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How To Cook The Best Southern Fried: Channel, Hardhead and Yellow Bullhead (Catch Clean Cook)

How to cook the best Southern Fried Catfish. Feauturing: Channel Catfish, Hardhead Catfish, and Yellow Bullhead Catfish.
Catfish filets
Peanut or vegetable Oil for frying
Milk for milk bath
1/2 cup cornmeal
3/4 cup all purpose flour
2 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp pepper
2 tsp paprika
2 tsp cayenne
2 tsp lemon pepper
1 tsp salt

Here is the blind taste testing video: https://youtu.be/wf_EbAXlPJQ
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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome to the channel today weare gonna cook our very favorite recipenow this was a modification of manyrecipes we have tried for catfish so wehope that you absolutely love it we areinto some spicy foods so this is gonnahave a little bit of a southern kickwith that being said we have three fishwe’re gonna be cooking up today so we’regonna have yellow bullhead catfish we’regonna have channel catfish and we’realso gonna have saltwaterhardhead catfish so we were kind ofcurious there’s so many types of catfishdo they honestly taste any different wejust caught our first yellow bull headabout two weeks ago and a lot of peoplesaid that the flavor can be a littleweird so we’re gonna do a blind testtaste testing this is a video link we’realso going to include it at the end ofthis video if you want to check out thatvideo and see honestly is there a bettercatfish we’re curious too so both kindsof catfish are gonna be freshwaterexcept for the hard head that was asaltwater so let’s get on to cooking[Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]okay so the first step we’re gonna do iswe are going to be tripling three timesthe recipe because we’re using threetimes the amount of normal catfish sothe first step we want to do for I’mgonna tell you the normal recipe so ifyou’re using this for one catfish thiswould be accurate okay for one catfishyou’re just gonna literally add 1/2 cupof cornmeal okay you’re done I’m goingto do the triple because that’s whatwe’re doing so we’re gonna go and do oneagain if you’re doing a single cat youjust want one cup or half a cup ofcornmeal so the next step is we’re gonnago ahead and add in our flour now ifagain if you’re doing a normal recipeyou’re going to do 3/4 cup of flourtotal so that’s what you’re gonna do forflourwe’re doing the triple so I’m going tohave a little bit more than that justbear with me on this whole process allright okay so now we’re gonna get on toseasonings so we’re gonna start withgarlic powder now again if you’re usinga single recipe you’re gonna do abouttwo teaspoons of garlic powder then grabyour little tip go and load it down onetwo now again we’re tripling so I’mgonna do more three four five six alittle bit of garlic powder you know I’msaying okay so next we’re gonna go aheadand do kefir now I like to do freshlyground so I’m just gonna sort ofestimated but what you’re gonna honestlydo is two teaspoons of freshly ground orpre ground pepperobviously it’s way easier to measure thepre ground pepper I’m just gonna spot itcuz I kind of know what this is supposedto look like probably gonna cut thispretty quick because it’s gonna take meforever but we’re going to add ourpepper in so again for your normalrecipe and you’re looking at twoteaspoons okay so the next step is we’regonna go ahead and add two teaspoons ofpaprika so I got my teaspoons outall right – and again I’m using thetriple recipe so I’m gonna go and do alittle more three four five and sixokay so again you guys just want twoteaspoons just to don’t go crazy okaythe next up is gonna be cayenne peppernow obviously if you don’t like thingsspicy like we do and we do like spicejust don’t go this hard on the Cayennetone it down a little bit you know I’msaying okay we’re gonna get our testspout againhere we go if I can find it it’s on herewe gookay tips so we are going to do twoteaspoons of cayenne per recipe againyou don’t like spicy just go with lessthat’s all I’m saying you don’t wanna gocrazy I’m doing three rounds the recipeso I’m gonna go ahead and put four sixin total that’s three rounds of twoteaspoons I think you know how to domath we’re on the same page boom doneokay so the next thing is we’re gonna gowow it’s not the top for that okay nowour whoa our additive that we like toadd into like basically everythingseafood is lemon pepperwe love lemon pepper maybe lemony youlike it yes okay so bring anotherteaspoon we’ll test buff in here andit’s gonna be lemon pepper so we like touh let’s say two tips of women pepperhere we go per recipe boom okay – inthere now we’re gonna go ahead andmore because we’re doing big recipe okaynow I would say one to two teaspoons oflemon pepper you’re not a big fan oflemon go ahead and shoot it with the oneif you like some lemon on your seafoodgo ahead and shoot it to a two okay guysthe very last seasoning we’re gonna dois gonna be salt so when you’re addingsalt you want to do one teaspoon perrecipe so here we gowe got the metric test okay we got thatcool so we’re gonna go one and again youguys are doing one recipe so literallyjust add one I’m gonna go ahead not twoand three all righthonestly I usually do like just shy ofone so don’t go like don’t do it a bowlthis one teaspoon that’s gonna be insaneI usually go just shy of one so just beaware of thatwe don’t want it overtly salty butobviously you want some salt there forpresence so now we are completely setwith our batter and we are psychedbecause we’re gonna cook ourselves somefishes