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How To Bake NHS Heart Cookies

In this video you will learn how to bake delicious cookies to impress your friends and family.
This video is dedicated to the NHS who are helping us get through these hard times.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys welcome at my channel and todaywe’re going to be making biscuits pleasesay you will need hundred grams of softunsalted butter some staff plain flour 1large egg 100 grams of fat and 100 gramsof sifted flour pre-heat your oven 200degreeso 356 Fahrenheit or 4.25 gasps mark nowget your sugar and pour it into a ball[Music]then as[Music][Applause]now either for submit until completelysloppy[Music]that night a mixtape is fully mixed pouran echo[Music]now mix it now extra step what’s in thesifted flour[Music]now use your hands – knees[Music]put your mixture into the fridge for 30minutesthis will harden it so it’s easier toroll out now your mixture is out thefridge just flour over your surface[Music][Music]now take your licks get out of your bowlI am except it’s out the pole use therolling pin a rose hat[Music]just flour onto your own pan so itdoesn’t stick to the mixture[Music]now use a cookie cutter in this case I’musing a heart[Music][Applause][Music]nice hotel oil shapeuseful set green tea partythis will make sure that the biscuitsdon’t stick to the pan now johanssonbriefstransfer all your biscuits on to this[Music]and they got[Music]baking time is 10 to 15 minutes now it’snot see this is a bobiscuits are out of the oven and cookedtwice you will need water and siftingIsis[Music]I supported election today is no drop[Applause]instead[Music]now I stupid gifts[Music][Laughter][Music][Applause][Music]

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