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The Day Before the Fast | Cook With Me | Keto Cookies + Beef and Broccoli

Emily talks about how her diet is going during the quarantine, goes crazy for house plants, tries out a new keto cookie baking mix and makes a Chinese take out inspired beef and broccoli dish that’s keto friendly!

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Red chili sauce-
Xanthan gum-

Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker:

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Video Transcription

hi I’m Emily from the Quito twins and Ihave lost over 90 pounds on theketogenic lifestyle and on our Channelthe keto twins or keto twins we talkabout all things keto so pleasesubscribe I would do a little cook withme or whatever and I’ll be making aChinese takeout inspired beef andbroccoli I was thinking that I reallymissed Chinese food so I am going to betrying to make a beef and broccoliover Colly fried rice for dinner acouple members from our group also sentus these cookies to try out so I’m goingto be making the snickerdoodles onetoday so thanks a chance and Kimberlyfor setting those to us we reallyappreciate itover the past month or so I havedefinitely gained about 10 to 15 poundsso I’m not happy about that I weighed itlike 187 today which is crazy because amonth and a half ago I was 170 pounds Iknow a lot of that’s water weight butstill I planning on making a bunch ofthis stuff today but tomorrow I’mplanning on either doing one meal a dayor completely fasting depending on howI’m feeling I know a lot of you havealso commented that you’re not feelingmotivated because of everything that’sgoing on and I was reading a bunch ofarticles about it and that it’s normalsome people will go into the situationwith the quarantine everything like thatthey go into it like really motivated tobe productive and then they’re notproductive and other people they turnout to be super productive in underlockdown so I think that just variesperson to person and I don’t reallythink that we can predict how we’regonna react until something like thishappens and since it hasn’t happenedbefore no one really knew like how itwas gonna turn out like I I the firstcouple days that I thought I was gonnabe super productive actually you’ll seethis the Shelf I ordered all thecomponents online and I stained it andeverything like that and this isprobably the biggest project that I’vedone since being in corn can actuallyproduct myself I actually painted thosepots too and planted up thosethey’re just like really cheap plantsfrom Home Depot and I’ve been wanting todo it for a long time but never gotaround to doing it I’ve had my house forfive years I bought my house five yearsago so I’m proud of myself that Iactually did it I’m planning on gettingsome new artwork in those frames as wellbut yeah I’m definitely not asproductive or as motivated as I thoughtthat I would be I’m I don’t know if it’sdepressed but just kind of feelingoverall like just gray about this wholething and the the trees I’m looking atmy window right now the trees arestarting to bud up and everything’sgonna turn green too and it’s just kindof like the uncertainty if not reallyknowing like what what this summer isgonna be like is everybody gonna be okayand I don’t know I I know that there’splenty of people that do not care abouttheir diet right now and I I was likethat for a couple weeks but now I reallywant to get back on because overall Ifeel so much better when I do strictketo when I’m not eating as much as I’meating and you know I was starting tofeel really really good about being 170pounds and now I just feel biggerso yeah it’s four hours a new day you’llprobably be seeing this tomorrow but I’mexcited for this upcoming week and thisthis new these next weeks where I wantto try to turn this shelter-in-placearound and be more productive than I wasthis past month and I have I would sayone of the best ways to stay motivatedto keep your food interesting on ketoand there are so many recipes out therenow that there’s really no excuse youcould probably find almost anything hedefied like the other day I was like wowI’m really jonesing for a chicken potpieand I didn’t end up making it but I justgoogled it to see and guess what thereis a recipe for chicken Akito chickenpot pie pie using fat head dough soliterally there’s every recipe out thereyou just have to go look and since weall have so much time to be spending athome doing you know nothing these arethe times where you can make theseextravagant recipes to keep you to keepyourself busyI’m also ordered like a needlepoint kitoff of Amazon and I thought you knowcomes with the hoop and it’s got likeyou know needlepoint I’ve never done itbefore and it was like twelve dollars orsomething and I thought hey