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Lego, Olivia and chewbacca bake cookies.

Olivia wants to bake with Chewbacca. At the end you get to listen to lego movie 2 catchy song!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi everyone welcome to 80 eyesadventures and toys today Olivia andChewbacca are going to bake chocolatechip cookies are you ready to pop itOliviayeah all right now before we bake whatis so my very important when you bake isyou have to wash your handsalso especially in these times insteadof washing your handsI better wash the many things alwaysremember to put lots of soap scrub allright I’m lossing all right[Music]all right let’s dry you up make thatyours are all nice and shiny clean Idon’t know like now you needed ultra bigoh wow come on you – Oh silly gooseswhoaall right and here’s our deliciouscookie mix first it says pour it in allrightChewbacca would you like to do that letme use my sister’s also statue spatulawhat in the world are you doing there Idid well the plate I like one – yousilly Wookiee money I was a little of acatastropheyou little stinky Wowwell he’s get spanked sit there badChewiedon’t be bad all right let’s see so nowit says one egg you did you like to getthe eggs job chewy you got the exact allrightdon’t you dare start cracking that youwidow monkey good all right now I willcrack the eggswell although I do not get any eggshells in it try never to get eggshellsthen then run to the trash tablespoonsof butter 6 tablespoons of butter allright so this says the tablespoons alonghere so let’s look then just cut thebutter in half by bolt nice all it’sYuhas upon it kind of yes all rightnow let me take the butter unwrap itJoey you’re not going in the microwaveright yummyall right let’s take this in themicrowave whoosh you little speaker poopokay[Music]good no take a normal knife and justspin arounddo not spill hot butter says to use aroulette Rick mixer hey that’s mixer[Music]okay pop him up well coolthose look delicious alright alright Iopen the oven Joey oh boy in they gojust let me set the timer 1 2 3 4 5 6 78 9 10 11 12 13 14 perfectalright let’s wait[Music]look look they’re so deliciousall right for the final do you want totaste testall right Chewie I’m gonna try it one ohmy goodness you have a big bite to backup and I’m going to take this one hmmthis is no delicious[Music][Music]

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