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StrawBerry ShortCake Cookies | Easy & Delicious Recipe


Heyyyy My Loves!! In todays videos my sons and I will be baking Strawberry ShortCake Cookies. This video is beginner friendly and so easy. The cookies are so good and moist. I got this video idea from Divas Can Cook. Try it, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Make sure you SUBSCRIBE AND TURN YOUR POST NOTIFICATION ON!!!

Ingredients Used:
4oz cream cheese (room temperature)
1 stick of softened butter
1 cup white sugar
1 egg
2 cups flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 cup white chocolate chips
1 1/2 cups frozen strawberries diced into tiny pieces

Oven on 350
Cook for 15-18 mins

Line cookies sheet with parchment sheet and use a ice scooper or spoon to scoop out the cookie dough

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Camera Used:
Canon Rebel T5

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to my channel myname is Kiki and in today’s video wewill be yes me and my two sons are baconstrawberry shortcake cookies we got thisvideo idea from divas can cook and nowwe’re gonna see if we can make the samecookies that she made but even better solet’s get started yeah and I will leavea list of all the ingredients that I amusing today in the description box yeahbe sure to give this video a thumbs upand if you have it already do like mysunset and subscribe to the channelalright you guys ready yeah what are wedoing firstwhat well then we’re gonna add the creamcheese cream cheese cream cheese and abutterI can’t who’s gonna do about it me toousing the blender to blend it out andget it smooth[Music][Music]you know all right so now we’re gonnaadd out egg yeah yep and now we’re gonnado itmove it around like Shahada[Applause][Applause]all rightall right so we mixed in the creamcheese butter egg and sugar you can justmix it around all right so you want yourmix to look like this nice and smoothand creamy then we’re going to add ourflour put the flour in it yes didn’t youwant me to do it then we’re gonna add inthe baking powder baking soda and saltjust dump the whole thing yeah nice andnow is the fun part disturbing you justmissed the whole bowl so now we’re goingto mix this real good now come in nobecause it’s gonna be I’m losing moreflour than anything all right so you’regonna keep stirring until it looks likedough all right so we are mixing tryingto get it to like dough consistency inmy arm is hurting and now they’re tryingto help yeah and I think that’s goodenoughso we’re gonna add our frozenstrawberries I’m using frozenstrawberries if you want to use regularfresh strawberries is up to you whowants it supported methat one’s gonna go all Abedinand now I need to find that and then weneed a mixer for a little bit and thenwe need to pour this so how to knowseverything that we’re doing he said weput the strawberries in we mix it andthen we add the white chocolate chipsand this is the white chocolate chipsthat we’re usingTollhouse mix it mix it mix it mix mixmix who’s gonna eat these cookies mewe know howdy is you can go make stuffwith me and will not eat it don’t youhe doesn’t eat anything doesn’t trysnacks we eat Oreos so now we’re gonnaadd the white chocolate chipsgo ahead king wants to try one thank youI’m gonna mix this soon you like it yesso then you should try to cookie itsmells goodthe strawberries the right dog okay yeahI think you can’t eat away the piecethat’s why not gonna be so hard thewhite thing the chocolate chipsno the other one madelook what white like a walk all right Ithink I mixed it in pretty good now youneed to put this okay so look it outcookie mixture Dada[Music]smells so good and it’s gonna taste evenbetter now we’re gonna get our cookingour cookie sheet all right so we haveour oven on 350 degrees we have ourcookie sheet and we have a ice creamscooper gonna do is we’re gonna scoop upsome of the cookie dough and put it ontothe baking sheet so good so if you guystry it it’s gonna give us a picture goodone on IG my link to my Instagram is inthe description box and now we post thepictures of your cookies and if you doit with your kids include them to takescoops like this good this is somethingfun for everybody to do duringquarantine make your time useful do funthings with your kids bake teach themhow to cook different things watchdifferent movies read books things likethat to keep yourself busy so you don’tgo crazyso we’re baking all right your turn mygood mommy yes not so big shotno get enough in an ice cream scooperKingston I don’t know guys these looklike they’re gonna be some big cookiesas greedy sitting here licking hisfingers bring it to the edge put it herenot too close good they’re gonna spreadout then we’re gonna put it on 350 wedon’t bake it for about 10 minutes andthe way we want to take make two batchesout cookie not that big all right sowe’re gonna take some strawberries okaybook it plus it and add it on the topit’s okay you do itnothing’s perfectyeah well you can do is try putsomething there all right so we’re goingto take our cookies and we’re going toput it in the oven about 10-15 minutesbut I’m gonna keep watching it and I’llsee I’ll take it out when I think it’sready so we’ll be backcookies so I’ll cook you the may they’redone they’re a little big to kiss butthey’re done who want to eat somecookies so to make sure our cookies aredone I have put it in for ten minutesbecause that’s what she did in the videobut no I left it in for about 15 to 18minutes and to check to make sure mycookies were done I took my toothpickand stuck it in the middle came backcleanso I know they’re done so guys who’sgonna eat some cookies it’s hot right soHadi’s gonna take a piece of the cookielook do you see that take a bite oh yeahthat’s good I never had strawberryshortcake cookies and I just ate dinnerbut this cookie says should we get onetoday hold on it is cookie it’s goodwhen you bite into itall right Kings gonna give it to himwhen you bite into this cookie you cantaste the strawberries and because itare bacon – bacon powder on the bakingsoda I made a nice and softcuz I don’t like hard cookies soI’ll cookie the done they taste good Ihope you guys try it make sure yousubscribe to my channel give this videoa thumbs up let’s get to a thousandsubscribers guys we can do this untilnext time stay safe stay healthy behealthy be bless make sure you do yourmove with your kids- anyway bus and be blessed

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