all right guys let’s move on wellyou want to use for fish would actuallybe peanut oil however we can never seemto remember that in the store so prettymuch always use vegetable oil no realreason just cuz so you’re gonna go andpour that into your big pot I personallylike to use a pot rather than a fryingpan because it spits at me less and Iappreciate not getting burned by oilwhich sucks so I’m gonna go aheadbordering trouble recipe again so I’mgoing to go and pull the whole containerand there boom we’re now going to goahead and move the temperature to justabove from I know also tops are slightlydifferent but from mine we’re gonna goahead and use that to about just over50% heat so right over the half markthat’s personally what our oil needs tocook out for catfishnow next up we’re gonna do is probablygoing to be cutting the catfish what Ipersonally like to do is go ahead and dothe thick pieces of catfish first thinpieces last because obviously as you’recooking your kitties they’re gonna get alittle the oil look at cooler and cooleras time goes on so I look to thickpieces first thin pieces last Ipersonally keep my hub up and on at 200degrees so my oven stays is basically awarmer so as one batch comes out of theoil it’s going to go straight into theoven to stay warm until we’re completelydone cooking if you do a big cookoutwith a bunch of friends and you’recooking several cats again that’s gonnabe helpful because you don’t want yoursome some of the meat to get cold andothers to be warm that’s not cool sothat’s how we prevent from that halfokay so pretty much I mean it’s assimple these are the fillets from thefish obviously my goal is to cut themabout the same size per cut okay so likethat seems pretty obvious but that’swhat we’re gonna do so I’m just gonnacome in here with a knife chop chop justwant to make them about the same sizebecause if they’re more uniform they’regonna cook more evenly so obviouslythat’s what you’re gonna want to do andyou can tell though the beginning in theend of the fillet is obviously going tobe thin the end in the beginning whichare the ones that I usually cook lastbecause that means they’re smaller sojust try to get your sizing about thesame like this okay that’s that donewith the part headokay so we have not put up the catfishyour next step is gonna be the milk backyou want to go ahead and just basicallypour enough milk to where the catfish iscompletely covered and it’s to soak fora few minutes I think they usuallyadvise about 10 minutes so let thatcopper soak for 10 minutes that’ll makeit very easy to batter to have our meatsoaking honestly I like it to be overthe brim of the meat unfortunately Iguys I would like to insist on the factthat we are clearly professionals but wedid not pick up enough milk for thishere expedition so um we’re going to berotating them for a few minutes so we’reprobably gonna soak for about 15 becausewe’re gonna need to rotate this catfishthroughout ideally have enough milk letit set for the full 10 minutes so we aregonna do to our first catfish now for usthe first one is going to be the channelcats okay so we’re gonna go ahead andtake that meat out of the milk which hasbeen soaking for ten minutes or so andwe’re gonna go ahead and drop it intothe batternow I like to use like crowd like ahandful I don’t know a handful ofcatfish that’s what I do roll it aroundin the batter it’s nice and soakedplease be cautious oil is dangerousdon’t burn yourself okay so now we’reready to go ahead and drop that puppy inwhoop it’s Brianwhat and that’s some more meat good togo okay now I’m going to take anotherhandful of meatbatter it up and that’s about how muchtop of the channel I have is about twonipples so everyone take that drop it indon’t get burned[Music]all right and that’s all of our channelcatfish so it’s flying up I’m going toshow you guys what color it is when it’scompleted hey I’m sure you can hear theglorious sound of this channel catfishfrying it is wonderful we’re about doneI’m going to show you the color of thisthat the color it looks like okay it’slike a nice tan brown color so I’m aboutto pull it basically what I do beforeput it into the warmer in the oven isI’m going to let it fully cook to justabove what I just showed you and I’llshow you when I’m doneonce that’s finished I put it on a papertowel for about two minutes to pull theoils out the excess blue and then I’mgoing to slap it on a baking pan put inthe oven to stay in the warmer alrightwe’re about done here we goand we’ve now pulled all that gloriousfish oh my gosh one more piece okay boomthis is the channel it looks awesome andbrown and cooked and yummy and smokingif you can’t see it so now because I’mcooking two more catfish I’m going to goahead and put this on this paper towelfor two minutesand then into the warmer get started onmy next mapwe’re done with all three catfish ifyou’ve been cooking along with us I’mvery confident you’re gonna love whatyou have so the what we usually DIFarson is tartar sauce now we’re about toget on to our taste testing because I amso curious what cat is better can youtell the difference we’re gonna go andtaste us without tartar sauce obviouslyalthough I recommend that for dipping ifyou want to watch the next video of ataste testing be sure to click that inthe descriptionhave an awesome catfish experience andthank you so much for joining us if youwant to watch the catch portion of thiscatch and cook we’ve included the linkover each individual photo so you can goalong with us that day and see ourexperience as we caught these awesomefish

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