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How to cook Bananas cookies

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Video Transcription

[Music][Applause][Music][Music]we are going to be baking banana breadmake sure you wash your hands and thatyou have all the ingredients you needwhich is flour baking soda salt 1 stickof butter 2 eggs 3 overripe bananas ifyou want you can add chocolate chips andmake sure you got your two bowl whiskfor spin in my mixer for whatever youneednow let’s start thick search then you dothis put them inmake sure you get all three minutes[Music][Music]now that you got that done better makesure you just to do your matchfurther all mashed up now put into it[Music]put in our butternut stairsnow add your butter other ball out nowRajini did you get two cups of flourmake sure you know that flour 1/2 aspoon of baking sodashake a song come shakes and startto stir should get it all stirred andstirred up[Applause]we’re gonna pour in this maybe yourstuff from earlier and just you knowthen mix that make sure you get it allmixed up[Music][Applause][Music][Music]you need there for you you’re gonna laythem all out I can’t like it you knowjust take your fourth and then you’regonna scoop it out[Music]they help make sure you set your oven to350 and once it all heat eyeball heat itup put these babies in and when they’redone the oven they should be a nicegolden brown in the late Henry cloththen just

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