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Day In The Life Vlog | Cook With Me Breakfast & Chocolate Cookies ( recipe for cookies included)

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1/4 cup granulated sugar
3/4 cup packed brow sugar
1 cup butter, softened
1 egg
2 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 package (12 ounces) semisweet chocolate chips

1. Heat oven to 375 F.
2. Mix both sugars, butter, and egg in large bowl with a wooden spoon. Stir in flour, baking soda and salt. ( dough will be stiff). Stir in chocolate chips.
3. Drop dough by rounded teaspoon fulls about 3 inches apart onto ungreased cookie sheet.
4. Bake until light brown, 8-10 minutes (center will be soft). Let cookies cool slightly, then remove from cookie sheet with spatula.
5. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

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Video Transcription

hey y’all might be a local bit aboutshadow who I knew welcome welcomewelcome if you return to think hey howyou doingso yeah I’ll hopefully everybody’shaving a good day I’m just in the housepicking breakfast it’s early in themorning and I’m gonna get ready to makethe boys some breakfast I’m making somefrench toast bacon probably some eggsbut it couldn’t be some strawberriesright now y’all because I’ve been dumbfor my strawberries I’m gonna head andmeet some strawberry not chilly butstrawberry syrup but as ECE do you cango for strawberry jelly later on but ifI like this on fresh toast so that’s notgonna make a long time ago I did do astep-by-step yeah I can’t even see I diddo a step by step video a long time agohiding my french toast and everythingbut you know hey so it’s not gonna bereally instructional because I do have avideo on my channel already I’ll bemaking my own french toast but yeah yeahmy kids some isn’t put y’all back longcuz I think so you know what I’m doingthis defeating me kickin out here I’mgonna put my bacon on to y’all yeahthat’s not gonna move this stuff righthere big big and that’s all I’m goingCity hurry to make the boy somebreakfast Jen might be so dramatic he’sawesomemommy I’m so hungry oh my honey I’mgonna cook breakfast now he comes can Iget some Syria to hold me over you knowyou’re not gonna get no Syria to holdover my kids to be so traumatic honeybaby so chill man yeah half folks takingmy own feet down and I make sure my kidseat all right y’all so now I have mybacon going that’s what I hate it put mybacon our own right quick yeahthat’s awesome on y’all today isactually kind of boring today it’s sopretty outside though y’all it’s sopretty outside and I know Georgia theydon’t open up stuff you could go placesbut like I’ve mentioned before me andmine I’m getting a house it’s time I goout of this I gotta go to the store butI’m going to the store I’m in the houseyou know it’s so pretty I thought it’sno idea is that thing Monday what i’mastart doing its part of Monday what Iwant to do is I want to start walkingand then it gives the boys of theoutside time you know give themsomething to do other than men in thehouse says the problem is not as strongas it was before because Jeremiah hadsome really where they were the badallergy so I can we were they him I signthe backyard in the beginning of Apriland stuff above my god every nightyou’re coming along crying wine andsaying his hair her stuff like that soI’m mad at it positive by the way I’mokay yeah I can go outside a little morebecause they’ve been nothing in thebackyard he ain’t having no problems soI’m gonna start walking the neighborhoodin the morning time age for me to getsome exercise on them because I need toexercise and also uh just so they canget all y’all but today and I may cuz Ididn’t even get a long yes because wedidn’t do nothing yesterday yes Daddyjust chill and he was kind of doing[Music]oh yeah I got my 7:03 Teeter on to whatI want to do today what I’m gonna dotoday is I’m gonna make that along nochocolate chip cookies I’m in my head sojob at the school the two are theyteaching here sent on a cookie recipefirst to do it the key is just so theycan kind of like learn measurement sometime ago by helps I’m stuck here did youdo it home and when I saw how to pick isa company I asked me um can I pin therecipe and stuff but the recipe isalready kinda like blurry from what shesaid miss attention but you won’t let meattach it down in the economy might riseto penny on the comment and I know a lothere I don’t follow me on social mediaso it won’t be I can’t put it on thattheodicy so I was like you know whatI’ll just put it on here cuz I was gonnanot send me home because I thought Icould do it if I just put like a picturea picture up I know buddy I’m gonna seethat so