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Come Make Cookies with Us!

Come Make Cookies with Us!
Oatmeal sunshine cookies:
1/2 cup butter (softened)
1 cup brown sugar
1 egg
1 cup flour
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1 Tablespoon grated orange/lemon/lime juice
2 Tablespoons orange or lime juice
1.5 cups regular oats (uncooked)
1/2 cups raisins
1/4 cups pecans

-Cream butter, gradually add sugar, beating at medium speed of an electric mixer until light and fluffy
-Add egg and beat well
-Combine flour soda and salt; add to creamed mixture, mixing well. Stir in rind, juice, oats, raisins, and pecans.
-Drop dough by rounded teaspoonfuls onto greased cookie sheets.
-Bake at 350 degrees F. for 10-12 min. or until lightly browned.
-Cool on cookie sheets; remove cookies to wire racks to cool completely.
-Yields 4 dozen

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Video Transcription

jeez hey guys I feel alive is we’realiveyes we’re like sorry I don’t know whathappened on the last one it just endedand said for some reason our video isviolating Community Guidelineswhich is really frustrating becauseYouTube is sent out I think to allyoutubers saying that their staff is alot lower so they’re not going to beable to manually review things they’rejust gonna like do so if this is just agame join us on Facebook okay and youdon’t even have to wait for a blog postbecause I’m gonna post this in thecomments if you happen to be one of thelucky few who has eggs or butter we areusing our last supplies of that for somefun cookies to take to my parents andfor us to eat and Jorge do you likemaking cookiesGeorgia stop snapping recently which isfun it’s a it’s taken away our free timeduring the days of college but also hegoes to sleep really easily at nightokay so what happened I think Iexplained it before everybody got backon it for some reason got flagged islike inappropriate no idea why but Iknow that YouTube is like really low onstaff to review these things that areflagged so I think it’s just likedeleting things all night so if ithappens again you go join us on Facebookbecause if we get cut off again we’lljust go live on Facebook I don’t knowGeorgeunfiltered who knows what he’s gonna sayOh Katya is watching from Portugal whatis a lockdown Portugalall dried up so I’m just trying to getus what can I do for you you can sign Ijust okay this is the mixture out okaythat’s the recipe we’ll post it in thecomments after this but they’re calledsunshine cookies because they’re I don’tknow but there’s also lime and lemon andorange in them and they’re just reallyreally they really do taste likesunshine Olivia we’re on lockdown inUtah we are not on like officiallockdown but unofficiallyin California heard on the keyboard okayso my sugar is really hard but I justkind of added about two cups to here andI’m doubling so you don’t technicallyneed that much that was gonna get me themixer to mix it up um let’s see what areyou guys can you give me them two handmixers oh yes my two and three you’regoing to talk to Jo shoutout to maximizeitoh sorry max sorry lady he’s watchingwhat are you watching George who’swatching tangled right nowholy crap I’ve never seen you guys onactual life Amanda we don’t come onYouTube light enough we do go live moreoften on Facebook we’ll just figure allof you guys are following us on Facebooktoo and but if you’re not go follow uson there but we should go live onYouTube more often to one of you guyssent us this D remember when we got thisit was like easy it was like three yearsago in the apartmentsyet cuz I didn’t have one and then wegot look for one Pete there’s a videowhere you were making something like himthank you I mean people felt bad for youand you got like two or three reallyhard what earth should i microwave thiswithout help my sugar because it’s inlike bricks this is also why we don’t dolive cooking shows I’m gonna readpeople’s comments to see what tips theyhave about chunky chunky brown sugarBrenda says she likes your sweater kayak1981 says yes microwave it and so doesBrandi yeah and a lot of people areasking how we’re doing after theearthquake Cindy also confirms thatmicrowave and then willow says have anairtight container so that that doesn’tmake chunks microwavable was a littlebit of water says Ashley D there’sbutter in there it’s not good enough :yeah we did watch the the semen episodeit’s hilarious from the Grand Tour thethree British guys love those guys somuch so funny oh Jenny says no water ashit’s conflicting advice and part of howto get this softerokay most people are asking how we’redoing after the earthquake we’re doingjust fine thank you guys so much thechemical leak was the dissipated and itwas deemed no longer a threat so wedidn’t have to evacuate the wholeneighborhood which really no we didn’teven say everybody hanging sorry thatnight yeah you’re not still in our houseokay bloggers all you see is thefinished photo who knows how many bagsof dried brush you’re gonna go throughto get to that photo the vloggers on theI Hannah show the whole processbeginning to endkill the sugar okay all week the mainnews that we get is like what’s going onhere in the United States about thequarantine you know people are welagging a lot you guys I hope it doesn’tcut out again lots of people are askingus to make a new intro video actionhere’s the thing no I’ll let you YouTubefriends you can do it just for you tooso we mainly post all of our videos tofacebook and Facebook fans are