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Homemade Cookies || Cookies Recipe || One Cookie Dough || 5 types

Hey guys,

I decided to make this recipe because once in a while you just need something to snack on, especially in this lock down period when you can be tired of eating a proper meal. This cookie can be kept for 2-3months and still taste as good.

This recipe is so versatile; you can change the toppings, switch things up and include whatever you want.
This is also good for lactose intolerant people because it doesn’t include eggs or milk that most cookie recipes include.

1 kilo butter
3.5 cups sugar
1.5 kilo flour
1 table spoon Baking powder
1 tea spoon Baking soda
1 table spoon vanilla, butterscotch and condensed milk Flavor
1 cup Oat/almond/ flour

Bake for 20 mins 180 degrees

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Location: Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa

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Video Transcription

and welcome back to my channel if youare a new subscriber welcome we’re gonnago step if you are a returningsubscriber my gonna put in to the partwhere I say that thank you guys so muchfor your support again of the real geezso today I have my head to the back nomakeup because we are going to be bakingand that open eye makeup you don’t gowell together so come with me as youmake amazing cookies so this recipe isquick it is tasty and it is easy it’ssuper easy so what the kombu is to havean amazing snack I grew up eating thesecookies like my more minutesI’m just practicing individual packs youknowsave me to scratch the point I was atthey’re selling it for my classmatesthat were Chili’s I’m sorry guys we’regoing to be my snacks but I saw mebecause he was so beautiful and so shepassed the recipe down to me a wonderfuldaughter and now I’ll be passing it downsee you guys I’m with you that’s it’syour children but remember me when youstart making money from it anyways girls your head to the back guyscome here let’s be back and let’s getbakingso here I measured one kilo of butterand now I’m adding three and a half cupsof sugar and then we put it in a mixeryou can use it any small mixer but sinceI’m making this amountit’s that it’s used a bigger mixer[Music]please ensure that you scrape the sidesso when you get it out of the mixer youdon’t have little here I’m putting moneyleft leave or one tablespoon of each ofthe flavors through one tablespoon ofthe vanilla flavor and then a onetablespoon of the butterscotch flavorand also one tablespoon of the condensedmilk flavor as you can see here and thenyou turn on the mixer and allow it tomix it should be not not for too longlike you’re mixing cake and so there youhave it I’m scraping the sides againjust to get everything together so Idon’t have anything listed so I’mmeasuring one and a half yeah when onlyhalf kilos of flour and that’s it thereand now you see if you have to save yourflour because of lumps and again ithelps to incorporate air inside theflour so I’m seeing the flour I’m addingone teaspoon of bicarbonate soda andthen I would also add I also see this tomove all the lumps and see because hegets all on top sometimes such assipping it out and then I would also addone tablespoon or teaspoon but onetablespoon of baking powderso one tablespoon of baking powder orone teaspoon of baking soda these willalso be sieved to remove any sort oflumpsso here I put my butter mixture in aclean bowl and then I’m going to beadding the flour half by half somebodyfirst add I just added the first halfand just going to incorporate that CCthe we are mixing it just trying to pushit all together yeah look at the pastrywhen still needs more flour that’s themany half yeah I’m adding oats hadalready blended some oats in the foodprocessor I’m adding it you don’t haveto include this you can include almondflour you don’t even have to include anysoap or I just feel he it gives it thiscrunch so now that’s his oat flour youcan add almond you can add coconut oryou can even leave it that way so I’veadded do you meaning half of the flourand that’s your pastry not creamy butnot so hard it’s still soft and now youcan you can roll it out and cut it withcookie cutter PO I find this methodextremely easy you don’t have to haveany sorts of equipment you don’t have tohave cookie cutter or really pin nothingyou just really with your hands and putit down now you just take your fork andpress it you can do whatever style youlike I just press it press it downnicely and I’m going to do that for allthe pastry now look at thatthat is the plain one and now we’regoing to go over to making differenttypes here I just got