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How to Make Tater Tot Waffles, Quarantined Cooking Episode One

Still stuck at home? Wondering what to cook? Here ya go!
Enjoy! 🙂

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Video Transcription

hey everybody it’s Tuesday and thatmeans it’s time for tell me somethinggood Tuesday and today I’m so excitedsome of you may have seen the amazingTwitter feed that a lot of people havebeen sharing about top waffles they’rethe new craze right now it’s Tater Totwaffles and really honestly hi Joeyhi Lisa Marie it’s like what could bemore exciting than Tater Tot waffles sowe’re gonna making them be making themfor you live today so that you two canjoin in the amazingness that our TaterTot waffles I carry and feel free toinvite friends um if you want you don’thave to do thatbut the more the merrier when we’relearning how to make waffles becausejust taught waffles are fun I am goingto take a moment and invite a couplefriends who usually like to be on thesecalls and it’s exciting to share thesewith people all around the world becauselike I said right now oh goodness Ithink it’s readyit just whistled at the waffle iron isready that’s so exciting to me that it’sready so we’re gonna we’re gonna getthis show on the road with actuallyreally really making these tart wafflesand we’re gonna show you all the stepsso you two can make top waffles becausebecause top waffles and it’s just fun tosay top waffle as well so I promisepeople that I would do this people havebeen asking me all week hey Kristin areyou really gonna make top waffles and myresponse was yes I really am so ofcourse the first thing you need well youneed a waffle iron um so we’ve got ourwaffle iron but you also need theindustrial size bag of tater tots I wasvery excited that these were stillavailable at the grocery store this istwo weeks ago and you can buy any brandI’m not saying any brand like I usuallybuy they’re like bargain brand but heythis is what was there so we got ourtots and we’ve got our now very hotwaffle iron so I’m gonna be supercareful and just kind of angle ohthere’s David my my my minion actuallythe minion he’s an amazing assistantthat’s the waffle iron I don’tyou can’t you can’t smell how amazing itis but it’s really hot already sothey’re excited about that hi grant I’mmark I’m glad you’re here and Kari andlisa-marie and Torian whoever else isjoining I can’t see that you’re here I’mjust glad you’re joining in the fun sodavid has agreed to the first step withyour todd if you’ve got a microwave themfirst so they’re not completely frozenso I’m David I’m gonna here let me openI’ll do the clip and then here you candump out all that weight that you needto see it Dennis I’m so glad you’re hereI know you’re really excited so I’mgoing to so much about dumping them onthe floor there’s a dog here so can youshow them David yeah yes you put aportion of the top you know the tops inand then you microwaveoh maybe more hold on you can never havetoo many tots in your top definitely atrue thing Justin I’m so glad you’rehere oh my gosh Dennis I yeah you knowwhat Dennis I know you’re you’resupposed to be working right now andbless your heart you’re working but youknow you’ll be able to watch it laterand I know that’s excitingso now David it’s going to microwave ohhi Mariana hi so David’s gonna microwaveso you know we got to show you the wholeprocess because you know when you’remaking tot waffles you wanna make sureyou do it rightso David I started setting for themicrowave it fell off Oh microwave untilsoft so whatever that means because youknow tots aren’t that tough to beginwith so yeah um oh so grant here’s thething we’re doing a variation on thesearch up today we are actually going tobe doing a barbecue sauce because welike to fancy it up a bityou know so we’re gonna do a barbecuesauce mixed with syrup ha ha Kari I loveit whenever you nerds hate or thoughtyou think of Napoleondynamite yes I love it I love it um andyes of course dan is the science behindthis is very important to be learningall the science as you’re making yourchild waffles because you want to makesure you do it correctly Amy oh my goshhi Amy hi Susie hi Sabrina oh this is sowonderful to see you from all over thecountry and actually from othercountries joining in this is so great II don’t know if them across the pondyou’ve got the wonder that our tatertots and yeah so that don’t worry aboutthat sound that’s just the waffle ironsaying it is so ready it’s so ready hiLeslie I’m glad you’re here as well sowe thought our this we don’t want to wehere’s