fickletell me what you like actually watch ourvlog a lot of them would just turn itoff during their trip maybe things arenot true to actually fans you shouldmake it intro for all the Trude actuallyfans and it will weed out all the peoplewho don’t actually care about being thanthe – the family the intro staying atlots of people are saying it’s actuallycrushing the sugar should be the newintro – Lilly’s done ok that’s our newintro thank you for the idea hey I likelittle crunchy bits of evenness in mycookies that’s all I’ve ever known maybemaybe this will be the new secret tothis cookielike chunks of brown sugar and okay ifit’s cutting out for you guys just nobut this will be like stay here so youcan always come back yeah okay next upit’s a this is my mom’s quick look andit’s like translating ancient scripturetrying to figure out like what exactlyfor real it’s like the it’s like ahalf-blood Prince’s copy of advancedpotion making at least I wish it was soyou know that the half-blood Princehasn’t left any notes in this one it’slike literally the cheesy potatoes weremade at Boss Hogg it said boil potatoesit didn’t say how many potatoes itdidn’t say for how long to boilit just said boil potatoes but it turnedout just fun wasn’t supposed to melt thebutter that I had to because I had tomicrowave the brown sugar and everythingwas already added together it’s supposedto be light and fluffy at this point andit’s not it’s definitely not lightentwice it is a it is a brown runny liquidjudge what are you most of you guys ableto work from home I feel so bad for thepeople who like lots of peopleyeah it’s liquid because you melted thebutter says Willow Creek homestead yourways I hope you guys Robert Robbie saysit’ll turn out just fine I hope you guysare able to be like I hope you guys areall keeping yourselves like life isstill going goingok well during this crazinessshe’s feel so bad for people who likethey like they have to go to work butnow their kids are home from school andlike daycares or clothes or or daycareis in the budget like what a it’s justsuch a mess and I feel so bad for somany people this was laid off asnext Friday yeah and I feel so bad foryou Cheryl I’m so sorrysurely it angel got paid for two weeksoff see that’s what I hope mostbusinesses are able to do and I knowthat apparently the government’s gonnatry to do something or people are ableto be paid even though they’re having toleave their work it’s um it’s affectingus too like the ads that show up on ourvideos like we haven’t been haven’t hadads for the last two videos and Braddeals like getting Kwik shop it suckssucks really bad it’s like we’re sograteful that we have like a little bitof a cushion I was like one of our hugegoals because of the nature of this joblike we wanted a savings cushion forwhen like things like this do happen butI’m adding flour baking soda and saltand you’re supposed to have my in aseparate bulb I see doing that so I’mjust adding them on top and then I’llmix yeah I’d like to make a request forall of all of you baking professionalsto keep commenting and giving this tipswill increase homestead that means youty Lee’s a university student who workedfor University Housing and lost her gelon Monday and like all the studentseverybody still paying their dues butlike people who work who work at thedifferent like community centers andstuff like I don’t know if they’regetting paid or not and it’s justfrustratingso like the same goes for colleges I’veheard that they’re not getting paid youknow shut down our gym and they shutdown the gym oh the people who work atthe gym I heard that they’re not gettingpaid even though everybody still paymajor waythough they’re just like home withoutpay and it’s so frustrating likestudents they still pay their tuitionthat should fund like everybody thatworks in the college like their job itshould be like what Voldemort just likeno the finals everyone passes I know mylittle brother is in his last semesterof college right now and it’s kind oflike just laughter George just walkedout the front doorit’s kind of weird because likeeverything had to transition to onlineschool like super fastand all of his tests and quizzes are nowjust like open book when before theywere weren’t gonna be open book so it’slike I feel like a lot of collegestudents all right kind of getting likemaybe not looks like a really easy pathbut maybe a little bit easier of a passthis semester it’s craziness I justheard that Bob Evans is firing all oftheir employees and starting fresh afterthe pandemic is green why would you dothat that makes no sense well let’slet’s keep it positive on this channelthere’s a lot there’s tons of bad newsout there let’s talk about good thingsyou guys let’s talk about this islooking more cookie-like actually awhole wheat um the other day what therewas like half whole wheat something inthe desert I couldn’t tell let’s talkabout what we’re all looking forward tooh yeah those are so goodI didn’t you know let’s all talk aboutwe’re looking forward yeah after thiswhole craziness blows over and and thecorona virus is no more how about thatwe just have a little he woke upyesterday he was like mom are we goingto Disneyland today he was like when Igo I’m gonna give Dickie Mouse a hugehug think about Vicky Mouse I love thebig home Mickey Mouse it’s so cutelooking for riches looking forward tocamping Disney Plus comes the UK onTuesday wow that’s good news happy newsfor you Disney Plus comes to the UK onTuesday Shelby has narcolepsy and