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MMCC COOK-A-LONG: Choc Oat Cookies.

Get your ingredients ready and cook along with us, side by side, in real time. Special guest Jessie Goldberg joins us to make her special choc oat cookies. Recipe can be found in our new book, Now for Something Sweet. You will need the following ingredients:

125 g unsalted butter, softened⁠
230 g (1 1/4 light cups) brown sugar⁠
1 teaspoon vanilla extract⁠
1 egg⁠
225 g (1 1/2 cups) plain flour ⁠
1/2 teaspoon baking powder⁠
pinch of salt⁠
150 g dark chocolate ⁠
80 (¾ cup) rolled oats⁠

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Video Transcription

good morning everyone I hope you canhear me properlyI’m Lisa from the Monday morning cookingclub if you don’t know me and this is mydaughter Jessie hi and since we are allpracticing it’s not social distancing aswe can we thought it would be good ifthe two of us do this todayHey so we’re gonna just manage as bestwe can we’re going to have lots ofinterruptions today we think because wedon’t know what’s going on but we justwanted to give you a little bit of adistraction from what’s going on in thereal world I hope that everybody istaking absolutely safe and doing whatthey’re supposed to do we just want toget some bacon done so we can inspireyou to make a batch of cookies of mineand today we’re going to do the choc oatcookies from our latest book which isnow to find sweet and I’m here with theactually cook who gave us this recipejust about words so if you bought thebook you can read all about Jessie andhistoric okay so let’s start with whatwe need and everyone needs to get itready so just trying to got youringredients okay so what we’ve got todayfirst things first though let’s all puton our ovens preheated to 180 degreesgreat ever until that sorted and evercut their oats when we start at the topof the recipe it runs up that butter nowif your butter fresh out of the fridgewho wants to be quite soft so hopefullyyou’ve left it out to soften if not youjust pop it in the microwave for 10seconds till it’s soft but not meltedlike we want it to be really very softat the moment like so you can smash itwith us yeah don’t for you guys to askquestions along the way that’s wet sowe’ve got that we’ve got our brown sugarwe have just talked measurements so incase nice everyone hasn’t read what theyneed exactly it’s 125 grams which ishalf a block if you’re in Australiabutter and we use unsalted butter andthen we’ve got 230 grams of brown sugarnext ingredient is one egg which is downtherea teaspoon of vanilla we’re going to usethis beautiful vanilla which I’ll talkabout and set to 25 grams of plain flourwhich is their half a teaspoon of bakingpowder just yeah that’s how that gotsewed up yeah that’s true and we’ve gotchocolate um150 grams or it’s about 1 cup ofchocolate chipshi Holly Holly thanks for tuning in heyJacob so and I’ve got 80 grams of rolledoats so everybody needs to just measureall those things and get them readybutter shut up the egg vanilla flourbaking powderoats and chocolate okay so whileeveryone starts gathering all thoseingredients Jenna just repeat once againwhat everybody needs in case they needstint as far as the ingredients becauseeveryone hopefully is cooking along withus as we go so let’s just go one moretime what everyone needs 125 grams ofbutter 230 grams of brown sugar or oneand a quarter cups one egg some 1teaspoon of vanilla 225 or 1/2 cups ofplain flour pinch of salt half teaspoonof baking powder 2 dark chocolate 150grams chopped up or we can do that laterand 80 grams of rolled oats great sirshould we get started I hope everyone’spreheated the oven so when I wanttemperature to 180 degreesso when we make this normally we use theelectric mixer but to make this morefriendly for everyone you know maybestuck at home without a Kenwood orwhatever I’m making this anyway herehilarious that you said kenwood I meanthis is really funny because we don’thave a kin Jessie’s never been around Ireally needbut I’m gonna not do it because sir okayhey Rachel okay so here’s what we’regonna do we’re gonna start by mixing thebrown sugar with the butter and is thereanything better than just like delicioussugar and butter mixed no no it’s the Ithink something is going to cut down onpaper like licking the ball and stickingthey think it’s in the bowl whilethey’re cooking which way or appeal toyou and now we have to sort of came downwith the ball completely yeahwatching TV we were making like I don’tknow I’m making cake at kindergarten andI got kicked out of the cake makingcircle because I touched my fingers intothe mixture too many times and not muchhas changed so okay how do you mix itwell if without the electric mixer leadsyou just kind of just think of cake heybrownie just smush it a bit along thesides as you got going hit so Jessie’sdoing that I’m going to make these outif anyone have any questions while we’regoing what I thought about anythingreallyso as Jesse said we usually do this inthe kitchen eyes or the camera that’swhat you’ve got but it’s really easy todo if you don’t bother you can do