes no you know by the way before we arebefore we start doing this I uploaded avideo called why aren’t you vegan orwhen will you be vegancalled a when will you be vegan thegentler approach a gentle approach soyou remember my video last week I wasvery angry and I didn’t mean to go therethat’s not how that meant to go it wasjustthat was the mindset of God and we’rethere and I thought no you go with thisfeel bit you’ve got every right to it’snot gonna hit with some people and thenI just saw all right now I’ll do I willshare exactly the same information inanother vlog in a very gentle way I willnot shout I will not swear but I willshare the same information and Iuploaded that one just before this onejust before went live like five minutesbaking cookies you know them on thestone sirtake care Helen I Helen Howell sayscheers Paul I’m drinking prune andpineapple juice no nice and vegan toPatti says both great videos yeah yeahit’s the Uni I mean isn’t it you knowyeah with asti videos well it’s the samemessage in both videos he’s just in inone I didn’t I had not badand in the other I was the the moregentle approach that I found worksbetter yeah yes what’s this cos asked meseven minutes to go do they need to belike checked back for a backup tenminutes or until golden brown bastardcookies the whiz name from of anUnleashed cool on baking trays you wantdo you want a chewy cookie here’s thequestion who wants the chewy cookie inwho wants just kind of like a hardcookie like and like Maryland cookies asolid hard cookies out it’s not sosuitable is it a thing with a JasminePaul or Paul and Jason seating positionso the camera is important and do thecookie smell good yetyeah we always sit this way one withthat way you’re always on my ride yeahI’m always on your lap yeah when we satdown like thisit felt natural and normal when we werestoodyes and a yes doing doing the shoppingvlog it felt weird weird you know stoodon the wrong side so yeah not quiteand that’s cuz we’ve got a brilliantseal on the oven yeah Elaine says chewit and crunch you around the outside yesthat’s the perfect that’s what you’regoing for isn’t it really that’s whatyou’re going foryeah 98 to be watching the during a 58line that means 40 of you I haven’tliked there to go and so other peopledoing me know what’s going on Kevin mandefault he was supportive II hater and Ihave no idea actually Munsell minuteswhat was the where this came from cuz itagain I got it Bob yeah yeah yeah yeahdude Christmases ago from a friend andit was yes and hat it was with it ThankYou Johnny Marr lights and everyone elsefeel like it’s greatly appreciated andit really genuinely does help us out interms of huge people houses they oughtto get see more and I’m hoping that youknow because the floors are vegan nowpeople have always got or maybe oftengone sugar flour and butter badgeringand get around the dick of the like ohmy got a connect why don’t I make copiesoh yeah this smell great yeah I know Iknow that’s why I was that’s why I wasquestioning and Queenston don’t betempted to leave them in if they seemtoo soft that’s the magic they’re firmup whole when they’re cool I made thatmistake so many times with probablyworks felt too soft I thought no no andthen it’s like it’s actually the coolingprocess from it being really soft thatmakes it a little bit gooey on theinside cuz up the same thing with ateacher now follow a thing she followedme Keisha Cameron recipe and justeverything it feels really littleacquitting just like top and it feelsreally liquidy underneath and I was liketurn it down a bitcheck it out he should firm as it coolsit did yes yeah spot-on window cleaningI’ll give Kaylee and Michelle at ashout-out and I asked why are youmeeting yet there you go hi baby againis easy and delicious so yeah what didit smell like a couple people have saidone to this smell like some women justhave another three-secondmy turns out mine to pretend wanna sharelet me sing yours yeah the spreading isa real thing I’m not bothered okay it’smy first attempt at cookies and theysmell delightful there’s a little bit ofa nutty smell in there obviously theymay just now coming these kind of thatchocolate stick sugary chocolate seasmell and I don’t know I mean that brownsugar provoking us caused any problems Isaid no fingers crossed when they aredone 10 minutes quite exciting thisactually I’ve never done a live cookingvideo before I ever so if this one worksout maybe we’ll do more pleaseespecially while we’re all on lockdownwe can keep each other called nay I loveseeing all you get trying to each otherin the Jack we love it when one of youchokes is a couple of quid course yeahwe just like being on camera yeah it wassuper chaps last night it was kind oflike cuz I played a tune on the guitarand it was like I think you’d coined thephrase fabulously cyber on digital yeseither busking cyber cooking during thistour Shmi yeah oh you mean come oncookies they’ve gotta be nearly ready noyes you check I think gear from I thinkit is certainly my tray I think it mightbe one big cookie but that’s fine that’sabsolutely fine because when we’ve haddinner later on I’m planning on having acookie supper this evening and I thinkquite a lot of them will get demolishedto be fair Oh bless you Leon thank youfor the super chatyou lovely lady I really hope youfeeling better so Paul is turning thetrash round and because to our cooker isour oven is a bit eager on one side itis a fan oven but yeah doesn’t it’s abit uneven sometimes yeah I think them abit longer than 10 minutes they werevery soft on top then like very verysoft yeah good question Bobby how iseveryone else is doingI was gonna need a few more minutesDenise