gotapproved for new medication that willmake her feel more awake that’s goodlots of people’s insurances deny it soshe’s thrilled that it works hurtdogs are loving this rotavirus okay so Idecided my grind and I didn’t lemon and1:31 who is wants to know that lemon andI need four tablespoons of orange and orlime juice going back to church yeahthat’s a good one Margaret here’s Jamesand ice of mommy and me matching dressesand the day they arrived the next daythey canceled church time point ofhaving a daughterI can’t match her to church if I canshow off my fancy dresses at church thenwhat’s this whole thing been about huhCheryl is looking forward to seeing herparents live 12 hours away oh waitpeople are thinking Willow Creek homesoh okay yeah lots people are missingchurch Oh actually her nails look cuteoh I did that for and it was in the darkwhat else you betterElsbeth has Church online stayingconnected to new face but that’s onestep asks us to increase blog andpodcast output during these times we’retrying our bestsome people are able to do just fineevery day you know so George hassomewhat of the normal life maybesurgery in there yeah I know we could doit but we just we valium and we’re likeyeah we’re trying to balance life likelife off-camera was life on camera forour kids for me and Ashley we could dothat gonna – for me and Ashley shootLibya I was so relaxed when it’s just meand Ashley vloggingand it’s just a lot harder with kids youknow but we’re also working on workingon just letting it be a little bit moreand not caring so much about how theblog turns out is just chilling with atablespoon you could do the halfteaspoon a tiny Alexa how many halfteaspoons are in a tablespoon look sohow many teaspoons are in a tablespoonyeah I think because it doesn’t like usto talk about the food storage or thecranberries that’s so weirdwe uh maybe it was just the title foodstorage cookies YouTube is being reallyweird now with anything that has to dowith coronavirus just the fact that Ijust said it out loud they’re probablylistening to it it’s gonna kick us offsoon okay okay and see baking update andnow adding three cups of oats becausethis is double three cups of oatsI can’t wait let’s just all watchtogether[Music]grunts and swear words that’s what yourshow could be called your new cookingyoutube channel grunts and swear wordsand maybe some good tasting food calmI’ll get the URL right now all rightokay we got three cupsI hate nuts in all desserts some peoplelove them I have nuts in my dessert mrs.B said she would watch grunts and swearwords and a little bit of good tastingfood YouTube channel watch it too howmost people cook Jessica had to cancer acounselor trip to Payson Utah Jessicawhat were you doing in Paysonyeah my mom rather we’re gonna go ThankYou Elspeth she does not understandnothing desserts oh wait no I need toWillow Creek homestead I’m so sorry thiskeeps bufferingis about the big two so I’m sure theinternet speeds are not super fastJennifer hates nuts and desserts thankyou all my nut haters I’m feeling fancytoday and I just feel in my heart thatraisins are more bright and chew lotspeople said it’s buffering I’m sorry youguys yeah yeah okay you should make surethis statements need to be made nopeople should know that that’s where youstandsome things are more important thanothers but it still needs to be saidanywhere in your house just like just doitsometimes you just need to makedecisions for yourself I’m saying whatbrings me joy Jennifer would buy a shirtthat says I hate nuts in desserts so tosay that are sure to say not to dessertsare the word good is it such a teaseit’s like so much more exciting in anormal cookie which can be on the sidethat’s so good these are craisins by theway they are cranberry like driedcranberries yeah somebody else workraisins but they are like there’s tonsof sugar too so they’re really good onetime I stayed at my grandma’s house andshe bought him in a neat and entire bagwhen you discover crazy and you’ll neverbe the samethese are so good yeah wow that’s reallygood total this how to dohey for everybody who wants to know andthen you bake it and again I’ll take apicture of Donna take a picture of whatthis and you can airdrop it get 350we’ll post the recipe for these cookiesin the comments I’ll pin it to the topafter the slave is done because theseare so good and it hasn’t even beenhasn’t even been baked yet the cookiedough is so good oh my mom watchingright now hey oh she’s mama’s facetimingme the only nuts I don’t like her in mydesserts says Jessica mmm for the shirtthis could be on this try guide said youshould be in her try guide speakingsmall well at least put this on a blogpost yeah up site cool guys um so we’regonna put these out on cookie sheets letthem bake Facebook and see the boosproduct oh it’s so good thanks forhanging out with us for a while I hopeyou guys are staying positive this isgonna all blow over hopefully soonerthan later we had a big weekend ofPrayer here in Utah I think it’shappening all over the world hopefullysend up your prayers and just pray thatthis crazy virus passes and no moreearthquakes okay I love you guyshave gene wants Trish to be in our nextcooking video lots of people love Trishwhen she opened the cooler with all themold in itpeople were like really relating to howTrish I oh yeah update on the cooler toothat was used to let the meat cool downit has been thrown away just so you knowokay love you guys bye

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