itwith if you’ve got salsa butter insteadof unsalted butter that’s also fine justyou know whatever you leave anyonebeautiful maybe Jim haha or just regularsugar if you don’t have brown I’m goinggood but like thank God we can’t go toJimmy this is quite a work I committhanks for tuning inok so for those of you who have justtuned in we are making Jesse Baldwin’schalk artists forand because I told you that things aregoing to be today nice to see you who’snow watching and she has contributeddelicious of Viennese ich love biscuitswhich are these amazing like littlehazelnut rounds which is sandwichedtogether with apricot jam and top thechocolate so that’s Marion’s recipe inthe new book you don’t have the new bookwell my way to suggest you to come backthis is it not for something sweetthat’s available delivered to your doortriopia just call your local bookstorethey’re all delivering everyone’s doingas much as they can out to get thingsokay just gonna come backwe miss you too Rachel my boys just arival of them and the big shout out toeveryone who’s just come back fromoverseas and is now in quarantine for 14days I hope that you’re all okay andwell and survive it you know just dowhat you can do get baking yeah I thinkthat’s what does everyone up to scratchwith their appetite yeah yeah so itlooks like she’s joking if you do theelectric mixer often it goes really nicelight white color if it’s been wet for awhile which I really like to do but thisis fine too just the same just deliciousum so I think that’s probably good nowthe next step in the recipes we put somevanilla extract and an egg in it mightgive a shout-out to this vanilla we’reusing milsim massive vanilla extractwhich is absolutely the most deliciousthing if you taste the vanilla of thatyou’ve bought somewhere elseI’m not going to taste it taste thevanilla you’ve got and taste thisvanilla this one you can actually eatwith a spoon so good and that’s what youwant to be putting in your food so we’regonna put in what is it a teaspoon I’mnot really much of a vanilla measure onour you know I just poured it and finalQuarantine tip if you run out of alcoholthis actually is quite a high alcoholcontent so shots of vanilla extract Iknow how this but you might get reallyyeah going okay they’re in the Statesyeah so we put the vanilla extract inwhen it cruddy mix that first time upreally really good point very good pointsorry you buy this vanilla at SimonJohnson in Australia Simon Johnsonprovid or there in Sydney Melbourneand they sell smaller bottles or youlike you get the big ones it’s a reallyit’s an expensive product but it’s areally good product yeah okay so nowwe’re gonna put the egg in some peopleobviously you’d like to put the glassfirst where be my old school here let’sdo that once but they’re very newokay I’m gonna crack it in it’s alwaysgood to put it into a glass just to makesure that there’s no blood in it oranything like that you know tell thestory about the crazy story triggersnear bits still gives me nightmares butthis isn’t politics are we gonna checkit to blood kosher you tell me storyshould come back to the story when thecookies are not no no tell us right nowokay so once I was making Chuck sugarwhich by the way good book number onethe bubble is a kind of sauce right nono it’s the moody sauce from book threebooks for his side for confusing you orleft anyway maybe who touch with myfriends one day delicious 10 eggs deeplike crack and eggs cracking eggscrepiness crepiness i’m 10 egg crackedit and it’s rotten egg it’s stunk up theentire thing destroyed it begins myactual that turned me off eggs forhonestly must yeah so there’s a goodlistener and we have told that story ithink it’s a great facebook blog we’vedone it’s all the same storyokay so she’ll make some media it isnice and messy any place that you cansee nelson messy and it’s really reallyit’s Madagascar bourbon vanilla beanpaste it is excellent Simon Johnson soit might get a bit sloppy once will putthe egg in but mix it around and itshould be fine until it’s nice like thatlike that cool so I was just gonna saythe next step is to sift the flour bikehub so doc that our baking paper paperit’s a new new ingredient thank you soyou want to put the flour baking powderand salt but I actually in the you thatI make this recipe never ever subsistedit you know what if you’ve got a suithere just let sifted okay whateverchanges made in that household we alwayshad a dish of gum and sea salt out onthe bench and everyone just took it allday so that’s gone now so we’re back toa grinder so I’ve done across the binderover you know okaythe recipe is chopped oak cookies fromour new book now for something sweetit’s on page 28 that’s it there and weare cooking with Jesse Goldberg mydaughter whose recipe it is so I neverknow they’re like what 50 it’s a goodquestionwhat 15 does in this case is one lightin the flour but more importantly to mixthe baking so now I’m gonna mix it alltogetherstart putting a bit tougher this isn’tthe real muscle now and at this point ifyou’re using an electric mixer earlierafter I’ve mixed in the egg and thevanilla