the important part with Oh LeslieHoward they are gonna be good I wish Icould send them through the screen toyou because hot waffles are really adelicacy that is only just now beingdiscovered and for any of you who reallyenjoy waffles to begin with I mean youknow how good they are right and thentater tots I mean I’m a fan I’ve hadtacos I’m sure many of you have hadtacos and that’s where you know you useyour tots as your base for your nachodish and put a bunch of cheese and youchop up a bunch of whatever veggies youenjoy I like a little bit of red pepperon there a little bit of diced tomatoyou get yourself a nice pico de galloand then your refried beansand like Fitz father it with cheese andthen salsa so yeah spicy that’s right inhi Amy I’m so glad you’re here OhMarietta no we did not set off the smokealarm no that might happen later but notquite yet we haven’t actually putanything in the waffle iron yet but wewill get there we will get there andDavid now we don’t want to cook thementirely right because they need to cookin the waffle ironso um and I want to show you the waffleiron is really amazing it’s actuallylittle hearts what could be more perfectthan little hearts you know when thosewho know me know that you know it’sperfect for a free hug kind of gal likemyself you can’t free hug right now butwe’re gonna we’re gonna do our best tomake waffles yeah I know it’s reallyexciting so I think I don’t know I don’tthink you needcook enough for maybe the ones that arelike bring some over that are going todo a batch so boy you know and here’sthe thing you know how in the cookingshows they pre do stuff and then theycut away um and they and then they comeback and then it’s already made in thedish well we don’t have a budget sowe’re doing this completely live whichis which is excitingunicorns grant of course they’reunicorns always always and hi Lauren I’mglad you’re here as well I’m so gladyou’re here so I think I’m it this wayall right awesome so now here’s thething now I have washed my hands becausecleanliness always now you can see theamazingness of the tater tots that havebeen that had been shunned we microwavedso that they’re so that they’re pliablebecause you need them to be pliable nowthe next thing that you do I’m gonna I’mgonna sort of angle this so you can seeI well there we go you can see thewaffle iron and you can see the time sowhat you’re supposed to do is sort ofsquish the tie-in oh gosh I didn’t spraythe waffle iron first you should spraythe waffle iron so everything doesn’tstick all over it so you spray it withI’m whatever spray stuff you got hit meI mean spray stuff that should besprayed in a waffle iron I’m not talkinglike you shouldn’t spray spray paint inyour waffle iron that would be a badideabut what you could do is spray yourwhatever oil that you’ve got and ohgrannyunicorn waffle iron would be amazing godI was just okay to put this stuff inthis waffle iron because sometimesthey’re like oh don’t spray itwow that’s pungent holy cow that’s justsome strong stuff so you squish you canhear the sizzling it’s so excited it’sbeeping at me oh my and and by the waythe video said not to worry about aboutthe about degradation the well when Isay Weber dating I mean like like theywalk the tots falling apart like you’renot supposed to worry about that you’rejust supposed to squish them in wherethey go and they may not maintain theirtheir shape or consistency kind of likeI’m not maintaining my shape right nownot being able to exercise at all seeyou squishing man I should maybe do thistwo-handed that really gets them inthere and then you know here’s thebeauty of this there really isn’t awhole lot of science behind it which isgreat you know you just kind of it saysto to let them in here until maybe youknow you think they might be donebecause with wafflesyeah oh wd-40 yeah no wd-40 on yourwaffle ironoh and Sasha Rose I’m so glad you’rehere yeah now this may be an experimentgone awry using this heart shape wafflemaker but I’m excited that we’re thatit’s a heart shape it’s David Davidknows and David you know we might haveyou do the next batch so that you canhelp too you know and you just squishthem in gently squish them you want toum yeah that yes there’s there isdefinitely a lack of taught integrityright nowI mean tots have integrity I mean morelike they’re falling apart just likemany of us are doing on this isolationat home I don’t know if any of you feela little bit like you might be fallingapart as you’re doing the socialdistancing and staying in place Ihaven’t I haven’t had in like two weeksand those you know you know