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DITL //Vlog// Quarantine// Make Joanna Gaines cookies with me

Come spend the day with me, I made Joanna Gaines chocolate chip cookies. Life in quarantine. #ditl #sahm #Joyce Meyer #books #JoannaGaines #chocolatechipcookies #recipe #vlog #family

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Video Transcription

jump into the car on a Friday night Iwanna drive with youBardstown I’ve never seen a sky so bluewe don’t have a plan on the night Easterit doesn’t matter what we do ain’tnobody like ain’t nobody likeyou look so beautifulAnna so lucky to be yours hey take it[Music][Music]chucking myself in you make me smile Ican listen on my loanI’d say about the town when I first makeyou listen to a favor sonwhen you caught my eyes Center by theway[Music]nobody likeand nobody like sokay to be yours he take it[Music][Music]to the cone a Friday night I wanna drivewith you looking for a bar the nearesttown and never seen the sky so bluehi guys welcome back to my channel goodmorning everybodyI have been for the past couple weeksnow I’ve been giving up really early Ihave been walking the dog and I havebeen devoting roughly 30 minutes maybe alittle bit more on certain days to JoyceMyers ministries so I am learning moreabout Christ every day I have neverstruggled with my faith but over thepast two years I have just felt the oneto get really close to God and have thatintimate relationship with him so I havebeen just just learning more of his wordand when I found Joyce Myers I justthought she was just such a wonderfulperson overall and just such a goodChristian she makes learning really funreally easy so I just got done orderinga couple of her books so I’m prettyexcited for them to get here but otherthan that I decided to you know get upand take a shower and kind of get somemakeup on I mean I shower normallyplease but I don’t always do some makeupI’m actually usually looking like I justrolled out of bed so today I just wantedto feel good and do some makeup and justhave a really good day and I am going tobe making I don’t know if you guys knowwho chip and Joanna Gaines are I mean Ithink most people know who they are Ireally really like that couple did likecouple goals Bundshe has some chocolate chip cookierecipeswell a chocolate chip cookie recipe inher book so I’m going to be makingchocolate chip cookies today I am gonnabe having to go to my mom’s because I’mgonna borrow her KitchenAid but rightnow my brother-in-law just showed uphe’s cleaning my yard oh my gosh my yardis so so bad and it’s not that wellactually I can’t do it I can’t I can’tgo out there and clean I’ve tried beforeand it’s just I don’t know Immm me and cleaning yards are not verygood but I have two really big palmtrees in the front of my yard andthey’re just they’re so long thatthey’re big getting your face when youwalk by so I did have some clippers thatI reached as far as upas I could and I clipped those piecesoff but they just they really need to becleaned up I don’t knowand guy who’s my husband he so he workson cars for a living he can take a carapart put it back together no problemwhen it comes to yard work he is like Idon’t know he does not really cleaningare good I am going to be putting ittogetherum my patio set I mean I need to getwalking actually I’m goodwell actually I already went on my walkbut I need to go get my sonand we’re gonna actually go to Starbucksmy 15 year old got up really early andasked if he could go with me so I toldhim yes because I was at the storeyesterday and I got the wrong Starbucksand it was really really good Logan comeon let’s go um anyways so we’re gonna goto Starbucks I did turn the coffee ontoday the coffee pot well this morningI turned it on and it was for my husbandand don’t mind nothing on my table Iactually just redid my coffee bar andit’s farmhouse decor it is super cutethat video will be up probably in acouple of days so let me just get in thecar and I’ll be right backall right so we got our so that’scold through I had one yesterday thatwas super good this onethey just didn’t make it nowhere near asgood and Logan Godhere’s good yesanyways my battery’s flashy but I wasgoing to tell you guys that I’m tryingto fix up my back patio so the frontyard if you guys seen my other likevlogs or like my home tours you guyshave seen it like the patio that I havein the front I buy pressure washers soI’m gonna take that to the back slab ofcement we have a really big slab of itback there it’s like well I think it’s12 feet 12 feet wide and I think it’s 32feet long so it’s like a really bigSlava Smith but we’re going to begetting a gazebo and not this weekendbut next weekend my husband’s