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Easy Oatmeal cookies for the beginners

Ingredients 1 stick of butter tsp of cinnamon tsp of backing soda tsp of baking powder .1cup of brown sugar 1 cup of walnuts 1 cup of raisins 2 cup of oatmeal 2 cup of flour pinch of salt 1/2of white sugar

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Video Transcription

welcome back with another video ontoday’s video I’m gonna be makingoatmeal cookies this is my second videoof bacon Oh a bacon clubsugar in a bath of baking powder andsome cinnamon teaspoon of cinnamoncinnamon and a pinch of salt in 200 youknow me and one cup of raisins two cupsof flour 1 bar or stick of butter andbrown sugar and some walnuts and 3 eggsin bacon vanilla the Browns areboundless I’m gonna put the white sugarturn on this machine- once they’ll see what it’s done mix itafter the butter[Music][Music]Wow report[Music]I’m gonna pour the raises the wholething[Music][Applause]whole thing that’s to me a littlecrunchy yeah I see there’s a little bitof raisins hmmprobably my mom doesn’t see me I wannaget in trouble[Music]yeah just practicing cooking mom justtold me ingredientsoh yeah so guys after I do this[Music]look really good to me and I cannot waituntil I try them now I’m gonna set it onthis wrap right here and yeah[Music][Music]video with all your friends all over theworld okay so guys I hope you liked thisvide if you smash like button thank youfor watching this videosmash like them subscribe comment downbelow share this video with any of yourfriends and see you next video[Music]

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