that’sreally pretty I could like frame itafterwards I don’t know I’m like tryingto to keep occupied during this time somaking new recipes and starting newhobbies like that and DIY stuff iswhat’s gonna keep me busy and feelinggood and feeling like I’m accomplishingsomething during this very weird timeHui okay I’m also wearing my hair in abun today I got this thing called thepony oh bun bar something and this isthe first time I’ve ever worn a bun inmy hair and it’s interesting I kind offeel like a genie personal I don’t knowit’s I’m kind of getting used to it soum this is like I’m trying to do more ofa casual type of yeah with fakeeyelashes and everything but um Henry’skind of wrung himself on me right now sofirst of all I’m going to make theseKido kiss my Kidosnickerdoodle cookies Kimberly a chancefrom our group keto chat support andmotivation on Facebook they sent usthese to try out so I’m excited to dothat so it doesn’t seem like it’s toohard to make all I need is deep bakingmix and egg melted butter and vanillaextract so that’s what we’re gonna do Iactually havesome of these employees smoked chocolatechips I think I’m gonna add these inthere these are really really goodsomething else kind of cool team todaywhich is good and bad because I want tostart fasting tomorrow and but wedecided to buy an ice cream makerjust because we’re spending so muchmoney on rebel ice cream and all theseother types of ice creams and I figureit might be fun fun kind of quarantinething to make our own ice cream so thiswas I think 39.99 on Amazon you need touse ice and rock salt which I don’t haveany rock salt we’re actually ice cuz ourice machine is broken and ourrefrigerator so I’m gonna have to go getsome of that but this is gonna be fun toplay with hopefully sometime this weekso here are our ingredients you have onebag four tablespoons of melted buttersome vanilla extract and chocolate chipseven though the recipe does not call forchocolate chips the recipe does not Imean the box obviously does not sayanything about chocolate chips just Ihonestly don’t want them in my houseanymorebecause I’m going to be starting fastinghopefully tomorrow and I just can’t havethis stuff around I am too weak I am aweak mind to be having anything oftemptation around so I don’t want tolike play with the ice cream maker yet Idon’t want to have anything good that’sgonna tempt me because I need to getback on track and the only way for me todo that is to get rid of all temptationand that means not having chocolatechips that are really really good layingaround the house so I’m using them todayI mean I’m even though if that reallydoes that make senseI don’t know like oh it just to eat ittoday so you don’t eat it tomorrowwhatevertasted the the mix and it actuallytastes really good it does taste like asnickerdoodle so I’m excited hmm okay soalready I feel like I’ve messed upbecause the package says 12 and yet Ihave six here and not that much left sothat’s good hmm maybe I mean I made themtoo bigobviously oh um so that’s here bake themfor 14 minutes I put a couple of chipsin some and not any others we’ll see howthey how they do have it at 325 mytripod has now gone from a tripod to abipod to a one pod to a we don’t haveanything left I have to to get a new onethis is pathetic these are the thingsthat you can like make them stand up butI obviously bought a cheap one aprofessional V lager I am now let’s justput that way so now that we have thecookies in the oven I’m gonna clean upthis mess that I’ve made I have my meatdefrosting for the what am I makingum beef and broccoli here’s the beefpart it is grass-fed Flatiron steak isdefrosting are any of you aware thatthere’s kind of a plant mania going onin this country right now maybe even theworld I have only been able to keep acouple of house plants alive and Istarted to get the plant bug if you willI got this plant from Aldi for fivedollars and I’vekind of split it up and put it into alittle pot I can show it to you but thisis the leftover of that plant actually Ihave other plants I got from Home Depotfor 399 that I put on a shelf in my rooma snake plant and like some kind ofpepperoni plant and whatever anywaythose plants for 399 from Home Depot soI thought you know there’s so manybeautiful plants like maybe I can lightup my plant game right and so I wentdown this like dark dark path like aplant shopping online and like did youknow that there’s like plants that areselling for like seven or eight hundreddollars well seriously $700 I waslooking up a plant shop in Illinois inChicago a couple miles from my house andthey had this plant and I said oh that’spretty because it’s kind of got its gotvariegated white and like green and I’mlike someone else asked on theirInstagram post how much and they’re likeoh this is $750 I’m like