essence when I take it off andmy hand so this recipe I really love tobake all the time it’s so easy it’s soquick I make it for friends when likefamily members die or or anything I makeit just to eat all the time and actuallybe known to make a batch of thesecookies in under 20 minutesit was once kind of confirm it was oncetime by my friends and they were frombeginning to end done in 20 minutesa really great recipe for that and ithelps if you’ve always got some busterout I don’t know what you guys do athome that I always in my kitchen have ablock of butter out and the coverage Imean obviously in the case of somethingsort of careful but just so you canalways make a cake that looks right okayso we now have kind of a story likeconsistency as you can see here and itis so delicious honestly if you workhard you just make this yourself not sothinking about hygieneokay Rina okay so the next step is Imean many people are happy to use thesupermarket chop chips whatever brandthat is whatever the supermarket brandis but we like a really good chocolatebecause the chocolate is the essence ofthis cookie have you left me Jess we didto work with Simon Johnson last year andwe’re getting these three kilo bags thisis our owner or manager excuse mypronunciation but it’s GU a Maj a 70%and it is the most wonderful chocolatesof cooking and baking and they’ve juststarted making which I’m really excitedabout 250 gram packs of chocolate yesshe loves it makes just really deliciouspudding so there’s our250 grams of the chocolate now so youcan buy it which is really good becauseyou could only buy the blocksbeforehand so 250 grams they reallythey’re really yummy input and eatingthese yeah we got for you I love them Ithink they’re yeah and I’m just but achild so I’m gonna chop it you can alsouse a block of chocolate you can usechocolate and just chop it up so I’mgonna chocolate while Jesse into trainshighs on in-house quarantine chef G isCornell to all of you who only Dean wehope that you can get some ingredientsand you can actually get baking andimmerse yourself in some delicious Ithink that it’s what we all need at thistime I mean I’m praying Joan join us Ithink I’m gonna bake some on the weekendso what do you whatever I’m gonna gonnamake it home just to make you feelbetter in this time when everyone’sfeeling so blah pasta bake I think yourpasta Baker’s good I think I thinkchicken soup is a good thing we’re goingto do another Facebook livenext week we’re still everyone needs tohave some time to get hotter somechicken so that when you’re going toneed two kilos of chicken frames orbones or wings and drumsticks and awhole chicken and some carrots and dilland one onion and then we can make souptogether yeah all right okay chocolatekettle so great cookies lovin look forany occasion um any questions from theaudience we use milk chocolate or whitechoice that’s what I was gonna say sorryI was thinking about something okayif I’m making cookies in this I can notso much chocolate home I’ll just make dowith whatever we’ve got you know even ifit’s a block of chocolate um does enoughspeech up Cheersit could really be anything you find inyour cupboard as long as you can chop itup I never tried with like other likechocolates and my mom hates that puttinglike granite confectionary in delicioushome-cooked goods but I feel like itwould be quite delicious what would youput in like it’s mostly like thosesmarty biscuits yeah yeah so maybe weshould try Smarties yeah maybe okay soanyway what about raisin what about likea land raisin cinnamon this means thatthere’s nothing more likebreaking of trust that when you takeinto you buying into a charter cookiebirds on a truck to cookie to raise acookie I love crunchies crunchiesMaltesers we’d love to hear from all ofyou whether you would last to do more ofthese because really it’s going to helpeverybody get through this time we’vebeen doing every day every dayno jobs but she has a job actually butwhen I was heavy one her job is becausewell Angela she’s actually a doctor andshe works in emergency at the moment andyes it was a nice dayso we were actually saying that whilethe cookies in the oven she’ll be do aQ&A a medical QA it’s not naturalusually would work perfectly maybeeasily would work as well I think atthis time we might have to you know findsome other options to do okay so youcome in and I’ll do that we’ve just gota technical issue over to Jesse birthdayokay so we’ve got these chopped offwe’ve got the oats so the next thingwe’re gonna do is put all theingredients in and then we’re ready tobake so what’s the owner I don’t knowwhat it says in the book to put thechocolate notes yes so you just put themin or whatever do I think normally I’dput in the oats first mix that aroundand then add in the child so let’s putthe earth we’ve actually discovered somy mom was making some chalk chips a fewweeks ago and all of her batteries werequite flat where when I make them athome they’re very big and plentiful andbountiful and amazing so what isdifferent other than the level of skillto me my mother is the type of oats soshe was actually using what