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Learn how to make chocolate chip cookies!!!! Quarantine talent

In this video you will learn how to make chocolate chip cookies!!!

This recipe really easy to follow and turns out great .We managed to make around 15 cookies using using the same measurements.

This is really easy and here are the ingredients:
.wheat flour
.baking soda
. chocolate chips

These cookies turned out really tasty 😍😍😍
My whole family loved the cookies a lot. Especially my brother.

When you bite into the cookies you get really crunchy sound. And then you just start chewing into really gooey cookie which just takes you to a whole new universe and they turned out great . I really recommend this recipe and also this recipe is not mine.

Recipe : Mrs Kiran Akbar
Voice over:Shivam Rao
Tiara Rao
Camera:Ashish Rao
Tiara Rao
Editing:Tiara Rao
Artist:Tiara Rao

Thank you so much for watching this video. I really hope that you guys enjoyed it. Please like this video and subscribe to my channel and also do share this video with loads of friends. I am really sorry for not posting videos for soooo long but I will now try to post as often as possible.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys what’s up welcome back to mychannel and today I’m going to beteaching you how to make some reallyamazing chocolate chip cookies and thisvideo has twists so stay tuned to seewhat it islet’s go so start off with one cup ofwheat flour next add in some baking soda1/4 teaspoon of salt now in another bowltake 1/4 cup of vegetable oil and add1/3 cup of milk to it hmmm what is thislooks pretty coolwe need an approval from you ok lookspretty nice I wonder how it tastescan I taste it yet no not yet wait oksmells good call me later okayhey do you need anything else okayyou can I just laid a chicken eggcracking one egg now that looks coolnow add a little bit of good oneteaspoon should be enough and also addin half a cup of sugarnext week one small teaspoon of vanillaessencewhat did you are you did not call meLuke skin anyways they don’t give thisall the big stir now you can slowlystart mixing in your wet ingredients andyour dry ingredients adding a little bitat a time will really help just keep onmixing it you may have to go in withtheir hands after some time this is howthe dough should look and now you canalso cut up some dark chocolate if youlike and add it into the cookie doughdue to the lockdown I don’t think thatchocolate chips are available so this isa better option to use chop it up andadd to your dough studiesmix it with your hands feels like clayand smells so good this is how it shouldlook at the end of the day here I havegreased my baking tray added a piece ofbutter paper on top of it and greased itwith oil make small balls with yourcookie dough and flatten it out your ishow your cookie should look we’ve alsoadded some butter in the side just toenhance the flavor and in the centerwe’ve added some salt just as you cansee we just try to experiment but thisis totally optionalnow pre-heat your oven to 205 degreesCelsius they are just preheating now onour oven is preheated it has started tobe so now we can place in our cookiesthey already look so tasty[Music]let us bake for around 15 minutes sohere are our cookies they are allcompleted and they are so soft frominside and crunchy from the outside andit tastes so goodwhoa it looks so good I know right I’mso excited to eat it all up thank youdearyou’re welcome let’s start the party whynot yeah so that is how simple it is tomake yourself a really amazing batch ofchocolate chip cookies I really hopethat you guys enjoyed itdo share this video with loads offriends and comment down below whatwould you like to see next and also likethis video and subscribe to my channel Iwill see you guys next timebye[Music]

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