that’s nice I think it’s gonnahit includes it in one of my blogs to meand on I’ll just hang out of this downthere oh yeah make some progress on thisone it’s often images got it included inthis model and then that way I’ll justum have it done anything just tell youeither look at anything I’ve just seensomethingotherwise my handbut yeah like I was saying what I’mgonna do is I would just want to Kim umthis is what I’m putting my strawberriesin so this is yeah pull this from thedoctor I need to stay strong but yeahsince I know about the other house andsince I’m nobody I won’t get recipes anddon’t me on social media I was likeI just included in the wild fromincluding this long and then I have likethe picture and everything of it on thesteps and stuff in there but I stillhard to a top-three just so yeah I seeyou cuz I know it was taught me to seesome of it so I know it might be alittle difficult I gotta see it soonhey get up since I asked I’m gonna do itall because I said not ten I tried toupload an attachment in it in thecomments what they won’t do it whetherit happen is it it goes like a spam in acomment so that was pointless that willbe pointlessoh yeah I’d missing mummy yes bettersleep right nowyou don’t walk up my hand whining mymama guys know I asked my boy somebreakfast and you know I don’t even knowwhy they get more on baking the officersRobert on media station today but he’shome tomorrow and I know to Mars don’twant some grapes and stuff for breakfastif I do not cook them up with him atlast you saw he was at home and he askedme yesterday and I was like oh man getthe stuff and I spent less on the schoolbut he don’t get some hurry I’m gonnawait for breakfast when he and that’snot gonna get something to eat so I’mlike I guess I picked up somethingtomorrow gonna be fun D gonna be funnyI’ll be I’ll be in the house showing emaway[Music][Music]yeah that’s we’re making thestrawberries I mean that the jelliesleft is really the most tedious part itis ice look but who had a cut these lushstrawberry this Adila pieces buddy beworth it cuz baby so that is so then Ijust cut up some regular for the boysfor half my to do it this time well immashow you can I get for this[Music]my pack of bacon is doneare y’all going on hand who this uhstrawberry so yeah I got my strawberriesinside my pie right herevery easy I’m gonna turn this money ongo take it a minute yeah I just turn iton my ass sugar and I just eyeball mysugar and me some lemon juice just alittle bit now just enough to cut thesweetness but I wanted to switch when Ilove see to be to it in the end when Ilook back I hear go and I dress a little- the songand I’m so yeah but I’ve been liking todo I did it the other day and I reallydidn’t like it was I Antony a littleIMAX trick I do got some fresh limes inthe balfour like in right now subjects alittle alive I’m checking here just likein the ayaat you make it so good and sosweet but me they also had like a lullto it it’s goodyou just mix it all upI’m just I mix this all up here and thenyou know of course as it cooks and getout surfing and soft me and I’m gonnatake off potato masher a little tight onmeasuring in on my man I love this housecome look you outthat’s how it’s looking right now as youcan see it’s just looking my intimacyshe’s looking all nice and syrupy I’m onthe hook and like I say is it hook isgonna get on surfing I’m a smishingwith the look potato masher said make itall nice and smoothai yah one now that I am they own thatthe way driving I’ve been gone he and Istarted on this uh and when I’m a freshhope y’all I know I’m gonna look extrabig you know I feel like french toastsupposed to be just nice and fluffyI hate in french toast with some regularthree does not do it for me so the loveof the brand I let’s use it some briocheand again I have a whole video on thison my channel already somewhat so I[Applause]ain’t already doing step by step I’mgonna stop[Music]there might be out the kids is actuallybeing quite quiet is rocky here they arestairs on cuz I say it’s Saturdayy’all know during the week we don’t homeon that horrible school work so sinceit’s the weekday I mean we can they takefull advantage they are playing a gamethey cried all this time Jeremiah D hecame listen y’all ready cuz she was comeon song he was so home y’all should’veseen him soon honeyboy like you ain’t I said you ain’t downthe you whatever I say it’s breakfasttime home I got cook bread so can I getsome cereal homie shall I see them comeout when I said let’s take the potato ofmeasure and then I guess mash this allup y’all my camera end up picking off mybadbut the jelly not a jelly the syrup isdice over here : out on the back ah um Idon’t think on here finished doing myfrench toast