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Video Transcription

everybody I’m in total today we weregoing to make peanut butter chocolate nobake cookies we have two cups of sugarit’s like a long I’ve got a milk onestick of unsalted butter 1/4 1/4 ofunsweetened cocoa powder and we eat witha saucepanto boil boil at medium heat and you stiroccasionallyalright you just gotta wait for this tocome to a boil make sure you’re stirringoccasionally and we have to let all thisboil probably shouldn’t melted the veryfirstyou did a great job Christian see yousay to anybody listening please stayhydrated out here that’s one of the mostimportant things you can do for yourbody stay six feet away where morepeople should be whenever this is doneeverything together and then yeahawesomecoca-cola yeswe’re on team cooking my friends yeahmoving classes home back class we gotthis family time bonding if you’re stillwith us go like comment share subscribeso does anythingGilbert curb askingokay so things are starting to come to aboil put that a boil leave it there forabout a minutewhat 911 to me that’s kind of satisfyingit is gorgeousand whenever the again whenever thisit’s to a full boil and after we let itsit we’ll add the three cups of oats 1cup of butter butter butter and thebeaterno wait we need a first okay thanks weadd the butter Fischer we can just usethisMary can I not hold thisthen we add the table the 1 tablespoonof vanilla extract and a pinch big pinchof saltokay making it some reason I’m not doinga lot of commentary even though I alwaysdo it by concentrate we’re trying you’retrying to lure now make some of thefirst time it’s it we just need to showthe people how to make the food they’rechilling right you guys are chilling I’mmessing up to we’re all in this togetheryay this is real life folks familyright sure that will harden up after afew minutes for the refrigerator theseare like the best cookies ever as soonas it cools down that choc little harderand then they’ll be ready they’ll stakein the refrigerator for three to fivedays an airtight container do that youeat them in the trash yeah great jobmostly meand there you have it folks don’tremember don’t forget to stay hydratedand burn and stay away from me thank you

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