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How to make lazy cinnamon waffles with Lewis Presents.

How to make some simple but delicious cinnamon waffles with Lewis Presents. Don’t for get to like and subscribe. THANK YOU!

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Video Transcription

hey guys I’m Luis and you’re watching uspresents so today we are going to bemaking waffles and that’s what I’ve gotto say reallylet’s get to it so let’s pour this intoa bowl mix okay I’m going to put thisagain I’m just gonna mix it a little bitthank you for everyone who has liked andsubscribed through my previous videosyeah just thank you and just please keepdoing it it helps me a lot and boost myconfidence okay just gonna mix all thisin because you don’t want it to be leftdry okay I’m gonna put this out the waynow I’m gonna add some water in a littlebit more so just that’s it clocked intogetherI made these yesterday and the daybefore and they’re really nice but theoutcome of it add some more in just keepdoing this until you’ve got a nice mixbecause you don’t know any dry Basinbecause it’s not very nice it’sdisgustingyou just get a cough and you don’tanyone to think you’ve got a coffeeespecially at this time because all youknow what okay and you don’t wantsomething that it has the texture ofporridge because that’s not my singleI’d say put the last bits of this andthen okay actually this is a really nicethis is a good texture Oh clatter okaythis is another thing yeah I forget allthe lumps out any lumps into your mixand to your battle because that’s reallynot nice okayput all the logs up huh see this is anice butter okay now this is new to meI’ve never done this but I’m going toadd some cinnamon into it this I’m justgonna see how it turns outso there’s my cinnamon mix I think a bitmore now don’t you want to mix all thecinnamon in with it because it’s notlike you want it to taste the cinnamonwith the mix you just don’t likerevolution cinnamon into once I do notlike that but okay that’s enough youdon’t want it so this literally Brownyou want it as in it looks a bit darkerthan it was than this let me know thatyou good cinnamonthere we go no wait you when I put thisin now I’m gonna put some let’s do theRubik’s Cube um then we’ve got anothervideo I have to do the Rubik’s Cube solet’s just go ahead and it’s ready soI’m just gonna pour this on right nowenoughthat’s really bad I just said don’t dothat then you you’re gonna have to putsome a lot of oil on a lot of oil on thetop and on the bottom because if youdon’t put on the bottom or the topyou’re just gonna get stuck to the topor bottom okay that’s a decent amount ofoilyep and now we pull this stuff to do[Music]this max now okay and that’s gonna beready in a bit something just do theRubik’s Cube and teach you how to do itI’m gonna do them both so three two onego I’m not gonna teach you how to do itin this video because that would be abit I’m gonna save it for another videowhich it’s gonna come laterno I don’t know when but it’s not gonnabe now cyfle missing a background if youcan hear that just people playingoutsidemy name is they’ve been watching myvideos just to shut up to you or thebonejackbecause you if you do what becauseyou’ve been watching all my videos andthey’re just the great support thank youokay just keep I’m just gonna keep ondoing this cube then I’m gonna just dothis I don’t use algorithms because Ijust can’t get my head around with themI just do it when I’m away do it no morewayand then swish thank you for one whosubscribed enough and liked my videosthat’s one of the cubes finished I’mgonna go ahead and add my mix into thissnap make sure you put it in from thebeginning so both so you don’t get ittoo close to the edge because it expandsanyway so that that looks rightokay there we go and I’m just gonna letthat know we’re gonna do this not justcute three two one goI’ve never really timed myself on theseI should do because I just like doingthis then that’s done that’s an easy oneand I’m going to prepare all my toppingswe’ve got my cream but this time it’snot run up luckily I can you pick thisall stuff in it we bought it the otherday okay I’m just gonna chop this bananaso it’s ready for the wafflesnot this just take us there now Elistopped up within the Empire just inuntil that to lift okay so now that’sall chopped him chopped in chopped upearn yepI’m gonna go ahead and chop the rest ofthe banana now I chopped half of it it’sjust time wasting because this is on fora long time sure if this is what we’reareas and just stood okay okay thisshould be done hopefully he’ll turn thatback don’t forget to turn it don’t youdo itthat looks nice and room well that’s noscratches okay now let’s get out[Music]okay I’ve got the pan up the banana putthe waffle now I’m gonna show it to thecamera and see yeah it looks nice andbrown we could’ve added the cinnamon itsmells so nice because of the cinnamonokay I’m just gonna either this mybananas or not you’re not gonna have mybananas on top because I think it’lllook niceokay no I’m gonna add the fruit in soI’ve washed my hands before I did thisso it’s okay it’s nothing’s gonnanothingit’s not gonna do it at home to people Ieat thishopefully soon and I’m joking it won’tdo any harm having the same problem as Idid with the milkshake but this time I’musing my hands which is not ideal okayno cut them out greaseby the way I put raspberries andblackberries and sweet fruit but you canuse any fruit you won again as in at themorgueokay so that’s doneno I’m gonna wash my hands I’m gonna addthe bananas bananas are going to I did alittle bit of flavors well this isactually healthier than people thinkit’s still a bit unhealthy but it’shealthier than people think if I’m onlythingthat’s costly not too sugary no this isnot sugary is still sugar but nice as itnice and hopefully I shot this nicelyokay now let’s add the sauce okay Vaneksauce now let’s add some whipped creamgonna shake it up directly take thatwith no I’m gonna do this one thingabout cream that I meant it on themilkshake it is full of dinner but I’mjust too weak Ohdelgo now I’m going to be professionalwhen I was introduced on topprofessional okay nowthis is the most delicious before I’veever seenthank you you can do this the pancakesand just add whipped cream in with allthe stuff that I’ve added or ever youwant okaythank you for watching up in Lewis andyou’ve been watching the nice presentsdon’t forget to Like and subscribe seeyou next time peace[Music]

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