you’re absolutely right are youcoping my darlings have you got cookiesI mean it’s basically just to have caseof keeping your eye on yourself now andI’m determining when you think they’redone for you that I like Kelly saidwhat’s for dinnerwhat’s for dinner no idea tonight ordidn’t have we have like we had a we hada FST for lunch air can spinach andSamantha with mustard mayo or ketchup onwholemeal bread wholemeal bread that waslovely know what we’re gonna have fordinner no something with salad perhapsin blue yeah Linda McCartney pie and vegwhere sweet potato carrot mash andsteamed cabbage savoy cabbage andsprouts quite delicious it was it was soyeah the the long-winded round the blockanswer Kelly is with no idea no ideaLeon says hers need to look a bit longeras well yeahokay yeah I’m probably gonna end upbeing in there – like what – I think allH had vegan koftas in pizza with otherand begged sport and salad nice oh youknow what Denise yeah we could go outall-american and stuff Pisa salad andthen cookies for afters yeah pizzas anidea you never know we’ve got two piecesin the freezer well we have piece wrongWednesday night that we did it that’strue I’m ready Thursday long it’s truethat and it’s on a Sunday so yeahChristine says my ovens cold I’ve justheard Jane cookie in a big frying panOh excellent brilliantwhatever worked honey nice Chloeveggie skew and vegan dumplings nice soyeah those of you that are watching ifyou have friends so our thanks emilionoh thank you very you and gasps metallicshe has you got bull’s eye they juststop Libby gasps up in a beer I willjoin me there’s no waynice nice nice blocks off you in thefridge actually what do last week’stoffee oh did we had a fried eggsandwich at one point with it and tofuscramble cuz I did a breakfast dinnerbreakfast dinneryou have hashbrowns tofu scramble beansGrill tomorrow on one sausageJulie Morrison’s on brand sausages yeahwhat about there a bit laughing yeah theMorrison’s own sausages were pretty gooddefinitelyreally do özil less will says we’rehaving veg stir-fry with your recipe forcrispy often tough but nice crispy bakedtofu because I thought we knew idea withthat I thought exactly the recipe as itis but what you’ve got the corn flourand and marinade mix on your body thenpressed in some sesame seeds a mixtureof black and white sesame seeds are canyou imagine crispy sesame being ofsoulfood mmmJJ I’m not drinking I had to killhanging over last week and it made mereally old gal’s is having a beer yeahgood on you guessEfrain could Oh cookies legally beconsidered breakfast absolutely yeah yeswe’re looking good I think we’re gonnaneed quite a little while yeah yeah ohnow the smell mmm show you guys whateveryone else will do with us essencethat’s my chocolate cookies with nutschopped Dez and cacao nibs yes I will doactually that’s a great idea that’s agreat idea what they’re gonna need atleast fire when it’s cooling before wecould try one I would really like to tryone on camera you guys willing to staywith us for a little while and you don’thave to but I’d love to know how yourcookies are doing and those of you thathave cooked along have you lookedbeautiful them out are they looking likethey’re ready now managed it how is itdefinitely a little bit firm on topcooling will definitely firm them soyeah very pleased very very pleased tohave met some you need to go hard youcan get yourself sorted out you canwatch this video another time and justpretend that you’re cooking along withus yeah that’s what we’ll probably domore won’t what I mean we’ll probably domore of these types of things now andagain you know it’s funOh have you tried all spicy forbreakfastLally love nor never tried never triedsavory or stop a lot of people haveall’s in a separate way don’t let the doa savory recipe but never tried theappellees I’m intrigued by some of themsomething I might look into I think yeahthat’s all of all salsa so good in factthis cookie mixed once it’s done youknow we ended up with our bowls bothwith just basically mixing you can justpour raisins and a happen full ofoatmeal in a mix around you get residentoatmeal cookies and they’re beautifulthey’re so good Mae and Bobby I thinkand possibly may instead have to bitenow can’t wait for yours to cool BobbyAngie saw my I think that was a responseto a separate thing I’m desperate to tryI was to be honest I’m literally youknow raring to go well let’s get two ofthem off onto a cooling plate becauseyou feel me yeah oh ma Li says Lord lovesays oats made with spicy doll sockswith yogurt interesting come on in coolcookies right there’s one of each on alittle plate there we’ve got the thechocolate salted peanut and cacao niband then just there plain cookie withthe chocolate chips and the cacao nibsjust hoping that this one kind of cooledthem down a little bit more – slightlyoverdone makings I mean they feelsquishy nowI’m cool really hard they do sometimeswe just tried it thank you for the cardprofession mg it’s hot there’s theproblemhmm already going crispy on the outside- in the middle will be lovely gunkedmm-hmm Julie Chris probably left amember a little bit too long but hey asbad as when you’re live cooking thankyou very muchwell thank you put Chapman so mentsthanks the smiles now stick them in yourfaces[Music]oh yeah that’s a damn good cookie krispa chance day just doesn’t feel – are youlike what mmm what they a little bitwell yeah lolly check the community postall the ingredients are listed there ohand they’re listed we put the link inthe description below this videoum so once they saw or even now closethe chat walk in the description tell isjust an exactly the same thing Kelly itfabulous well done thank