are theycause quick cook like actually wantthough I think that our home brand oatsbecause we couldn’t get out one day andso really makes a difference to have notcome out quick cooking oats and you wantalreadyso the oats getting around back toalways look what I do not overwork themixture once you’ve got flour in itbecause it just happens the flourokay can I check this in yeah Jeanette’sanother one of that books actually inthis book and Jeanette has given us thewhite chocolate and passion fruit moussein the new book nutsdelicious so everybody should have amixture that looks just like that so thenext thing is this is there’s only twothings you need to use this for becauseyou don’t really want to eat thisbecause if you tasted it it’s young butwhat it’s very good for is it is beingused as cooking glue so baking paperbaking sheet or a team that you’re gonnaline this is absolutely fantastic I justhope that they can cut it down and justgot up from moving and the only otheruse for it where you do need to eat itis when you bake cakes in a bunt attemptwe have found for whatever strangereason this is the only thing that worksit just works the best so yeah I knowthere’s some control controversy aroundthis and the entire controversycontroversy its controversial I thinkthe other girls were here would behaving an argument about it some but I’mhere so let’s go just show how we dookay so I think everyone does itdifferently the way they enough you knowI’m a youmy hand type of God that’s appropriatein this climate but what else didn’t seemicro piece of you don’t wanna mess yeahso I just like to make them like thisbig like that’s a bit big that big wouldyou say that size is a big wall of thatand then I think it’s about a walnut inthe shell then ideas and this reallydepends on how lazy are not lazy orrushed I’m feeling sometimes I roll theminto a ball sometimes I just plunk themdown like that yeah so and both timesthey’re deliciousit’s just I think yeah I mean it makes adifference I prefer them I prefer themmore rustic actually so so I would justpop them down the other day I made abatch and I had to run out and so I putthe batter just like this in the fridgebecause I didn’t have time to roll andbake them and I came back a couple ofhours later and I also didn’t have a lotof time so I did that in about oneminuteI just put blobs on the tray and theywere absolutely amazing so you don’tneed to be too finicky you don’t need towork them too hardeveryone should just be doing this downI’m not going to help Jesse becausewe’re doing it in I don’t know I don’tthink I did watch happy gilmoreyesterday because I don’t play golf heyJake is working from home I think Anna’shook party is going good for you as wellso we’re just going to make all thesecookies and we got a bit of a debateabout whether to call them cookiesbecause you know in Australia we callthings it’s gets or biggie we don’t saycookies and I think choc chip yeah if wedecided that chop chick could beportable here but we wouldn’t want tosay Anzac cooking because it’s an exactbiscuit but chopped chicken okay mine abit bigger than yoursnow that nobody’s is that right what isit saying35 the amount of to be mine are actuallyheading to even be given I think of golfballs bit bigger than a walnut so Ithink it’s more maybetwo more laps every couple nights nightsat 1.3 yes so no you’re thinking how didI manage to write a cookbook recipe whenI’m just a young child well when I was 7and my memory business for my mom’sreciperemember I think that I just like madeup a recipe and wrote it down in a coolarea you said this yeah where with allher handwritten recipes and I’m prettysure like when I was 7 I was just like Ihad a vision of some cookies and I wrotethe recipe down but thinking back itdoesn’t really make sense so my momdiscovered the real genesis of therecipe which was Bill Granger illRangers yeah so Bill Rangers books turnsout a 7 year old Jesse’s maybe if it’slive stole the recipe write it downadded some chopped chips I I talked tosomething that works so no I am no it’sjust that was my no secret ingredientand that’s how I came up with the mostamazing chip cookie recipe ever is thattrue yes and and it is we have actuallygot permission from Bill brain jackedhe’s just the nicest guy – okay sothat’s itdone forI put them in for 12 minutes it looksincentive 15 I’ve always found we have ahot oven though it works for 12 if youtrade them a bit smaller you can putthem in for less if you make it a bitbigger the key is they want to be goldenbut when they come out of the oven itactually really sauce and then theyharden up as they cool down I’ve made amistake a few times where I think oh noit’s too soft so gonna work and thenthey’re really hard I’m not so nice toeat the key to them is how soft andgooey they are on the inside all of themokay 11 minute what’d you say I saidtwelve but let’s both eleven so we justwant this pinch down so it’s up to allof you know you could go away now if youwant Jessie’s gonna come back and saybut we’re going to just chat aboutpiece and take any questions from anyonein the next ten or eleven