howchallenging that is so I’m squishing I’mdoing a terrible at it should really payattention I have a lot more respect forcooking shows now because this is harderthan it looksall right so so I want you to just takea look at the tots in the waffle theyare in the loving they’re they’re in thecrevicesthey are definitely very much lovingeach other and then and then don’t beafraid it’s okay you have to close thewaffle iron you have to close it down onto the tots and you gotta you gotta youknow and you squish it down as good asyou can and then you try not to worrytoo much about the tots in there likethey’re fine they’re happy in the waffleiron they like the waffle iron indeedbut having done cooking shows before doyou have any advice as we’re as we’redoing this process I would say wait forthe waffles to smell goodwe should crank I think we should I haveno idea what temperature we’ve got thison and that’s really the exciting partis you know you learn by doinganybody else learning by doing right nowin this brave new world we’re living inhey me tooevery day I’m learning by doing and uhred steel cooking here that’s rightGrant Jones I have no idea what thatmeans but yeah sure that is definitelywhat we’re doing um the other thing youmight want to do is not touch yourlaptop when you’ve got tater tied Idon’t know if you could see the amazingtaut grease all over my hands butprobably might not want to touch yourlaptop so I’m gonna I’m gonna practicegood hygiene and I’m gonna rinse myhands right now David can you tell usanything about this amazing waffle makerthat we’re using today not the brandbecause we’re not we’re not promotingany brands but maybe about how itfunctions no don’t say the brand we’renot we’re not promoting a particularbrand here no that’s not what we’redoing because we’re just about sharingthe Wonder of hot waffles is what we’reall abouthi Batman I’m glad you’re here it’s anice night nice nonstick waffle makerand it makes little heart yeah it’s it’ssmoking now I don’t know if you can seethis I don’t know if that’s a good yousee the smoke up there I’m not surethat’s a good thing or a bad thing butit’s definitely smoking and hopefullythe smoke is a good thing oh and it’sit’s chirping again so that might meanthey’re done or it might we don’t knowthat so maybe we should should be shouldwe try I mean it does like they’ve beencooking very long it might just be seenwe’re making Tater Tot waffles todayit’s a great experiment oh oh oh my goshyou guys they might be I think they’redone actually wait we’re just gonna giveit you know how when you make regularwaffles you like lift and check okay ifyou’re me you lift and check right youjust want to see the integrity of thewaffle and I’m Marietta it might besteam I’m no scientist so I don’t knowactually I kind of am a scientist I doresearch soI should give myself more credit yes sothere might have been steam or some hookwe’re not sure it did not set off thesmoke alarm so I’m thinking theme andit’s steaming really well right nowum and I oh you don’t get to see oh ofcourse you do I’m so sorry Amy we knowand this is this the wonder of not doingit on actual television is it here youget to send in comments and and get tohelp us do the process so thanks so muchAmy for helping us to do it right byshowing you so I’m gonna flip thislittle game and we’re gonna we’re gonnajust see all right where there’s thewaffle maker so on so yeah do you do youhear that sizzling sound I mean thesizzling sound is really reallyimportant now what I can already tell isthese type waffles are probably notgonna stay together when we put them onthe plate and I think that’s okay it’skind of like all of us right now youknow all of us right now we’re workingreally hard to keep ourselves togetheras we’re moving through this veryinteresting uh world experiment thatwe’re living through right now hi Karenit’s nice to have you here yeah so we’relearning all the time just how to be howto be in the world right now I know I amI’m learning everyday so uh so Davidseems to think David do you think it’stime to take out the first set on top wecould we could try one see how we cantry we’re gonna try we have no ideawhat’s gonna happen right now are you asexcited as we are because we are veryexcited but I know I see hearts of lovesaying we are so excitedyeah I’m laughing too Marietta cuzsometimes to laugh it’s better than tocry rollin grants gonna learn us rightnow what is a Red Seal chef refers tothe interprovincial standards Red Sealprogram designed to create a nationalstandard to ensure serious persons areachieving the same level