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How to bake Oatmeal Raisin Cookies #withme | Jimmy Butler Vlogs

I get a cheat meal once a week, so I have to make it count. Follow me as I show you How to make easy oatmeal raisin cookies.► SUBSCRIBE:

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Executive Producers: Jimmy Butler, Darryl Omar
Director/Editor: Darryl Omar.

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Video Transcription

like so abracadabrammm fresh cookies welcome to my youtubechannel it’s me Jimmy Butler theexecutive chef executive Baker executivetravel executive everything today is mycheat day this is my sous chef whichnobody really cares about Ali from AliAbabwa so today was my cheat day and Idecided for my tea day I’m gonna bake mesome cookies what kind of cookies I knowyou’re asking what kind of cookies we’regonna go with oatmeal raisin for the winright sous chef great great sous cheffor the win over razor so we got tostart with some of the dry ingredientshere make sure this is flour in thatsugar that is nasty this is definitelyflour 1 teaspoon teaspoon baking sodacome on sous-chef executive says don’treally do everything we just look overpeople they don’t go thereyou will get fired you’re supposed toknow you learning unto me you have ateaspoon of cinnamon a teaspoon whichall how can you tell between teaspoonand tablespoon yes B no one of them gota big t another one got a little T wellwe got the bootleg ones because both ofthem got little T’s on there but one istsp and one is T TV a TBS P that’sprobably tablespoon but a little bit hedon’t yeah dry itthat’s the executive chef get back youyou keep you taking too longnobody got time for all this relaxhalf a T 1/2 a teaspoon of ground nutmegyou can’t just use any nutmeg what insee from where I’m from nutmeg is whenyou kick a ball through somebody’s legsso we’re gonna do some maththat’s a dollar in the cuss jar we’regonna do some math for everybody at homeif you only have a fourth of a teaspoonwhich is what I have hereyou just use two because then that’s 2/4which um what’s the word no it’s a wordlike it’s like common denominator butit’s a word whenever you likesimplify it when you simplify to forceyou get I’ll tell you what and all thesekids doing zoom nowadays because I gotto do it zoom over here and I can take amath how much salt do we need 3/4 of ateaspoon not today we just gone I testit that’s good you saw that though onetwo three all right so now you mix allright that’s enoughI think we good ha that’s the firstportion my bad was talking too fast youknow a little bit of salat is my cookiesso it doesn’t matter exactly now you gotthe sugar but that doesn’t go in hereall I did sell this stuff we’re gonnatake it over here to the blender to themixer not the blender to the mixersous-chef please do your job quickermore precision to it get this stuff overhere give me the two these are ostricheggs it makes a big difference bigdifference when a duck butter duckbutter ostrich eggsit matters what goes in the bowl firstuh just making sure you knew you knowyou call yourself a sous chef but don’treally know what you’d be doing whatkind of butter this is duck buttertrash next yeah I may add your sugarsreally what you did a good job add twosugars how much is in there then half acup to half a cups of brown sugaryou wanna Seuss it go ahead since Augustto go ahead and Seuss up go is your showsous-chef go I will fire you gosous-chef tilt the thing to the backwaityou happy now my goodness see that youattach it like that there raise the ballwith L lever switch it on medium creamthe sugar and the butter onlyprofessionals know how to do let’s seeif he can do it one arm okay okay I seewhat you did I got to do it from thisside cuz if I do it from over there wellyou let me do my egg first then I crackmy egg now max this is yolk[Music]yeahsous-chef Ted tell tell them sous-chefyou’re gonna incorporate your flourmixture old-fashioned rolled oats add alittle grapes that have been in the Sunfor a lot of time we good we we notgonna do this part you gonna do thispart because I feel like as theExecutive Chef I’ve been doing way toomuch you don’t feel out you takingforever to do this refrigerate that for40 45 minutes to an hourvoila 45 to an hour look it’s alreadyout the fridge back over to this side ofthe baking area that has a silicone mator you can use paper if you don’t haveparchment paper parchment paperparchment paper by let’s just start offwith all right I was gonna tell him whatto do for this recipe after you scoopyour cookie dough you want to press itdown a little bitlike so don’t do that that’s actuallynot what you want to do I got way tooexcited I got way too excited so I’mgonna edit back I’m gonna put this backin the bowl we’re gonna do another scoopnow so after you scoop and then youplace on the silicon mat or parchmentpaper you press down lightly like so seethat BAM now we already preheated ouroven to 350 degrees that’s 50 degreesabove there you goso now we’re gonna place this on the topmiddle or lower rack middle rack is whatthese five delicious cookies are goingon here sous-chef abracadabra and looklook nine minutesthis cookie keep moving all the otherones don’t move but this one look yousee that five cookies not moving becausethey’re fresh out AHA and that is howyou make jimmies personal recipe ofoatmeal raisin mmm fresh cookiesyou

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