minutes so youcan see what the cookies look like she’sgot other things to do you probablydon’t have other places to be but youmight have other things to do so go dothem otherwise how you in here with usand asked us some questions like that’swhat you’ve been making I’m going tojust grab the other books because I wantto go through some recipe ideas cookiesany questions from the audience I’ll sayI’ll take questions about anythingexcept for Anna virus how are you copingwith Ponte any questions I am cravingdoughnuts because I don’t know one I’mjust I mean I think we’re tryingdifferent things like hot chips or wineor but I think at the moment I’m cravingthings that like a comforting coming andto me there’s nothing better than bitinginto a hot freshly made jam donut so I’mjust going to find the recipe to knowyeasted dough chapter which is that onewhich is a beautiful chapter and and doyou know that in our book we’ve got thishow-to and four six six how to is in thebook and this one is how to yeast so howto propagate so if you’re afraid ofcooking the gifts that have never donebeforethis is the answer it’s really reallyshows you how simple it is so I thinkI’m gonna start with the donuts which inthe book they’re a sort of going on andthey are unbelievable and what are youlove about them is you know when a lotof donuts the donuts are made in theneck but the journey and afterwardsthese these are course with the jam inthe middle so when you bite it you’vegot to be careful you don’t burn yourlips the jams hot and cut light so we’llbe making over the next few dayslet’s just start with our first bookthose of you you’ve got the first of allMonday money hoping God there’s twothings they wanted to suggest to you asgood things to make the first is thefish number it’s on page fourteen andone is is an Indonesian spiced saucethat you make a head so you can you grabthe ingredients you’re going to needchillies tomatoes spices have a look inthe book onions ketchup manners garliclime kaffir lime lemon grass andtamarind so if you can grab thoseingredients over the next few weeks ifyou make up a batch of this sauce youcan put it in the freezer you in yourcontainers and then all you need to buysome fresh fish skillets and you heatthe sauce up or you just slip the fishshallots in and cook them for 10 minutesor you can use chicken as well I thinkchickens talk to give it at the momentand future to some strange reason yeahlovely snapper Phillips it’s reallyreally good buy some some greens on theside it’s really good so number onerecommendation for weeknight dinnersfrom the book and if there is the freshfrom all of you happy to do it well ifyou don’t people in quarantine you canalso cook up some sports for them withthe fish you got any dr. raw fish ordinner depends like there is a durationyeah and then we’ve got boogers eggplantwhich is probably one of the favoriterecipes in the book and what waseggplant is a you make the tomato sauceand then you fry off some eggplant butwe don’t fry anymore we actually sliceit spray it with oil or painted with oiland wrote roasted in the oven instead offrying that off it’s just easier andless messy and then you layer it withthe sauce and you cook it and it isdivine really our family say yeah and ifwe’re feeling a bit like just somethingmore delicious we put some past cooksand pasta mix it in with the eggplantlots and lots and lots and lots ofcheese on it I buy some little Bach andCheney chase and chopped it upsome shredded tasty and some parmesanand bacon in the oven with no cover nofoil or anything and then it’s allcrispy and delicious in dishes that’s agood recipe so that’s what was a page 71from the first book which is this photonI’m actually making for dinner tonightfor my family a thing called chicken tobeat not four not four years since wetested to the book my friend Jody who Iplay bridge with she’s a great cook hiJody if you’re watching and she has beenmaking lots of one-pot dishes lately andit’s amazing to go and she just puts iton in the afternoon or in the morningand it’s got chicken and veggies andrice and everything in one pot and it’sa really good way to eat so I’m gonnaget more of that one pot thing happeningin our kitchen and so I’m gonna make thechicken to beat tonight and what it isit’s basically a spiced rice with achicken cooked in it for four hours it’sgoing to go in it to epochal 3:30 andI’ll put pictures on Owen’s to storiesof what it looks like and hopefullyit’ll be as delicious as the photo oneof my favorite photos yeah it’s reallydelicious and that’s really a dish fromthe old world when people used to livein you know smaller towns and they usedto get their dinner ready before theSabbath on a Friday and they used to putit in their pot and take it to the localmayor who have the oven and they put itin the oven overnight and next day aftersee they go back pick it up in theirlunch so it reminds me of the olive oilbit which is nice so that’s on the feastgoes on and then we have a we have aquestion good question and it’ssomething that generations andgenerations have been searching foranyway I think I found