of training andcertification from province to provincemy friends we’ve just learn how they doit in the great great white north ofcanada oh we love Canada they’re reallyjust lovely people up there Oh JenniferI’m so happy to do this right now andyou know you got to add your little bitof sparkle where you can and this iswhere I can add mine so umOh Mariette is giving us some advice shesays you know we should give them plentyof time because we want them nice andcrispy and I do I do understand the niceand crispy aspect at this um but I gottatell you here I’m gonna show you onceagain I mean they’re looking if you cansee the top can you see that oh my goshyou can see the heart shapes everybodyisn’t that amazingOh David I just love that you have aheart-shaped waffle maker it’s just Imean they do look pretty pretty crispyso David would you do the honors yeah ohsorry so yeah if you want to see if youcan completely fall apart hey just likewe are what if we like flipped it overand dumped it I could try all right he’sgonna he’s gonna take one for the teamright here and try to flip the waffleiron over on oh my gosh oh my gosh y’allit’s just like Martha Stewart and SnoopDogg when they cook except we’re nothigh right now yeah it’s just likeMartha Stewart and Snoop Dogg it’s justlike Rachael Ray um oh wow yeah can youcan you share Oh Mabel hi Mabel ohthat’s right you got a stay cleanespecially now I mean it’s veryimportant all right so let’s see whatwe’ve gotDavid show this the studio audiencewatching at home god I’ve got threeslightly damaged hearts oh my goshthat’s how mine feels right now afternearly two weeks oh my gosh I realize itactually has been two weeks[Laughter]Aleksandra I’m so glad you’re here ohI’m so glad you’re joining it and Mabelreally if we’re talking about right nowit’s safety first for sure I gotta tellyou in the Burning Man community it’slike safety third but right now we’rebeing really careful and yes so Goethalsjust made it to a live stream rightisn’t that exciting it’s so excitingslightly tick Mitchell rest of usabsolutely oh my gosh it’s tweeting atme again so because I care we’re justgonna throw another batch in but wherewe are going to show you the the wondersof the syrup you can make for this justbecause you’ve got to have a Syrah and Imean okay today it’s gonna be not thesearch up that’s really the syrup mistoketchup unfortunately have no ketchupDavid had some ketchup I heard two yearsago so we have barbecue sauce I’m sorryI revealed that the other amazing thingoh we love that he Arden had anout-of-towner this is a domestic showyou’re amazing oh and for our Canadianfriends look oh wait I’m sorry it’s fromNiagara Falls I’m sorry it’s fromNiagara Falls it’s it’s but it’s maplesyrup like our Canadian friends of I’mLaurie hi Regina oh my gosh Alexandrathree slightly damaged hearts and yourstoo Oh Pamela thank you yes my heart Iam doing the best I can right now justwhen every just like everybody else youhave a recipe for ketchup my Lindathat’s amazing I love it oh we don’thave sriracha grant but if we did I’d beall about it I’d be all about it I’mMabel that’s a great question I lovethat you’re all asking so many questionsyou know Mabel I don’t know what ketchupgoes bad but it wasn’t something Iwanted to risk at a time when going tothe hospital might be a really difficultthing to do right now and I don’t wantto overwhelm the hospital with some foodpoisoning at a time when they are doingthings far more important than takingcare of my silly stomach for having meto a poor choice oh my friend this isDavid Foxworth David can you wave Davidcome over this way more so we can seeher nothere you go that’s David David has beenamazingum at allowing me to stay in his homeafter I flew from Calgary you knowhaving no idea on an airplane if maybe Iwas exposed and David’s like oh come onin Kristin you’re welcome here at myhouse so he has been very kindly hostingme I have a waffle pot here oh yeah butwaffle waffle yes I think these cameapart some because we maybe didn’t haveenough tater tots all right David Ithink you should make some like do itlike the integrity of the waffle um isso important and I’m trying to seethere’s comments up here we have honeyand chili flakes Oh Pamela whoathat is an amazing idea we do weactually do but you know we kind of wantto follow a little bit the instructionsOh David is amazing I’m so glad Oh ThankYou Mabel says I’m a wonderfulhouseguest is that true David it is trueDavid up the game for the look at thisbatch I don’t know if you can see he hasdefinitely crammed them in there likewow whoa