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How to make yummy waffles at home

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Video Transcription

[Music]today we’re gonna make you need thishi today we’re going to make waffles forwaffles you need flour sugar bakingpowder butter water and egg first wehave to make a batter we have to meltthe butter and now we’re gonna add thebutter[Music]now our dudes gonna mix it next we addthis egg last but not least you add thewater[Music]we need thick batter like this you maybeheat the waffle maker and then you putit in now let’s start putting it in[Music]maybe we need a little more we have tobe careful not to burn yourself[Music]now you have to wait[Music]now we’re gonna start opening thiswaffle the tops I’m using are cloth it’sgood now let’s try getting it out[Music]then waffles are really tasty mmm thisis so good[Music]

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