yeah I think I shot out Iput my milk my cinnamon my sugar and puta little bit extra pinch of salt 2pinches of saltenough in the whisk whisk whisk whiskwhisk let me my wish me out whisk Idon’t know my love metal in this I’mhaven’t used this little beauty one ohwell that’s gonna do the same thinggotta hurt them cook I don’t know jackabout ready to eat too cuz I said comebefore leaving but better in the Honda she never really eats foolish when Ifirst seen him because it was the earlyin the morning so I know he’s trying toready for his feeding I think I need alittle more milk I mean a little morewho the crane because this is still 280for me yeahI like Massey more of a custardy andIggyyeah I mean looking like this be a lotof work right here but is running thatfor a second let me seeare they Jeremiah Mia and Michael I’mgonna say it Robert he’s not here it isMilton back on the start on these getsome bacon[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]so this is breakfast breakfast is donemy homemade syrup this is the boys fightthey got a french toast some bacon it’sa strawberry same for them then thisthat now if you want to make a real cuteyou can put some powdered sugar on itbut I’m not gonna do that for them[Music]breakfast is served[Music]say good morning good morningsomething you ready to eat and feed himright quickI told out a little about time for himto wake up and eat because my cheststart hurting I sure know she taught mea C prime hey picking the best ballshorts hey all right I’m gonna eat rightquick oh yeah now we figure inmate thesecookiesoh hell oh yeah all right so we figuremaybe Piggy’s right quick yeah so forthe cookies like I told Ison sit turnaroundalright alright so we figure a to makethese cookies right quick oh my godsomething out I’m gonna put it in thisvideo and then I’m gonna also this waitto do down in the description or mylittle comments hmmshow you the comment shake the commentsection as well as the description boxthey got me and one of the two but I’mgonna put the step by step Seungri it’swhat you’re gonna need is you’re gonnaneed some flour some sugar some brownsugar two sticks of butter some salt useunsalted butter but if you don’t haveless I said butter Dean you’re gonnajust need a pinch of regular salt um andone twelve outfit of chocolate chips oneegg and some baking soda so I’m gonnashow you our haggle no you like a damagemy personso we got the biscuits today when yougonna get my mother miss you oh yeahalright guys so first thing you have todo it’s gonna have to have your own itsaid you gotta have your butter sauceand so you need two sticks of butter andneeds to be softened and then you need1/4 cup of white sugar in a 3/4 cup ofbrown sugar and then you’re gonna mix itall up 1 nm do my rituals you’re gonnamix all that up which our butter andyour egg and then you go ahead and get alittle spot you know flour knead you’rechugging ship tickets and boom but likeI said I’m gonna have everything I’llput where they had what she sent me downbelow I can’t put it on pictures I’mgonna have to type it out but like Isaid just check the description boxleaving a comment for everything just 5this down below but you know just makingthese up I’m gonna put them on in thecookie box and we’re gonna have somepeace in the next few days hopefullyless listen days if everybody’s herebarely just got hereMichael’s here come on boys you knowRobbie tomorrowtwo and three so yes a combine bothsugars your butter and egg and mix in abowl with a large wooden spoon so yeahthat’s not gonna get ready dude and mybutter is nice and soft and I already asyou can see I set my butter out when Iwas cooking breakfast this morninghopefully this video don’t go up toladies I’m doing all this in the sameday do electric mixer so hot oh well nowI’m do it with a spoon like they see itin my eggyou’re just gonna play everything yesand then add the butter and stuff is onmeats all up you know put the wholething of chocolate chip cookies in therelet me check out the chips in here soooand 1/4 cup of all-purpose flour and 1teaspoon which I mean 1 teaspoon ofbaking soda now you’re gonna do is mixall this up togetherI forgot to tell you how to add a lipinto songyeah bake them for 10 minutes alrightyeah so I just took the second batch ofcookies out just the first batch andy’all the last ones I made was a littleless whole 1 feet I think because Iprobably mix it a little better butstill good already done tasting them soI got this special cookies already herelike I said another batch cool to anyonein the oven and that is it tough for theI enjoyed this look cook with me thismorning blob and I catch that on thenext one bye

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