you’re amazing look at thatyeah that’s a great roommate she cooksshe cleansshe makes me watch a lot of Disneymovies we’re having a great timeactually Oh to Disney movie so far andwe are having it you know if I was goingto be trapped in Armageddon I thinkDavid is that person you know becausethe other thing about David is when Ikind of lose it a little bit he’s likeKristin it’s okay and he’s so calm abouteverything so I want to take you how tobe nice I’d everI want to take you to the next step aswell I’m gonna close the lid on theseguys you’re gonna hear that oh did youhear that sizzle did you hear thatsizzle oh that’s just nice he waswatching the Todd off his hands rightnowso um David would you be so kind as tooh you already didhe’s amazing you know he’s done he’sdone cooking shows before it used to doa lot of baking and he knows to have bythe way you know how the cooking showsthey have the glass bowls so you cansee all the lovely stuff in it hebrought out a glass bowl see Andrea sayslast two to three years past theexpiration date that separates shake itout throw it out plus anything obviouslygross otherwise you’re good I love allthis advice that’s great Disney movieswe oh my it’s chirping again but don’tbe fooled it’s not done it’s not done soilex tizzle – Pamela for sure for surefor sure and the honey and chilly flakeson fried chicken I would eat that on thefake fried chicken so we’re notmeasuring anything herewhy because why measure things when youcan just dump them out and my Linda Ilove that you’ve got this whole reciperight now for quick ketchup but you knowwe’re keeping it real but using maplesyrup and barbecue sauce like theytalked about Oh Meg I feel you I feelyou try being trapped with yeah HarrisonI mean he’s not he’s not had thatnickname of hurricane Harris for nothingright I hear you on thatoh and thanks for all of your reallyhelpful helpful hints and helpful thingsthat you’re sharing so I’m not measuringDavid do you want to like what do youthink you think happened naps we’regonna go half maple syrup I don’t knowthat looks good so you just pour inwe’re in a healthy healthy you knowdollop but this is probably more than adollop I wouldn’t say this is a coupletablespoons worth again I’m not doingscience today or you know my grandmothercooked everything by taste so um oh therecipe Oh Pamela you know you just thinkso beautifully I can add the recipe tothe to the comments up above so I’lltell you what folks we have no idea howthis barbecue syrup is gonna taste butI’m thinking I mean barbecue is the bestreally and want to measure when you candump it out that’s right that’s rightI mean grandma said cook to tastewhatever the hell that means right OhDavid would you miss this David’s gonnawhisk this for us cuz he whisks like ahe just he note look at that I mean thetechnique do you see the wrist techniqueI mean the wrist technique is amazinglike he’s really got that downand I really love that Wow you arerisking way better than I ever couldhave so now I guess the next thing is weslather it hi Marywe just slather it on to the top wafflesI think that’s what we donow here’s the thing we were oh he’dalmost tripped over the dog she by theway we have an assistant you should seeher she’s really beautiful but she’sshe’s really not doing a great job rightnow this is our assistant this is ariaum she’s pretty much just supervising tomake sure that you know if we dropanythingshe definitely has that part covered sheshe is gonna scoop that right off thefloor oh and the dog for sure um it’sall about consistency which is up to youreallyoh you know what Marianna here’s thething y’all are dropping so muchknowledge right now it’s really trulyamazing and you’re dropping really greaton pearls of wisdom that you’re sharingso in life it’s so true it’s all aboutconsistency and it’s up to each of us soas we’re moving through it we’re movingthrough right now thinking about theconsistency of washing your hands andlike taking good self-care and notleaving the house so much you know thatthat’s been consistent in being reallykind to others I love these comments umOhAria Aria is she is beautiful um andhere’s the thing it’s a good thing she’sbeautiful because she’s not thebrightest bulb but she is pretty and yesshe’s supervising like any good managerthat’s righthi Alicia oh my gosh Alicia Henry greatum by the way I got so excited about thebarbecue syrupScott that I did not I love how you’rejust touching everything now you’re justlike what happened it’s a clean I’mthinking we might I we might wanna nukethat a little bit yeah Oh put the serumon and then