the answer Ithink the number one thing that will notmake it chewy is yeah and I think youmustn’t they’re not gonna be hard whenyou when you take them out of the oven Ithink yeah so I made a batch the otherday in Perth and they said that theytouch them over the othersofter they put them back so what theygot were really hard crunchy yeah thesewere just not what you want so underwhat and they’ll be chewy yeah and theyI feel like on the flour I think inthese times we have to try everythingand I think cauliflower absolutely befine I might because mommy’s hour Ithink soaks up a bit more liquid thanplain flour I can’t remember off the topof my head what liquid is in there okayI guess we can have a look can you lookit up in this bookit’s um cinnamon coffee taking that bookit might be worth adding a touch more ofthe liquid and I’m sorry I can’tremember off the top of my head what’sin it look Jess it’s not a very goodindex in this book actually I’m in thenew one you can look up gluten freedairy free yes did you know that whenyou got the new book the back of theeunuchs we’ve got a whole list of allthe dairy free all the gluten free andall the Passover things oh this is okaywhat were you looking at like what Timthe recipe and what liquid is in therevoilaeggs vanilla extract sour cream maybe wehad a bit more sour cream yeah you knowI I don’t know if anyone at this bottomnine tiers wants to know not maybe Iwould add another egg I wonder try itwith another agency help voice it mightbe badit just might be on the dry side andmaybe the egg will help – and I thinkhome will be bright yeah yeah cause likeI had a baby with the other day and Ithought if I order how will they go it’shealthier I think that’s true I thinkthat some home and flowers are processedas much as plain flowers but the idea isthat they’re supposed to be lessprocessed and refined and the wholegrains look like me this person hasrefined okay let me talk about one morerecipe that I’m doneto make this week and that is thericotta and spinach nudies and in moviesthere people are finding it a bit hardto get meat and chicken becauseeveryone’s overstocking which is crazywe need to stop the hoarding and justbuy what we need and so this is thefinish and ricotta medium it’s basicallya dumpling and yaki made with spinachricotta and flour and it’s a reallydelicious delicious family weeknightdinner whatever whenever you want to doit but what I want to show that was thisessential sauce that goes with it whichis Jesse was talking about earlierthat’s exactly so this is on page when Iread that right eight nine eight nineeight nine it is amazing I use it wemake it for everything we just make itbatch use it for pasta make it back Ihad some Cubans and pepper crab maybefor sir Chuck show cop so I can justtalk about that what what you make whatyou put in and exactly okay so prettymuch we often have like a batch of itready every month or so we’d have likelots and lots of themof it in our freezer now what I like todo is if I’m having passed out I’ll grabone up but if I’m having Chuck sugar orI want to make a big batch to share witha friend which I want to do now becauseI would want to have a lot of friendsover being socially responsible is getit out I’m defroster put in a frying panmelt it down then put some cumin putsome paprika how much have you gotamounts nah like a teaspoon of a ateaspoon of each a teaspoon I don’t knowI kind of just do it my tasteOh twelve minutes ten to fifteen basedon your oven I usually do twelve but youwant to take it out when your cookiesare still soft but golden yeah actuallythis has been just over 11 minutes justto show youyou’re gonna be really good and I hopeyour eyes are looking the same if you’rejust pulling your don’t be up and – soas you can see they’re golden they’rethick they’re bountiful like what thisdown is yes you can see when I touch itlike going through it so you’d thinkthat’s not ready that’s not ready it’sready so they’re the cookies done and Ijust want to show you what they looklike because they really look niceand what I love about using chocolatethat you chop rather than chocolatechips is that you get these beat loversof chocolate and you see them they’rereally yummy and in about 10 minutesI think they’ll be at the idea eatingtemperature when they’re just anyway anyother questionsthanks thanks thanks Mara all thesuggestions are great that’s that sorrythat’s my husband who’s actuallyassistant by night Tori Mars sittingoutside quarantine in beautifully and Iwant to give a big shout out now to allthe healthcare work that since you haveto in this room Tory who’s a nurse atthe Children’s and Jessie who’s now inemergency Prince of Wales just to shoutout to all of you out there you’re doingan amazing job and you know I hope thatwe are prepared anyway so I would liketo say back if you want more of theseI’m happy to do it every dayif you rambling anyway see you all justyou sign off on them and go and pressthe thing so you know thanks all rightpost them on Instagram yeahI will share it so well it’s still going

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