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In this video I show you how to make protein waffles. The mix is Kodiak Cakes.

This is specifically Dark Chocolate Kodiak mix. It is packed with protein and tastes great! Also it has chocolate chips in it! I mean come on!;P

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Video Transcription

what’s going on everybody it’s your boycoach – where’s hashtag game Fitnesschecking in sign and lovin and vloggingin today’s video I’m gonna be showingyou guys how to make one of my favoritepre-workout suppon using lately and thatis protein waffles and it’s specificallythe mix made by Kodiak cakes and it isbasically a flapjack waffle mix youcould use it for pancakesthey got directions on the back so youcan make other things like chocolatebanana muffins chocolate cake all kindsof really awesome stuff and this is thedark chocolate mix and what’s awesomeabout this is you don’t have to add anyprotein to the mix you can add milk orwater like they say on the back if youwant to boost up the protein a littlebit more but per serving it has 14 gramswhich is pretty solid and so I use twoservings any time that I eat these formy pre-workout meal so going over thenutrition label on the back if you guyscan go ahead and see that there is thenutrition profile basically it’s got 190calories four grams of fat 28 grams ofcarbs 5 grams of dietary fiber 8 gramsof sugar and 14 grams of protein sopretty solid profile so I’m gonna showyou guys how I make mine and make themlike perfect or at least the way that Ilike them specifically for me so let’sget right to itstep number one plug in your wafflemaker then you’re going to wait for itto preheat mine is already preheated sowe’ll be able to get this ready to rockyour roll and I’m gonna show you guysthe next step[Music]alright so the consistency was a littlebit more runny than I would like so whatI did was I added about a tablespoon orabout roughly like another 10 grams ofthe dry powder in here to get theperfect consistency so I just know thatmoving forward either use a little bitless water or just a little bit more ofthe mix and this is the consistency thatwe are looking for go ahead and look atthis not too runny not too thick likenice like cake batter consistency soperfect and so the next step we’re gonnamove on over to the waffle maker now Idon’t have any spray or butter anythingto put on here or normally I would uselike a nonstick spray so since I don’thave any of that and I don’t want tomake sure it’s not going to stick thisis the next best thing that I have thisis organic MCT oil shoutout to mygirlfriend because she left this herebecause she uses this 4:00 in themorning for her brain fuel so I’m justgonna kind of drizzle a little bit not alot – just a little bit in each one ofthe quadrants there we go just so thatway it’s going to help prevent anysticking so I’m gonna set the cameradown to the side and just kind of pourthe batter across evenly across all fourof the quadrants one last good stir mixup in case there’s any clumping while itwas sitting and let’s go ahead and getthis up[Music]all ready so next step the waffle makersays that they are ready so we’re gonnago and pop this open boom there we goand so that turned out pretty good thisone I got like the mix spread acrosslike pretty goodthese ones not so much but it’s stillcooked it turns out you know perfectlyfine so we are going to go ahead andpick these guys up fill them up and thenso I’m just gonna grab these they aregonna be a little bit hot but I’m gonnagrab them with my hand just gonna tossthem right into my Tupperware containerwhat’s that like it’s a little bit moreso this would have probably worked alittle bit better if I actually had thespray but it’ll have to do but it’sgoing pretty well considering carefulwhen you pick these up cuz they aregonna be hot but not really any stickingit all turned out pretty good so I havethem in my Tupperware container righthere and then the syrup that I’ve beenusing I know a lot of people use warmforms but I’m not like currently incontest prep at the moment so I like touse regular syrup when I can I like theflavor of it and you know just switch itup whatnot but this is just what I gotaround the house this is Hungry Jackoriginal and the macros on this it is110 calories so it’s got 27 carbs 20 20grams of total sugar so this is actuallynot that bad oh it was it was not infocus there we goso this is actually not that bad becausethere’s a lot of Serbs that have like 5070 grams of carbohydrates and a ton ofsugar so this is actually a great one sonormally I’ve been making these likeright before I go well not right for Igo to the gym but like two hours beforeI go to the gym and that way I have timefor it to like digest and get my bodyand get going but I want to startprepping a little bit more and havingstuff done just to save me time and I’mhaving to like rush around and timestuff as much so I just just startcooking them the night before and gonnaput them in a two part container I’mgonna let them cool down also anotherstep make sure you unplug your wafflemaker do not leave it plugged in so liketo make them book the night before nowI’m gonna put them inor a container that way whenever beforeI go to the gym cabarrus when I go tothe gym I’m gonna have my pre-workoutmeal I can either pop them into mytoaster or I can throw them in themicrowave for a little bit just get themwarmed up and then put some syrup onthere eat them and ready to go sohopefully you guys like that video veryeasy to dogive it a try let me know how you guyslike it kodiak cakes are really goodalso if you guys have any other likeprotein cooking recommendations that youhave for myself that I should try let meknow I’ll definitely I’ll definitely trythem out I like experimenting and doingdifferent things with macros and whatnotso always tons of fun but that’sconclude this video it’s getting lateand I’m gonna upload this video tonightit is Sunday the I don’t even know myphones over here let’s take a look seeit is Sunday March 8th so I’m gonna havethe video up tonight so I’m gonna godownstairs upload this and edit it andthen upload it to YouTube so yeah that’sgonna include this video I got to get tobed because I got to be up at 5 a.m. soI’m gonna crank this video get it uploadit and all that fun stuffso that’ll go through this video if youguys have any questions comments shirtsgo ahead and drop them down below in thecomment box let me know what you guysthink this video also comment what youif you guys prefer waffles or pancakescomment down below I’m here to see whatyou guys think also if you guys likethis video please go and hit that thumbsup button it helps my channel and itreally helps me grow helps me getdiscovered more on YouTube and let otherpeople kind of see videos like this thatthey’re kind of searching for also ifyou liked it make sure you go and shareit with somebody who you think wouldlike it or to share it on your pagewhether it’s on Facebook InstagramTwitter no matter what social mediaplatform you guys are on and if youhaven’t already make sure you hit thatsubscribe button that way you guys tostay up to date with all my latestvideos till next timehashtag haters fitness boom out

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