nuke it so we’re adding ahigh arena we’re adding a whole notheranother aspect to this is that onceyou’re taught waffles are done and youthink they’re done and you’re adding thesyrup I like a warm syrup you know Ilike it nice and warm so it doesn’tchill the toptoo much so we are going to oh and he isdrizzling and why is he drizzling thatsyrup that barbecues here because Davidis a professional he’s a professionalkind of cook not an amateur tell mesomething good Tuesday cook like I am Imean I don’t have a level of skill soyou all are you are you excited aboutchecking the other top waffles the realthick ones that David made I’m reallyexcited about checking I’m gonna gonnalive date oh oh my goshDavid you did it oh my gosh you guys ohmy gosh oh my gosh look they actuallylook like waffles this time oh my goshthey’re beautiful OhDavid you’re brilliant David isbrilliant oh hi Mary so we’re making topwaffles and you’re tuning in to the timewhere we are totally gonna so I’m gonnasample the first batch now the firstbatch doesn’t actually look like awaffle but you can kind of see it let’ssee if you can see the heart i Kayleeyou can see all right you can’t waitwhich way is the camera oh my gosh waitthis way can you see how that’s a heartkind of sorta kind of a little come onhumor me it’s art it’s a little damagedjust like all of us right now is we’removing through very uncertainunprecedented time so we’re doing ourbest we are doing our best to just keepon going and this time see now here’sthe thing about when you cram the topwaffle in like diva did and it’sbeautiful in the pan but I’m wonderingif the integrity is gonna we didn’tspray it again okay so I’m gonna take abite of the and I prefer more syrupactually David did a really lovelydrizzle on here but I so here we go andif I you know if y’all want asked it’sokay let’s through the laptop and it’ssanitary but so I’m gonna feed you allbite tot waffle are you ready are youopening your mouth here you goOh was it good tell me how the topwaffle is I’m gonna try it and try itright now I’ll Pamela don’t be jelly andyeah next time you go to the store justget some tots and and you know if you’vegot a waffle maker Heyif you don’t I’m thinking you could usea George Foreman group options here sohere we go I’m gonna try it oh my oh myoh wow oh my gosh look at the ones thatturned out oh my gosh y’all have to showyou okay I want one of the good ones donot to be greedy but go okay we can turnthis off now right yeah plug in we’reunplugging the iron so it doesn’t likemake a fire cuz fires not good when youdon’t want it fires great when you wantit I’m missing some of the client I’mMicah bleeder it looks yummy can youmake these from potatoes or do you haveto have been the kind of person whoplanned ahead and bought tots Andreathat is a great question and I reallyfeel like you could totally do this withregular potatoes to just shred shred thepotatoes yeah you don’t use a grater andshred them and then lotion likesquishing squishing mush um and then umyeah I think it would be yes Tory you’vegotta try it on the grill so I wanted toshow you again um oh my gosh look lookat the ones that actually look likewafflesthey look like waffles you guys we didit we did it oh my gosh we have to takea picture good to take a picture where’smy I don’t know I don’t know but yesexactly Megfire bad tots good that is a true storythat is a true story right there and youknow they are yummy and oh my Linda wecan tell that you have amazing cookingskills thank you so much for sharingactual real tips to shredded potatoesand rinse them to get rid of the extrastarch um so I definitely want one ofthese good ones like I need anotherlittle plate to have a good I mean I’mstill gonna eat the damaged one whybecause because I still love this I lovethis tot waffle even though it’scompletely falling apartmmm-hmm I’m Mary Donna you asked anyseasonings oh goodness cinnamon sure nowhere’s the thing withchuckles you got a lot of choices youcould do top waffles that bar savory orsleep so Maradona you I’m thinking youcould do like a cinnamon sugar on yourTod waffle that would be amazing youcould do sriracha like Grant hadsuggested earlier and I should tell youthat sriracha and syrup go greattogether and Michele I’m so glad you’rehere as well yeah you can really mix itup and you can add anything you want toyour top waffles maybe you want to putsome cheese on your top waffles maybeyou want to put some soy cheese on yourtop I think it’s really it’s really allabout what what you want in that momentoh my gosh grant yes you could makepoutine Oh a