and I wasdoubting playing like $5.99 for a $4.99for a plant people are paying $750 for aplant that’s crazy anyway so I’ve beenlooking up different you know variegatedcheaper plants for me to buy this wouldbe conservative irrigated but this isnot like the rare one the mont monsterais like the one with the holes in itthey were like oh 10 10 years ago youcould have bought this plant no a coupleyears ago you could bought this plantfor $10 and now like the ones with thegenetic mutation of having white partson it they’re like 500 dollars anyway Ithink I’ll just stick I’ll just stick tomy cheap 3 94 99 plants 399 plants youknow also I think I might have used likeoh my godoh look all that effortI guess that’s why you don’t buyeyelashes for ten cents you buy them fora little bit more honestly though Inever usually have a problem with theseeyelashes whatever oh what’s thatOh anyway um just ignore my eyelashdon’t look at it stop looking at it um Ionly use about two tablespoons of thisso uh back into the pantry it goes Iguess see this is why I can’t have ithere no I’m gonna take those out look atmy chip distribution needs work symmetryyeah love that equal shapes and sizes Iam a terrible cook I just realized thisthis stuff um this is hazelnut coffeecreamer it’s a zero grams of sugar 50calories 2 grams of protein great it’sreally really good but this is anotherthing that I’m going to be cutting outtomorrow I just can’t I can’t eat that Ican’t I can’tI drink too much of it it’s like oh yeahjust have one cup of coffee I drink 20cups of coffee a day I’m not really butyou know I’m having one right now so Ihave to go back to just the basics youknow I have not been using sweetener inmy coffee for the last year either but Istarted doing that that’s another thingthat’s gonna go tomorrow tomorrow I saidtomorrow not today not right nowmmm I love hazelnut but like I said thisis why this is why I can’t have it Idon’t know I can’t do moderationit’s gotta go no more starting tomorrowno more at least for a month let’s justdo a month of strict all mad or fastingwho’s in anybody in is it just me andSarah maybe after I eat everything todayincluding tons more coffee cookies thatare cooling off right now that I haven’ttried yet beef and broccoli overcauliflower rice after I’m done eatingall that tomorrow fasting every cookieis a different size that’s not thecompany’s fault this is my fault becauseyou know I suck but anyway it doesn’tmatter how it looks really I’m notselling these so let’s see how it tastesmmm it’s super soft definitely tasteslike a snickerdoodle haven’t had this ina long timehmmwith coffee oh yes sirhonestly it’s not to sleep which Iactually like cuz I’m not used to eatingthat sweet of stuff anymore so if it wastoo sweet like to fake sweet it wouldkind of bug me but it tastes really goodThank You chance and Kimberly forsending these to us I have to youdon’t know I have Brad fry them righthere we have cauliflower rice Turay youmove that all over and a little bit ofoil and we’re going to add onion andhalf of a red bell pepper I just letthose cook while we get started onhooking up our meat here’s our meat I’mjust gonna get this started frying upjust 1 minute on each side you also havesome broccoli that I have started freesteam so it should come together veryfastall right so now it’s going to be thesauce time I have all the ingredientshere it’s mainly soy sauce pack brownsugar this is the swerve brown sugarreplacement smells like brown sugar Ihave C anthem gum just to thicken itsesame oil and fish sauce just ateaspoon of eachsome rice wine vinegar some fresh gratedginger some grated garlic and somechilli sauce and that’s gonna be whatour sauce is made of I’m gonna put thisin the pan that I cooked the meat in andwe’ll see how that goes all right sweepapack bring swerve sesame fish oil andall of the other stuff mix it alltogetherhave that combined and in a coupletablespoons of soy sauce into there thisis going to be the xantham and I’m goingto get sprinkle this in and then likequickly again xanthan gum is tricky likethat you gotta get it gonna turn inright awaythank you back in our meat our broccolithat I have seen I’m going to try tocoat the entirety of this sauce so therewe have our beef and broccoli keto fineand I’m just gonna grab a fork and tryityou see that the sauce is nice and thickit’s sweet its tangy it’s vinegary andit’s um hitting the spot right now thankyou for hanging out with me today I’mmaking the cookies and um justchit-chatting and hopefully this weekthis upcoming weekwill be a successful week for me becauseI need one I need a win and if you’dlike to see my Kido orange chickenrecipe click here and we’ll see you overthereanyway I’m Emily from the keto trendsigning outyou

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