chocolates fromthe fridge you can have kids cut whatabout chocolates you have and just mashit if you have the already packedchocolate chips good if you don’t thiswould also work andyeah that’s it has a little caramelinside so very yummythat’s our coconuts and now to theground nuts for the peanut butter pastryso just equally mean whatever ha niceanything and just tries to crush it abit and there you have it so in anotherBowl you put in some pastry since we’renot doing everything hope you knowbutter so I’m just removing some andthen adding peanut butter just enoughyou can add as much as you want or forthis I’m going to add about 2tablespoons of the mix of the peanutbutter and mix in yep nothing shall bewasted so I’m just going to add that andthen mix it up mix it in it can be allmessy but that’s the fun of itand now we add the cronuts or the almondor whatever not you like but I’m justadding ground nuts here because it wasreadily available in my house now it’sall incorporated and it’s time to rolljust like you saw in the basic plainones you’re just going to roll it againand repeat the entire process of rollingand then pressing it down no so I’m justgoing to set that aside I move on to themarble one here you’re just going toreceive cocoa flour just as if it’sagain to remove any lumps you don’t wantto lumps just spread it out so you canuse your tray or whatever now you’regoing to roll the pastry or the doughagain and just really bring it into thecocoa flour you’re going to see that inin minutes okay so I’m lazy so it justdoes its move it around and I like to befully covered and then we take it overto the tree so with the peanut butteryou just put it on the tray mind you thetrays are all but add boiled whatever Ijust put butter and now you press itdown can’t see how beautiful it’slooking already you see the vanilla packcoming out and then you have thechocolate at the side so gives yougiving you the marble effect now that’sthe peanut butter just mash it down alittle it looks similar to vanilla butcolor is slightly different if you cansee because of the peanut butter and thetaste is obviously a lot differentit has knots in it and so I’m going overto do the coconut for the coconutbecause I’m lazy and we’re trying to doeverything quick and easy I have somecoconut chips I’m just going to pressdown the vanilla one and then add thecoconut to the top of itso I’ve already crushed it in the toolit was a lot longer than thisyou didn’t put seeds on top of each oneand this puts it as generously as youwould want but here I’m just going toput some trying to press it into the thepastry and then use the again topress down or you can put it before andthen press down any one you prefer anyone that is going to be easier for youjust go ahead and try it now gets intoour chocolate one that has some caramelinside so get out your old Chuck leavesour home and just press your pastry theway you sees on the screen add somechocolate that’s been cut and just pressit along with it just use your twopounds and press that’s all that is allguys that’s why I said this method isjust super easy you don’t need anytreatment as long as you have your handsjust press it and you’re good to go sonow every single one has been done thisis the last one and then we’re going totake our fork really soon and use it topress it down so that’s the pastry thedough isn’t too thick you don’t want Cto thick so you can cook throughproperly and not have the underneathbonds and oh and this cookie isn’t itsoft cookies the Quan Chi one that youcan put ice cream in the middle you knowjust play along enjoy yourself and becalories and so that is the chocolatechip like I said if you have chocolatechips at home fine and look at this trayyou have the marble the coconuts thepeanuts just looking beautiful and thisis before it is even baked that’s all sothis first but now they are baked justlook at how gorgeous they look guys thecoconut has browned up oh the chocolatehas melted caramel if you guys need totry this honestly you need to try it andso there you have it simple quick andeasy just like I promised and just takea look at that like and the good thingabout this you can store it for monthsjust have a cookie jar like this it’sproperly sealed airtight and you aregood to go[Music]come to the end of this video I hope youenjoyed every minute of these pleaseremember to like you know to get thatillumi to subscribe to share and toleave a comment down below I hope youhave your cookie Jia and I hope you tryit and you know just enjoy Valley view’speriod give it to your kids you know andjust enjoy it till next time[Music]you

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