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Chicken & Waffles – The Cooking Show

This was filmed the second week of March, 2020.

Farideh is in her actual home kitchen making chicken and waffles, a brunch (or anytime) treat you can make for yourself. For this recipe, requested by popular demand, she demonstrates how to make crunchy fried chicken, sweet and crispy waffles, plus a boozy bourbon maple syrup. Check out the recipe here: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/jgeb7x/perfect-fried-chicken-and-waffles-recipe
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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]we’re not working todayeveryone’s working are we doing thishere is happening this is happeninghere’s the deal no one can work from ouroffice anymore so we’re cooking fromhere welcome to a home in Faradaycooking show today we’re gonna makechicken and waffles everybody’s probablymissing going out to brunch and waitingin those long lines in the weekend likeyou guys all love doing so instead youcan make brunch at your own apartmentall you really need is some chicken andbuttermilk and the rest of the stuff youdefinitely have in your pantry let’sstart out with moving our bowls aroundeverywhere we’re going to debone ourchicken so the thing about fried chickenfor me is that it always cooks a lotnicer boneless so I want to keep theskin on so it’s really easy you tip ofyour knife blade and just go right upagainst work the bone out just pullingpulling the meat off a little bit I’mgonna take my knife blade I’m gonna gounder and just remove meats you canbasically just pull it like this so nowsave this because guess what guys youcan make chicken stock I knoweverybody’s like at home they’re like Ineed stock I need to do soup robot savethese bones you just boil this with somewater and you have homemade chickenstock okaynow I’ve got a chicken thigh here Icould trim off some of this fat and someof this skin but guess what it’s gonnabe really delicious and crispy when itcomes out so I’m gonna leave it on putthat into the bowl if you look herethere’s like a line that’s what the boneis peel that awayfollow that break in there just gonnapull it a little bit expose the old boneIan bear how dare you use my joke so shesays that off deboned all my thighswanted that sound dirtier than it didbut anyway so I’m gonna brine these andbutter mouth so some people do like apickle brine with their fried chickenyou could do any cap Brian really it’sjust adding flavors making it moretender it’s gonna be deliciousI’m gonna use buttermilk because I’malso using buttermilk in the waffles andI always hate when recipes have you usebuttermilk like 1/4 cup or half a cup ofsomething and then you have a whole pintof buttermilk what else do you do withthe rest of ityou brought your chicken in it justenough to cover it up it’s gonnarefrigerate this this is gonna brine forat least 4 hours preferably overnightwe’re just gonna have a cup of coffeechill out and watch the TV put anythingin it sound good yeah folks you havethis turn off the office our chicken hasbeen brining for about four hours or soI’m gonna make a really nice syrup to goalong with this okay I have a hundredpercent behind fried chicken I lovefried chicken so much I think it’s greatit’s good for picnics it’s good forwhatever the sweet and the savory likechicken and waffles I don’t really getit people out there you guys like itsomeone actually asked me to make thisrecipe which is the reason why I’m doingit right now so I figure we’re gonna dochicken waffles we’re gonna make it alittle boozy too so this is gonna beabout 3/4 cup a maple syrup and then Igonna add 1/4 cup bourbon just enoughgotta prep my other bottle now justdon’t worry if there’s one thing I knowabout quarantine it yourself make sureyou’re sure I’ll composed you’re almostat the end of your booze like I was heremake sure you’re extra and they do thatextra okso 1/4 cup right into there got 1/4 cupof honey right on into then we’re gonnajust emulsify some butter and after thiswarms up this is a good waffle recipeit’s a good fried chicken recipe it’s agood sear recipe you could drizzle thisover just pancakes for breakfast andthat’s a good for like 3 minutes meeting[Music]I don’t need to like burn out theperfect it will taste amazing boozythough chicken waffles I think is thatyou don’t really necessarily have to dowhatever you want so we’re having funwe’re in our row that is good to goalmost isn’t well that’s so good thatbourbon is what’s gonna make this wholedish the bestwe’re basically just gonna put ourchicken into the dredge and then fry itmy batter or your chicken is saltpaprika all-purpose flour cornstarch soit all goes in to a bowl I’m gonna giveit a little mix you probably have allthese ingredients in your cupboard ifyou want to add some more spicesdifferent things in here I’m usingpepper Rica I just like the paprika coshas a nice flavor but it also adds alittle bit of color use whatever youhave make use of what’s in your pantryokay let me also check my temperaturewhat my oil to be about 350 so let mejust make sure waiting front will cometo temp I’m gonna keep this aside I’mgonna make my waffle batter Wowthis all happens you’ve got fourtablespoons of butter I’m gonna melt itmore buttermilk so about three quartersof a cup quarter cup of milk a teaspoonof apple cider vinegar I like addingvinegar also to like my crusts for pieand stuff like that it kind of helpsmake it crispier cuz that’s what youwant then they Chrissy waffles and youwant crispy fried chicken teaspoon ofyou know in this bowl I’ve got bakingsoda salt and flour I’m gonna add sugaron in into this bowl I’m gonna put anegg whitesyou know whip this egg white yolk goesright into the wet ingredientsyou saw me pop that in there shell goesmember I want to put my partner now dudeI want we’re gonna whip egg whites intothis that’s gonna help make wafflesfluffier the apple cider vinegarcrispier just you know at all if it’sdone right it speaks but you also if youput it over your head it doesn’t fall[Music]once it cools down a little bit I’mgonna add the melted butter into thisthen I’m gonna add my dry ingredientsinto here I don’t know why they do thisbut it like ski slopes and stuffI don’t reduce this ski or somethingyou’ve never oh my gosh this is a kid myhigh don’t forget I love snowboarding init every time you go so burning thoughand you know to where you are theyalways sell waffles like the lift linesat the basement mountains I don’t knowwhy but they do smell so good but everytime I’m like maybe we should get somewaffles it’s so bizarre to me I’m gonnafold the egg white into the sky be niceand fluffy didn’t it make it a littlemore airy and the folding technique isjust so we don’t completely collapse wedon’t want to get like rid of all thatair that we just built into the egg waitwho’s ready we’re gonna fry some chickenRomina cook some waffles are you readyare you ready ready about a half a cupin each closing on that it’s gonna tellme when it’s ready no need to worryabout that let’s do our fried chickenokay okay for all the old bathrobesleeves we’re gonna go right on inthe chicken dredge is gonna be goodcrispy cook nice and evenly[Music]oh yeah there’s gonna be goodit looks really good fried fried chickenchickpea chiki chiki fried fried chickenchicken fries God fries ticky tickythese are looking like they’re donethough okaylook at that oh that’s beautifulit’s crispy smells like snowboardingthe fried chickenoh it’s beautiful let me get drinks forus you’re gonna have them tooand this is for you my friendsso crispy oh man it’s like juicy itscrunchy its that bourbon I cansmell it everything about this is goodthe waffles are delicious the friedchicken is like so crispy and just goodand easy and this sauce just ties it alltogether no it’s perfect that’sgood you know you’re stuck at homeyou’re waste of space no one in yourapartment or your family thinks you’regood for anything but guess whatyou’re good for something you’re goodfor this okay this is what you were goodfor make it the recipe click link belowshow them[Music]you

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