gonnaclick that together I’m gonna do a videoabout it though but we’re just gonna tryto fix up the back patio that way youknow when the kids are out there playingout there with the dog or whatever itlooks somewhat decent but ok it’s like a230 already and the day is dragging on Ikind of started dozing off but right nowI am changing out my son’s change forcash um well dollar bills he has a tonof pennies and nickels and dimes andstuff so we’re counting out change Idon’t know about the rest of you guysbut I know everybody right now is doingyou know the homeschooling and stuff Iswear it’s like I am so tired ofhomework it’s like being back in schoolso I am so tired of homework I eventhough the kids are home from school Ijust can’t wait till summer vacationwhere they don’t have any homeworkbecause this homework is seriouslywearing me out and it’s like I haven’tyou know done schoolwork in like 20yearsso I mean not so much my the highschooler his work I mean he does themost part but I have to tell you the 6thgrade my sixth grader likes he has a lotof like ancientwhat is it like Roman Romans andsometimes yeah well like a lot of theRomans and Egyptian stuff and it’s likeyou can only read so much about itbefore it’s really tiring so but anywayI mean I heard that there was a meetshorty going around so and I don’t mindmeatless meals my husband on the otherhand he’s like where’s the meat where’sme it’s like if I make spaghetti and Idon’t add me I mean sometimes I dosometimes I don’t and I really I reallydon’t mind a lot of meatless meals but Imean if they’re having a meeting or Ishould probably get a little bit to putin my freezer and this week I’m alsodoing like a filming what I cook for theweek I seem to get some good feedback onone of my other videos like I what Irecorded for the whole week that we hadfor dinner so I am going to beincorporating some of those but I’mgonna go to Fry’s really quick it is soand my AC barely works and the last likeprobably six months my truck keepsmessing up never has no optics it messesup I mean it’s been paid off for yearsbecause it’s you know an older truck butI’m gonna have to get a new one and I’mhaving a really hard time with itbecause I had this truck since my kidswere little and I have a lot of reallygood memories in it like we you knowwent on vacation several times we wentto go see my grandfather before hepassed away and he lives in Mississippiso and I drove there and I just I have alot of memories and it’s you know mytruck it’s a lot of sentimental value toit but it’s getting to the point whereit’s just nickel and diming so I’m justgonna have to bite the bullet and getone but I don’t really want to get onewell we’re in a bandyou know just because I don’t think itwould be the smartest thing to do I gotin my truck right now and I didn’t wantto start so they don’t start but my tagsare expired this month so my truck willcost the emissions unless I put a brandnew transmission in it and we’re notgonna do thatso basically this is the last month thatI’ll be able to drive my truck expenseat I got an awesome deal on ground beeflast week when I went to Target I foundit was you know 100% grass-fed groundbeef so it’s like all organic andnormally there are six dollars and theywere on sale for 287 so I’m good onground beef I mean I am just going toget a little bit of chicken and I have afew chicken recipes that I want to do Ihave a few that I want to try thechicken so like I went back and chickenbut some stores like fries are havingyou know where you can only get I’m acouple and then there’s the cutoff soI’m just gonna see what we have and I’mjust kidding maybe a few more pieces Imean[Music]that’s my favorite is the ring anyway sookay so I didn’t get too much and keepin mind when you’re looking at thisstuff it’s not I didn’t get it to make acomplete meal in the grocery haul it’sjust stuff to go with stuff I alreadyhave so or the extra alright so thefirst thing I got I’m sorry the lightingis bad I have really bad lighting in myhouse I have this chorizo mix this witheggs is really good I have two packagesof the Philly cheesesteak in two of thebarbecued Alexis favorite I did pick upthis lavender this wild berry lavenderice cream it looks really good this Idon’t know I’m just gonna try it andthen this one’s for the kids is utterlychocolate the till amok which I’m gonnaput those in my freezer for a quicksecond hold on okay sorry I had to getthose in the freezer then I have thisChobani yogurt there’s four of the Greekyogurts in here strawberry and then fourof the vanilla then I did get a littlebit of meat like I said there wasn’t alot so this there’s two pieces in herebut what I’m gonna do is I will make itand