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Making chicken and waffles with my daughter

Teaching my daughter how to make chicken and waffles, while having a little fun in the kitchen.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

tell them what we made today today wemade waffles and we made chicken hi hispecial little guest hereJohn what we’re making today we’remaking chicken and waffles all right sofirst thing we got to do to make ourchicken and waffles this cut up ourchicken what do you think that big tellthem what you got okay so we got thepepper Iike you’re gonna put butter milkstir it up buttermilk mixturebut it doesn’t smell good it’s thebuttermilk all right so we’re gonna letthis sit and we’re moving on to what nowwith our story our waffleswe need our dry ingredients first[Music]mix it all together all right so I’mgonna show you how to separate the yokeshow you how to separate the yolk fromthe white the wait for yolk from the eggfrom the piss anyway[Music][Music][Music][Music]we’re gonna add our dry ingredients intoour wet ingredients and mix our whitesyou put it in yes we’re just gonna flopit in gently I better look good smellsjust like vanilla now we’re moving on towhat yeah waffle iron is nice and hotready to go Thank You Felixwe could feel the heat yes throw in ourbatternow wait oh it’s stuck that’s why yougot a fork you got had a four took itfirst one we get to trymaking a little funky pop sugar tastefulshe’s on what we finished until wefinish the waffles and they look amazingit’s not easy so wouldn’t it cinchingthe chicken so now we are going to coatthe chicken so we have what here andthen we have our spices we have pepperRica pepper salt garlic and chili powdermix it up good stir that uplooks good looks next all right I’mgonna add in some buttermilk you see howit’s getting a little flaky yesnow we’re gonna take our pieces ofchickentake our chickenI can already do friednow we’re gonna try chicken is cookedlovely mm-hmm good stuff done chewingtelling what they gotta do remember tolike subscribe and hit that notificationbutton make sure to tell us in thecomments if you tried our recipe byetill next time

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