you now theyeither definitely softer hmm they’rebackhmm I honestly could you pour a bit moreliquid in Thank You chef chef thank you- super job thank you my darling verymuch for the super ciaoI’m rum you guys mmm now that one guyswith the fruit and the salted peanutsare salted crushed peanuts and choppedDez that’s the whole world affairs netoh yeah mmm that’s a gorgeous cookieyeah that’s good yeah resounding successI would say mmm like I said it’s cookedslightly different way cuz in Finlandfor exactly the same amount of time minehave come out a little bit a little bitcrispier so I’m suspecting that projectsin for words like a few hours from nowthey’re probably going to be more like ahot cookie whereas I think yours willstill retain a little bit I don’t knowthat did they do tend to go always goahead when they suffer I have thick youmake them but they’re great brewamazing amazing mm-hmm yeah with winepleased with that so there you go I cancook cookies now does this mean Jasonthere’s in future terms you might say tome you know what I really feel like youknow what books a bad job will happenyeah really hmm I’ll do it I’ll totallydoing that cool I’ll do itI love that cuz I want a minute I wanttothe next time that I make cookiesthere’s a little work a little precursorhere for you love Irish Cream lolly infact in our recipes playlist which thisvideo will be in the final recipe forhomemade Bailey’s using two kinds ofcoconut milkJameson’s whiskey coffee and sugaramazing yeah next time I met cookiesbecause I’m essentially a kid or catthank you for the soup Jack thank youkappa dying thank you very much they areyes because I’m a kid ultimately a harma bit of a kid next time we make cookiesI’m going to chop fine with it and putin a try out your sweets I mean it’sgreat idea it’s gotta be done it’s gottabe done mmm so yes we’re gonna bechocolateyeah we don’t really have to you know ifyou’re leftwell I wondered it all right our lastone didn’t just break out on the way youstill got caught there’s all mychocolate cookies with cacao nibssuck out salty peanuts and chopped datesthey are delicious absolutely deliciousstop and that one’s for Mom thank youthere you go guys cookies live cookieslive we did it do different kinds ofcookies and you know what else isaffected the color so yeah but you knowwhat else affected the color Wowsoft dark brown sugar of course yeswhere’s the light battleship with thewe’ve been a little more light so heywell yeah gold gray doesn’t reallymatter you know the sugars work just aswell I was a bit kind of clear that hewouldn’t work the same and boys workjust as well and they’re they’re greatokay mm-hmm which I am more than happyto don’t get different yeah I’ll behonest with you I’ve got smash masterthen right now not even win a lotdon’t worry my dearyou wanted it safe never ruin thisdinner seriously could be anything andstill leave the like what time’s dinnerwhat we havin well B’s moving in nextweek why run Bobby welcome delicious[Music]toast you know from subbies oh such acute little flick companies man with thebeard spoiler speak speaks very goodEnglish but when he asks somethingenjoys that Chuck with M as everyonemuch have y’all managed me your owncookies the worked are you happy withthem I was still soft in the ovenah take them out while they’re stillsoft JJ Amelia cuz these are on are veryquick then the hardness they’re cool butwill stay a bit chewy on the insidemmm oh yeah well into that petitionersaid that Paula kids visit here danceover come Friday in Manchester alreadyplaces to wait much to Science MuseumKim’s a little of ice incredible Louisyeah one little great day mmm yeah yeahlovelyJohn I’ll be happy with any – yeah in amascot and whatso yeah and she just said so manypossible innuendos on this video I was agood girlexcellentwell yeah thoroughly enjoyed everymoment of it Lauren darlingallow yourself yeah we like a bit ofthat yeah Lin says he’ll bring cake ifthere’s a meet it’s thought Martine sayscan’t wait to take my darts and munchedafter all this is of some food Tom LotsI’m on my way from Bristol if youwouldn’t mind leaving one on thedoorstep we’ll be there in about fourhourswell then you wanna meet you put it in alittle box that says fart ah yes so yeahit’s been delightfulI’m really glad for the or well over ahundred people that have come along tojoin us I’ll thank you for the icethat’s actually that means more thananything obviously you’ve come you’vechose to come and spend your time withus yeah love that really joy to be alittle of that thank you thank youappreciate the support massivelyappreciate this fabulous moderators whoI think had a good day today I don’tthink the Venice solo had any trills mhmyes thank youthank you for the soup guys and nowyou’ve got a nice easy bear cookierecipe another one already got one ofthe channel which uses the best one yesI think we did all and raisin and doublechocolate in there but yeah I willI’ll keep this in the recipe playlistobviously it’s been a good video we’veloved having you company that’s it yeswe should we should go have some dinnerwe’re now some dinner shortly and aswe’ve already said thank youhugely check out our own stuff and giveus a like share this video tell peopleabout our dance what veganism please doyeah spread the wordmost loft to everybody as always yeswe’ll see you guys love you thank youvery much for joining us everybody hopeyou cookies turned out great if youdidn’t blend Jess and me[Laughter]thanks very much watching thank you forall your chat and everything couldn’tlove you more we tried the excellencycells and each other we’ll see you nexttime

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