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First time making Cookies | Tasty Recipe | ASMR baking

Okay guys, If you follow my instagram, you would know that I was going to make 50 cookies once I hit my 50 subscribers. Which again, thank you all for subscribing!! I know this may seem easy but for me it was still easy just a lot to do. (smiley laughing face)
And if you do not follow my Instagram I will post it down below.

The recipe that I used was from Tasty and the chocolate chip cookie recipe make up to 30 cookies!!

I did not think that this would turn out good, I thought I was going to burn them all. Or that I may put too much of something but nothing went wrong so I am happy with that!!

Hopefully you guys liked this video and that my co-workers will like the cookies. If you want to see more videos like this smash the like button and LET ME KNOW in the comments what you guys would like to see me cook/bake !

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Video Transcription

hey guys so welcome back to my channelso as you guys know I hit my 50subscriber I actually have moresubscribers now have two more 52 but umanywaysas you guys know I did say that if I didhit that 50 subscribers that I will bemaking cookies from scratch so I don’treally know exactly how to do this soI’m just gonna go to the store I’m goingto look up how to make cookies myscratch and let’s see how it goes soI’ll see you guys soon byealright guys so I am back okay so I knowI said I was going to record a lead tobeat when I went to the store but Ididn’t go my boyfriend actually went forme to get this stuff because I was stillsleepingmmm team overnight but anyways I’m goingto get started I already preppedeverything that I’m going to need andthen I’m gonna just get started I justwanted to show you guys everything thatI am using right now that I alreadyprepped somewhat and I’m gonna getstarted and then here are the chocolatechips so for this recipe I am actuallyusing a tasty recipe I will post thescreenshot right here I’m just going toshow my hands doing this stuff I reallywash my hands but tonight touch myblow-dryer I’m gonna wash my hands againand I’m gonna use either these see whichone is betterso I already got the two cups of sugarwhat the four cups overall because it’sbrownand white together now I just gotta addin the butter and then I’m going to mixit and I’m just gonna do the four eggsand I know if I’m doing this right thislooks super liquidy I don’t think it’ssupposed to look liquidy but I don’tknow what do you guys think she forgotto add the vanilla I’ve shot beforedoing the mixing things of the eggsfirstsometimes and a flower[Music]no break time now it’s looking big timeto add chocolate chipsall righty guysso with this batter that I just maderight now this is enough for only 30cookies I think if I was to do ishelping again just for 20 more so itcould be 15 so right now I’m into Nexusshows butter up the pan and then I’mgoing to scoop these little cookies outI think I only have like one or two pansbut for this I need a lot more I shouldhave just bought those one time try useones would have been a lot easierinstead of doing a batch by batch don’ttake foreverokay so just give me a few minutes andthen let me just get the pan ready andgo soon we start scooping alright guysso I boiled these babies up and I wouldI hope this worksif not then there it goesthere goes a sit I saw I saw the lady inthe video use an ice cream scooper sothat’s what I’m going to use right now[Music][Music]all right againso let’s see how this goes I’m gonna putthat in there nowall right so now I just have to wait for12 minutes and I gotta do this again butI’m the one that said it so I got tostick to my word so so far I have a1911-12 I have to cook so far oh my goshokay so I need to make okay so if it’s12 and they’re out of 50 I need to make38 more so if it’s 38 out of 12 15[Music]down that’s gonna be like four batchesthat I have to do again and again thankyou for the 50 subscribers I know yeahthank you so just again just a remindersome of these cookies of course myfriends gonna eat some and maybe myroommate I don’t know depending ifthey’re good and then whatever is leftover I’m going to take it to my work formy co-workers and if they don’t tastegood I am NOT going to take them to mywork I’m just gonna buy some cookies forthem I already told them that I wasgonna make some cookies and then I wasgonna give it to them and some of myco-workers actually do follow me so theythey know that they’re gonna get cookiesso yeah they go guys so just give melike a few more minutes and then I’llshow you guys the end result my cookiesare touching each otherrecant tells so much on the top one youknow maybe just should I open it youknow I probably shouldn’t open it Ihonestly don’t think these are gonnacome out good you know I just thought ofI should have just done like a sheetfull and just cut them cut them up Ithink that would have been better maybeeasier as well but my cookies aren’tcoming out round guys I don’t know howthe heck for the full I think they’resupposed to be in there for the full 12minutes but I kinda just wanna open itso I can take a look on the top one soI’m just going to well it’s also kind ofround they look big so if anything coulddo smaller scoops like that they don’ttouch each other because that one rightthere they’re all expanded already sojust got a way to see guys I mean Ididn’t say they’re gonna be perfectlyround cookies sois so inside the cookies I’m actuallytrying one right now they aresurprisingly really good you know somereally big cookies I wish they’re upmaking bacon and trying to take them offof each other I wish they were a littlesmaller but they taste really goodall right again you saw I do think thatthis bitchsorry for the mess there but that thisbatch is a way better than the best thatI have over here these came out superhuge compared to the other ones theseare still they still taste good butwe’ll see how these taste soon all rightguys so I kind of gave up on doing alittle around cookies so I just decidedto just put them all together and I’mgonna cut them up afterwards so we’llsee how this turns out you guys it doesnot go exactly as I planned but it’swhat I got to work with I print this oneon that edge and this edge so this oneI’m going to get to my boyfriend thisone which is pretty good I think andthese ones which is the 30 cookies andwe’ll give to my coworkersand I’ll see if my aunt wants them benice all right guys so here are the 50this one I’m gonna get to my boyfriend’sI dunno knows it’s so thick a littlenasty but yeah so here are my cookiesguys thank you for the 50 subscribersalready guys so I just want to say thankyou for watching my videos and thank youfor actually subscribing to my youtubechannel I am gonna start posting alittle bit more if you guys want tofollow me on tik-tok go ahead and followme I’m going to post it right here Iactually have been uploading a lot moreon my tick-tock than anything else andsometimes whatever I upload on mytick-tock I put on my Instagram so myInstagram is also going to be right herebut thank you guys again for watchingthis video and thank you again forgetting me up to 50 subscribershopefully it just keeps going upand excited by eHow today

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