beautiful dish that ournorthern neighbors really are famous forand I know I’ve had copious amounts ofit when I’ve been up in Calgary micasays read dirty and DC does great thingswith tots oh my gosh yes they do I’vehad their giant bat of tots for brunchat times as well hmm I’m excited to trythem that’s still warm what are youdoing David is really taking thisseriously now um he is using okay I haveto show you this this is hilarious DavidDavid is really um David is using aneyedropper to write something on Ohoh my gosh I figured out what he’s doingI’m not gonna tell you have you figuredout what he’s doing all right if you cansee you can see he’s he’s upping thetechnique here the eyedropper with thebarbecued syrup he is really doingsomething special oh and this is foreverybody out there we’re so glad you’rehereand right now oh you showed so glad youwere here you can watch the rest laterif you want and oh I love you too that’sright yes because nothing says love likea taut waffle hi Karenso glad you’re here grant you inventedpoutine Oh buddy buddy I know rightisn’t that beautifuland that I really need to take a pictureneed to take a picture of the table he’sjust designing like crazy over thereit’s really amazingjust beautiful work if you put tops intothe waffle press when you close the lidto cook them does that mean you’regiving the tots a hugOh My yes it does and now Ari is gettingexcited – she’s so the supervisor justletting you know I’m supervisor headshas woken up I know right you’re excitedaren’t you are you hoping that you getsome hot waffle Aria Aria is all aboutshe’s all about the food she’s all aboutthe top waffles now she’s being shy inthe moment she’s like oh Kristen Ididn’t want to go on camera so you knowI didn’t ask her first I should haveasked for consent before I put her oncamera I’m so glad that this is fine andKaren I’m so glad you can smell the topwaffles through the wonder of Facebooklive and I’m glad that this is fun it’sfun for me too I needed something likethis Oh David you you okay so David hasonce again upped it so this is the finalcan you show us the final presentationfor the top waffle yeahand that’s a true thing that’s a truething I love you guys I’m so glad you’rehere and David and I are now gonna sitdown and enjoy eating these top wafflesthat together we cooked and here’s thething now you can make them – you twocan make hot waffles whenever you wantand I’m really glad that you are here OhMicah yeah I hear you buddytime with pets like having Aria here hasbeen a real blessing as well she’sactually a longer dog david has beentaking care of her for another friendand she is she’s awesome to have in thehouse she’s awesome so thanks againeverybody for tuning in to tell mesomething good Tuesday and the wondersof the top waffle if you know somebodyI’m not asking you to share this forjust share it if you think it’s gonnamake someone else smile I’m not a personwho is I’m not doing this for any kindof other than some right I just want tobring some fun and some some joy intopeople’s lives so you’re welcome you’realso welcome I’m so glad you were hereand stay well stay at home if you canand take care of each other make sureyou check on your friends especially theones who maybe they’re more extrovertedtherereally struggling right now just checkon each other and love each other up soas always I’m asking for consent I’mgonna hug the laptop because I can’t hugyou for real I’m two weeks without areal hug so here we go this is from myheart to yours thank you so much fortuning in todayand if anyone wants to tune in latertonight at 7:30 I’ll be telling a storyso every night I’ll be doing that andthe special thanks to David come on overspecial thanks to our amazing assistanttoday to David Fox worth you did anincredible job definitely with knowingthe technique of swishing those tots inso I think it’s great metaphor for lifeDavid do you want to share anything elseabout your experience today with the topwaffles mostly that I’m hungry I reallywant to eat this stuff yeah yeah andwe’re sorry that we get to eat it andand you don’t today but you can make topAwful’s any time you wish and we believein you we believe you can do it I don’tknow if you just heard that but that wasour here he was saying I want a topwaffle too so take care everybody untilnext time I’ll be back next Tuesday atthis time and I’ll be back this eveningat 7:30 Eastern Standard Time to sharebasically a bedtime storyfamily family appropriate familyfriendly so bye for nowlove you guys eat your top office

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