then divide it that way there’ll beplenty and this is a pretty lecturethere’s two big cuts in there so itshould be okay that was $8.83 theirprices did go up a bit and then this isfor another night’s dinner these ribs sothese are beef and these beef ribs arethey’re country-style ribs yeah so I gotthese country-style ribs or is this oneand that pack right there so for themeat thus as far as it goes as this andthat little thing at Therese home but Ialready I do have some meat like I saidI have a whole plenty of ground beef soI was just really looking for chicken sothis is okay and then these are justdifferent sides every time I make a sideI have to make two of them because Ihelp boys and I don’t know about youguys but my husband he’s like a grownman not you know like a little kid so Igot those and I got this creamy forcheese so I got two for one night andthen just two more the same for anothernight a few boxes of macaroni a thing ofmilk brown sugar for the cookies thatI’m gonna make and then this Uncle Ben’srice this roasted chicken this one’sreally good I’ve got a little bit ofbananas and I have about one that Ithink four or five large avocados thesewere 77 cents each so they were like areally good deal I got two of theselettuce wraps if you guys have nevertried this this is deliciousalright and then I have this marinadeit’s a 30 minute marinade for chicken Ithought I would just give that a whirlnever tried it before so I’m kind ofhoping it’s good I did get a couple ofspaghetti just just to have a few extraon hand and then these are gonna go withchicken fajitas that I’ll be making so Igot those tortillas some oil and thenthis Kentucky bourbon barbecue saucethis is gonna go on those ribs that Ijust bought this a Hidden Valley RanchDressing it was like on a closeout pricefor like a dollar 57 so I figured I’lljust get that cocktail sauce because Ihave shrimp in the freezer and my oldestloves love’s shrimp so Logan lovesshrimp but he actually hates the saucebut when I busted into it I plan onhaving some a sauce I have some oops allberries these were also on a closeoutthat there’s basically just like alittle packet a little packet in hereso this comes the little seasoning in alittle I don’t know if you can see it ithas such bad lighting but it’s just abasically a little container that youshake all your chicken in and it comeswith the seasoning in there thosethey’re getting rid of these these were2:57 normally I think 357 so I decidedto get two of those and then twostrawberries these were Unseld I gotsome of those some raspberries I alreadybought blueberries and blackberries socome on in some raspberries this is liketotally random but they have these onsale for 249 and normally they’re for 49and I remembered at Easter time I wentto go buy a pack and I ended up paying549 for one of these so I just got itjust so I would have next I have anobnoxious amount of cheese this can ishuge so I have that and then these twobags of chips basically what I’ll do isI’ll put this pan of cheese into a crockpot especially on a day out that myhusband has and I’ll just have it in acrock pot with the chips and then likesome paper plates and then just have itbe like all-day nachos so the kids cango get chips and cheese and then addsome jalapenos if they want that iseverything I got so it wasn’t much butit was $130 does Ojai actually that’slike I ended up getting two 12-packs ofcoke and a 12-pack of Dr Pepper thoseare already in the fridge and then todayI was watching a youtuber dorsetdoorstep and they were watching Sonicfor a movie night so I was like oh myson’s been wanting to watch this so Irented Sonic I don’t know I hope it’sreally good but you know so we’ve beendoing a lot of movie nights since we’rehere you know stuck at home there’s notreally much that we can do let me tellyou it was so hot outsideI am so sweaty so sweaty but anywaysthat is all I got and you know what youguys have not seen Oliver in a long timeactually you saw him today but look howcute he is he’s beautifulI loveanyways guys alright so I’m gonna putthat stuff away I’m gonna wash my handsand I already did but I’m gonna do itagain after I put everything away andthen we’re gonna[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]okay let me give you my honest opinionabout it so it looks really goodsmells really good let’s see if ittastes really goodwelluser delicious Wowthis cookie is amazingthis is like by far the best chocolatechip cookie I have ever tasted I thinkJoanna Gaines definitely know whatyou’re doing all right I’m gonna take acookie to each kid and see what theythink all right all right okay[Music][Music]for sure

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